Update for Tuesday, November 16, 2010. A Royal Engagement Update

It’s Katie Price that Prince William is marrying, right?
Rosie is Engaged to Silicon

So despite the fact that her mother is battling breast cancer, Rosie thinks that it’s not at all inappropriate to have a boob job. She says that Alfie (the vodka shots guy) thinks it would be good for her “career” and will even lend her the money to do it. This enrages Kevin even more – to the point where Sophie has to get between them. He storms out.

Sally will just have to eat her chicken stew on her own.

And am I the only one who wants Alfie to be this guy:

So Kevin heads off the Rovers where he agrees to get bladdered with Tyrone and Eddie. However, when Kevin is not looking, Eddie notices that the bikini girl being used to advertise bar nuts is Rosie herself. She’s scantily clad on the poster behind the bar, covered only by a generous helping of Ned’s Nuts. So Eddie buys the lot and he and Ty get a good look at her. When Kevin discovers this, he roughs up Eddie pretty hard.

“Ooh,” Eddie winces. “He got me nipple!”

Meanwhile at home, Rosie is telling Sophie how she plans to use her looks to get what she wants in life and how she loves walking into a club and being noticed.

“Like a bunch of old pervs looking at ya?” Sophie asks.

“No, I want better than that.”

Oh, Rosie. The best you’re going to do is find yourself admired by representatives from the firm of Date Rape, Cokington, Cheeseball, and Jag (thank you, 30 Rock!).

When Kevin gets back home, he shows the poster to Rosie who complains, “I don’t even like peanuts.”

There is more arguing and Rosie storms off but Sophie has the good sense to throw out the poster before Sally sees it.

Steve and Kelly are Engaged to Tequila

As Steve and Kelly come back from their bike ride, a curiously morose Becky puts on “The Green, Green Grass of Home” by Tom Jones. Michelle notes she didn’t know she was a Tom Jones fan.

“I’m not,” she says.

It gets a little frosty so Steve and Kelly head upstairs to split a bottle of tequila but they succeed in only getting drunk. Steve tells Kelly that even though she’s a top girl, he’s still in love with Becky.

When she leaves, she plants one on Steve’s cheek so that when Becky comes upstairs, she’ll assume the worst. She does but doesn’t appear to care as they only succeed in rowing some more.

Outside, she holds that black garbage she came home with earlier and looks at some jewelry before tossing it away as she begins to cry.

Joe Is Engaged to Cement Shoes

Joe slinks back to Gail’s where he finally explains that he owes money to loan sharks.

That’s the long and short of it but the scene did contain the line of the night when David offered to put the kettle on for Audrey:

“Oh, forget the kettle, love! See if Gail has any wine.”

And This Happened

George is still pressuring Peter to let him pay to send Simon to private school.


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8 Responses to Update for Tuesday, November 16, 2010. A Royal Engagement Update

  1. Bea says:

    Steve is the biggest jurk ever.
    I laughed out loud when Kevin pulled Eddie’s nipple. Great fun!

  2. haili says:

    That was funny! Where is all the money Rosie is supposed to be making from her looks? She’s been on a couple of posters, etc. and prancing around in her cheer leader outfit selling vodka so she must have some kind of income.

    I forgot that when Steve has a row with his wife, he gets drunk with other women. Maybe that’s the
    answer to his wish for a family; Kelly could be the new baby mama, since that’s how he got Amy. I really felt sorry for Becky last night. She doesn’t deserve to be treated like that.

    Gail didn’t deserve the blast from Joe either. She may be a jinx but that’s hardly her fault – except for her bad taste in men. He’s the idiot who listened to Len.

  3. missusmac says:

    So Molly discovered it’s not that much fun to sit in a pub by yourself? Good thing she loves that job so much and doesn’t want to move.

    Your husband tells you on the street, in front of witnesses, that he can understand why someone would want to kill you, that you are the cause of all his trouble, and his first words on sheepishly entering your house are “oh, I thought my ears were burning.” Yum, he’s a keeper!

    The only thing I can figure out from Becky’s actions, is that someone old has died. Clues: Tom Jones big hit back in the day among people currently my dad’s age — 77 –, and the fact Corrie plot lines also use garbage bags to store and transfer the clothing of people who have died.

  4. Gayle says:

    I am so sick of Steve and Becky. He is a Class A Jerk!
    I didn’t feel one bit sorry for Molly No Mates. She obviously has no friends what-so-ever so why is she still living on Coronation Street? Move already!
    As for Rosie what a dummy – what career?

  5. Barbie says:

    Even Michelle (who is still working at the pub for some strange reason) felt sorry for Becky. I thought this was totally out of character for her, she should have been gloating over their problems. I guess people on the street don’t hold grudges for very long anymore. Not like the old days with the Mike Baldwin, Ken Barlow feud.
    So, did Rosie’s boob job money come from the pictues she took?

  6. haili says:

    Rosie said she was selling the car to pay for the boob job. I don’t know why she just let the car sit there like an ornament and never learned to drive it; she had the money at the time she bought it.

    Now that it’s been mentioned, Becky must be thinking of an older person. Tom Jones was really popular in the 70s and now he must be about 70.

    • eps says:

      Yeah Joe, way to be “honest”. Maybe I missed it but I didn’t hear anything about the 5K you begged from Gail’s father to make sure she would get the apt./condo she so loved. Scamster, Be Gone!

      Boy, Rosie the bright young hope, sure has gotten schtupid and even more shallow than her mother (who would have thought that was even possible) since leaving school. Maybe there are chemicals in the air at the factory. I can’t think of a single worker (primary character) there who hasn’t done something boneheaded.

      Didn’t it occur to Peter and Leanne that George wanted to scope out Speaking-Child’s school and that it would, without a doubt, be found lacking whether Speaking-Child was doing great or needed extra assistance?

      Eileen, come back. We need your commentary. Please set these numbskulls straight.

  7. haili says:

    Steve gets to be more of a jerk with every episode. Who would want a husband like him?

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