Monday November 22nd – The Living With Liz Really is the Only Reason to Marry Steve MacDonald Update

UK Time Feb 1st 2010 – Episode I


Drink up, baby!


The show opens in the MacDonald apartment over the pub where Liz is watching Steve lurch through the house due to what must be an epic hangover. Becky has taken Amy to school and Steve is keen to talk to her when she gets back due to the whole pregnancy revelation from last night.

We see in the street that Becky is walking back from school with Claire who is nattering on about something totally banal. Becky can’t take it any more, the pregnancy secret, not Claire’s monologue, and finally kind of blurts out that she is pregnant. They go into the café to talk about it and Claire counsel’s Becky to be absolutely sure about any decision she makes regarding this pregnancy.

Later, Becky and Steve finally meet in the smoking shelter and begin to discuss the baby. Steve is wonders how she could continue to drink and smoke if she knew she was pregnant. He also wonders why she didn’t just terminate the pregnancy. Obviously Becky was totally messed up and she admits that she couldn’t have an abortion without telling Steve. Its pretty clear that she is afraid of being a mother, especially considering the crap mother she had, and she tells Steve that she still thinks she would be a terrible mother. She hasn’t really changed her mind.

Over at Peter and Leanne’s they are getting ready for the day while she, clearly dressed for a Christmas do, screams at contractors over the phone (Leanne screaming at people on the phone is Coronation Street shorthand for her being a natural tough business woman). She and Peter discuss their plan to have a fancy lunch at a restaurant that got great reviews for research. This is important because they don’t have a chef as yet and they need to see what other people are doing.

Later, Leanne and Peter sit waiting at the restaurant for their lunch and Peter is getting angry. The waiter comes over to apologize for the delay and when he goes into the kitchen to talk to the chef, there is a lot of screaming. The chef comes storming out and it is none other than our man Ciaran McCarthy*

Yes, please!

Ciaran is happy to see Peter and orders a round of drinks. Peter manages to stick to the orange juice but doesn’t go into detail. They talk a bit and Ciaran asks about Shelly. Peter says that ship has sailed, meaning, when he married her after he married that other lady they were both so angry neither of them spoke to him again.

Ah memories.

Later on Peter takes Ciaran back to the Rovers where Michelle’s breasts are doing their part to bring in the punters. Ciaran likie. He drops some of the lamest lines I have ever heard third hand and she rebuffs him. Gee, I wonder where this is going. Anyway, Ciaran returns to the table with a pint for him and Peter. Peter finally explains that he is really off the drink and Ciaran takes the news pretty well, in that he first checks with Peter to see if it is OK that he drinks both pints. Peter says it is fine, but the longing in his eye says different. It’s a good thing he is opening a pub!

Beyond being a Ciaran delivery system, there is more in store for this unit for the day. Peter went to Simon’s school to tell the principle that the boy will be attending Oakhill next year. They have seen what a top-notch private school has done for Rosie Webster and they are hoping for the same opportunities that school could bring for Simon. Ken, meanwhile, is doing his best not to go super nova.

At the Websters, Sally is upstairs resting after another treatment when Molly come into the house with a card. The card likely says something along the lines of, “Dear Sally, sorry for being a bit of a narky bitch to you for a couple years and for having an affair with your husband and for refusing to back off when we discovered that you had cancer. Get well soon, Molly”

Kevin is not pleased to see Molly, then Tyrone stops in and they all get ready for the most awkward early evening in history. This, however, doesn’t put Tyrone off Sally’s favourite cookies. Finally Molly gets up to leave and says, while staring at Kevin, “Should you ever need me, you know where I live.” Classy.


*Who is that Ciaran fellow, you ask. Well, for those of us that are new-ish to the street Ciaran is the burly barman eye-candy back in 2005 (his run was 2002 – 2005 in the UK).  He was a bit of the Jack the Lad leaving Sunita, Tracey and Bev in his wake. He did, however, totally fall in love with Shelly (Bev’s daughter) and couldn’t watch her with Charlie Stubbs who treated her like garbage (don’t worry, Charlie gets his).

In Other News

Janice is looking for a roommate. She may even rent the place to a man!

Betty turns 90 and Liz recons this is one for The Gazette.

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12 Responses to Monday November 22nd – The Living With Liz Really is the Only Reason to Marry Steve MacDonald Update

  1. Bea says:

    Ciaran is back ;o)

  2. John says:

    And the thing I loved best about this episode:

    Claire complaining that order must be restored at the “10 Items Or Less” check-out and Kevin later complaining that someone at the “10 Items Or Less” check-out was trying to tell him that 5 onions don’t constitute one item.

    This is why I watch the show.

  3. haili says:

    And that is why I read these updates! I totally missed most of that dialogue except that the line was slow. And 5 onions are one item!

    Are we taking bets on how soon Peter falls off the wagon? I’ll give him a week at most.

    Did John kidnap Eileen? Now I’m getting worried.

    Yes, Rosie is s shining example of how well a private school education turns out.

  4. missusmac says:

    Ciaran is an idiot, if I recall. Nice guy, nice to look at, but an idjit! He stalked Shelly at one point, while pretending to Peter he had no interest in her and telling Peter she was lying. He;s much more of a threat to Peter’s sobriety than opening the bar will ever be.

    I wonder, was there any outcry from the audience or health officials about Becky smoking and drinking while pregnant?

    And I agree John, these continuing lines through the plot always make me smile.

  5. Mrs. D says:

    So excited to see Ciaran back.

    Idjit or not missusmac, he is very nice to watch!

  6. Mark Daye says:

    Yay! Ciaran is back! Idiot or not this show needs some eye candy now that Tony and Liam are gone.

  7. missusmac says:

    Oh, yes, bucketloads of tears! As for Ciaran, he is not use, but he IS ornament.

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