Update for Wednesday, Nov. 24th: I’ve Got A Hunch

Above, Betty Driver sings “I’ve got a hunch” in 1939…

90 Years Young!

Morning. Leanne is fiercely hung-over, and emerges from bed in a pink robe. She also bemoans the fact that she is behind in her hard-hat party planning. Peter says he’ll try and source some waitstaff and also is heading to a support group meeting in town. Leanne is too ill to even manage her coffee. She says it’s ironic that she is hung-over and Peter hasn’t touched a drop in months, or so she thinks.

Deirdre is in equally poor fettle. Ken is shining his shoes and comments that he hopes Deirdre will join him in avoiding the party.

Janice is at home with Trev, her new lodger. She is panicked by a massive spider in the bedroom and sends Trev in after it. He emerges, pretending he has the spider in his hands and makes as if to whip it at Janice, Who screams. And then laughs.

Kieran encounters Peter and Leanne in the street. He immediately suggests a pint. Kieran offers to do the catering for the hard-hat party. Leanne reminds Peter to pick up Simon as Peter heads off. When he has left, she speaks to Kieran about drinking. “We’ve always liked a pint, we’re ex-navy,” Kieran says casually. Leanne sets Kieran straight, telling him about Peter’s support meetings.

At the Rover’s, preparations are underway for Betty’s 90th birthday. Anna has brought an Eddie-cake, with Betty’s portrait on it. Claire turns up, with a baby-mama-what-to-expect book for Becky, colour-coded with sticky notes. Becky tells her that things are all patched up with Steve. Becky has a doctor’s appointment later.

Peter is at his support group, and shares the fact that he had one drink of wine last night and then put the bottle down. The fact that he put the bottle down, in his view, shows that he can take the occasional drink. The group reminds Peter of the prevailing wisdom that no alcoholic can return to having just one drink, He says it felt great, like coming home. The others tell him he’s fooling himself. He says he knows for sure he can have just one drink.

In Roy’s the girls order their butties and Trev is having breakfast and teases Jan one more time about the spider. Kelly sidles up to Trev to ask if he has a girlfriend. He says his ex got a job with DVLA in Swansea and left him for it. Kelly then offers him herself, more or less. Julie sympathizes that Trev was left for a career in multi-vehicle taxation.

Peter gets out of his meeting and heads to the pub.

Kieran sees Leanne again later, and he apologizes for being a bit off-the-cuff earlier about drinking. Leanne tells Kieran that Peter nearly lost everything – the fight at Simon’s school, being a rubbish dad when drunk, and then about the fire. Kieran promises that he will no longer try to ply Peter with booze.

Peter has forgotten to pick Simon up and Ken rings him on his mobile. He starts popping mints and goes to fetch Simon.

Becky and Steve have returned to their sucky-faced kissy mode as Becky comes back from the doctor to share that she is a healthy nine weeks along. People are now coming in to Betty’s party. An older lady, wearing an engaging flapper hat, is sipping a milk sour. Betty comes out from the back to applause. The older lady confronts Betty at the bar, saying that Betty is a fraud and she is actually the oldest barmaid in Manchester, at ninety-one. The two seniors start calling one another names and nearly come to blows.

Peter shows up to collect Simon at the Barlow’s. He is still popping mints, and Ken quickly and correctly surmises that Peter has been drinking. Peter is super-defensive and says he hasn’t.

At the Rover’s the entire gang sings Happy Birthday to Betty, and Graham helps her blow out the inferno on her cake. The other old barmaid returns with a tattered birth certificate proving her age and saying she’ll be pulling pints at the Parson’s Arms until she drops dead. Later, everyone has enjoyed Kieran’s buffet, and are stuffed to the gills. The other old barmaid is still present, and says she’s not leaving until she gets a hot pot.

Betty Driver had a career as a singer, before joining Corrie.

Haley wants to back out of the salsa class she said she’d take with Anna Windass. Julie remarks that Haley scuttles along like a blue tit and probably has no rhythm. Goaded thus, Haley agrees to the class. Bette’s cab has arrived, and she leaves to a round of applause.

Leanne comes home and Simon and Peter are there. She says the bar is coming along nicely. She asks about Peter’s meeting. Peter shares that he has “realized” he doesn’t have to take the entire recovery program as gospel. Leanne is immediately nervous. He goes on to say that he reckons he can handle the occasional drink. Leanne disagrees. Peter says he’s learned his lesson and knows his limits. Leanne wants him to promise he won’t start again. Seeing he’s not getting buy-in from Leanne, he closes the subject.


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11 Responses to Update for Wednesday, Nov. 24th: I’ve Got A Hunch

  1. Trudy says:

    So here’s my prediction – Peter starts drinking again and Cieran will ply him with booze and then he will cozy up to Leanne……

    Am not understanding the point of that lady showing up at Betty’s party other than getting free milk stout and a hot pot.

    • haili says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me either re. Ciaran and Leanne – though I think he fancies Michelle – and Carla. Actually, I guess he’s out for what/whoever he can get!

      I thought the 2 old barmaids were hilarious and particularly enjoyed the clear dialogue. Betty is always a riot IMO but maybe that’s just my warped sense of humour. I still remember the 3 old ladies with the milk stouts when Corrie began.

  2. Kerry says:

    Jan was in Trev’s room giving a good bottoming (cleaning)?

    Now, I’ve had plenty of room-mates in my life and I’ve NEVER had one that cleaned my room, nor have I ever felt the urge to go in and clean their room.

  3. John says:

    Betty Driver had Bette Davis eyes back in the day.

    The oldester barmaid in Weatherfield was drinking a milk stout, the beverage of choice of one Miss Ena Sharples.

  4. missusmac says:

    What’s the difference between a lodger and a roommate? Jan keeps referring to him as a lodger, which makes me think he’s paying only part, not half the rent. WoulD that make her his landlady?

    I was disappointed in Julie’s reaction to Ciaran. I expected her to be all over him, but she was quite restrained. Eddie’s cake was gorgeous!

  5. Mary Prankster says:

    Thanks for the connections about Betty Driver. That explains a lot about why she’s still on the show. In Britain she must be what they call in Japan a “living national treasure”. I had no idea she was a singer (and a GOOD one!) on a par with Vera Lynn. There must be a lot of seniors there who remember her from before the war!

  6. S. Poole says:

    Cieran played up to Shelly when he arrived on the street the first time, hope they don’t go that direction again. He would go after Janice next, seeing as he did so with Bev Unwin. Say, what will Sunita think of his return?

    Was hoping the old Barmaid supping the milk stout was going to steal Betty’s taxi, start a real feud!

  7. haili says:

    Julie and Kelly may be all over the bin man – probably much to Janice’s dismay.

    Loved seeing more of Betty and a bit more comedy this week.

    I think lodger is when you rent a room to someone but roommate could be 2 or more people renting a place together and splitting the rent.

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