Update for Tuesday, November 23, 2010. Everybody Get Drunk Tonight. Everybody Wang Chung Tonight.

At the Rovers, Steve is apologizing to Becky for being so hard on her earlier but tells her that he doesn’t want things to end between them.

Becky tells Steve that he must promise that no matter what she decides, he’ll go along with it. She decides to talk about everything that’s been bothering her.

“I’ll put kettle on,” she warns tells him.

And so we get the Tale of the Becky’s Life Until This Point:

Rebecca Granger was conceived in a stairwell in exchange for a Betamax tape player which did not survive a tumble-down the stairs. Her mother always told her she wished she’d never had her and so began her life of living rough, doing drugs, doing time with Kelly Crabtree, hanging out with guys named Slug, getting screwed over by bent cops named Hooch, getting with the Croppers and getting more or less sorted out.

Because of this, she believes herself to being nothing more than her mother’s daughter and the worst candidate ever for mum of the year.

Steve tells her that she’s not her mother, Amy loves her and that’s all that matters.

“If parents were supposed to be perfect, ‘umanity woulda gone the way of the flippin’ dinosaurs,” he argues.

Eventually, she decides that she does want the baby, so long as he’s in it with her. And no more lock-ins, motorbikes, or golf clubs. Steve pauses.

“You should see your face,” she says.

They are reconciled. They’re ‘aving a baybeh. But they’re keeping it a secret.

The Wagon. He Is Off It

In the Rovers, recently returned ladies man and, well, rover Ciaran McCarthy has his sights set on Michelle, still, even though Peter is trying to dissuade him of that notion. The he notices Carla who walks in with Leanne who noticed two pint glasses sitting on the table in front of two men, one of whom is a recovering alcoholic.

Ciaran quickly explains that the pints are for him, as Peter has brought him up to speed vis-a-vis the not-being-able-to-drink situation.

Leanne tells Peter that Simon is with George for the night so she and Carla are having a girly night in the flat.  Ciaran asks Carla about her boyfriend’s whereabouts.

“Husband, actually,” she replies. “And he’s in prison. For murder. Insanely jealous.”

“Is she joking?” Ciaran asks Peter.

“Oh yeah,” he replies. “He hasn’t been convicted yet.”

At the flat, Leanne and Carla talk about the complications involved in living with  an alcoholic. Deirdre pops by and Leanne invites her to stay for a drink…

…and because this is Deirdre we’re talking about, that turns into a few drinks the trio are down among the boxes in the bar-in-progress.

“Itsh very minimal…minimal…minimalisht!” Carla declares.

“Easy for you to say!” says Deirdre

Later, Ken is balancing a very drunk Deirdre on one arm and an unimpressed Eccles on the other as they make their way home. He runs into Peter and Ciaran who are on their way to the new bar.

Peter thanks Ken for his earlier advice but asks that next time, he look closer to home. No I didn’t see that earlier scene, either. Please, CBC, I beg you, just run the show in its entirety.

At the bar, Leanne and Carla talk about love and Carla gets a little misty eyed remember Liam and how she wants the one she can never have. When Ciaran arrives with Peter, he’s still glomming on to Carla who tells him tonight is not his night. He follows her out anyway, claiming he’ll ask her cab driver to call him a taxi as well.

Peter tells Leanne that he’ll clean up for her so she heads off to bed. Peter starts putting bottles in the bin when he finds a half empty glass of wine. He pauses for a second then drinks it. He looks at the rest of the bottle, but bins it instead. Then he storms out.

And this happened:

Kevin came ’round Molly’s flat to tell her to stop coming to his house, like, ever.

Janice’s ad for a lodger was answered by the same bin man that she got into a fight with the other day. Turns out he’s not just any bin man, he’s Trevor. Or “Trev”: Weatherfield’s Sexiest Bin Man. So he joins Janice, Sean, and Julie for a drink while later he ends up at Janice’s flat. She asks when he can move in?

“So it’s still on offer then?” he asks.

“Oh, on a plate, love” Janice answers.

But despite the fact that he is on a rebound and his work requires him to take many showers, he heads out as he has to be up early the next day. Still, Janice offers up a little gratitude to God.

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6 Responses to Update for Tuesday, November 23, 2010. Everybody Get Drunk Tonight. Everybody Wang Chung Tonight.

  1. haili says:

    Dierdre does drunk pretty well IMO. I thought the earlier advice Peter was talking about may have been a few episodes earlier, but you never know.

    Thank goodness Steve and Becky made up at last and she actually turned down a drink; stopping the fags could be tougher though and things could get tense around the bar – and around Liz.

    I wonder who Ciaran will hook up with first. Michelle looks interested but she always loves male attention.

  2. missusmac says:

    Michelle ALWAYS looks interested… 🙂

    What a comedown for Ciaran. From chef to “Betty needs some sandwiches for her ‘do. Could you pull a few pints too?”

    Any thoughts on Trev, the bin man?

  3. Gayle says:

    Regarding Trev – bad haircut but seems nice. Janice obviously has the hots for him. Good to have a couple of nice looking blokes on the street Ciaran and Trev.

    Not liking Becky and Steve being so lovey-dovey rather sickening but better than them being at each other’s throats I guess.

    • haili says:

      I was glad to see them make up as Steve has been just sickening lately – and I really hope he keeps his promise to do his share as it seems that Becky does all the running around picking Amy up etc. and reading to her.

  4. Robin says:

    I wonder if we will have some scenes with Ciaran and Sunita. Weren’t they at item once? Can’t remember for how long or how serious it was.
    When were Leanne and Ciaran on the show together?

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