Update for Tuesday, November 30. Hey, Joe


At their cottage on Lake Windemere, Gail and Joe are still arguing over Joe’s quite well thought out plan to fake his own death. Clearly, he’s covered all his bases here so I don’t know what Gail’s problem is. All she has to do is tell the police he went missing and tell Tina that her father is dead. What could possibly go wrong?

The argument follows down to the dock where Gail attempts to physically prevent Joe from getting in the boat. They struggle and he hurts her wrists and he sprains his own wrist in the process. The couple they met earlier see this fight, shake their heads, and drive off.

Joe pushes Gail back on to the dock and unties the boat and sets off, with Gail screaming
“JOE!!!” in her best Hound of the Baskervilles voice which is slightly less annoying than Joe’s goddamned ring tone.

“I love you, Gail,” he says.

So Joe the experienced seaman gets loaded and plans his escape. Except that the rubber life boat he brought along to make his escape get untied and as he tries to bring it back, he falls in the water. He swims back to the boat and tries to pull himself up but his injured hand hurts too much. He hangs on a little longer, lets out a terrified little whimper and falls back into the water, one last time.

Peter’s Problems

As Ken, Deirdre, and Leanne are looking for Peter, he’s takes a cab to George’s house, looking for Simon. Seeing how sauced he is, George rebuffs him, calling him an embarrassment and pathetic and tells him to take a cab back home and they’ll discuss this in the morning. Peter gets defensive and Simon once again sees his drunk daddy.

“Daddy’s drunk again, isn’t he? Leanne says when he’s drinking he gets nasty,” Simon says, with the air of experience that no child his age should have.

It’s ok. You can hang out in George’s awesome kitchen for another night.

Back the Rovers, Ciaran, while simultaneously trying to pick up Michelle by appealing to their mutual Irishness, asks if Peter was a drunk when they dated (Michelle and Peter, I mean. Not Ciaran and Peter). Peter comes in and asks for a drink. Michelle refuses him service and Jason steps in to help usher him out of the bar.

As he leaves, he nearly runs over Audrey. After Ciaran helps her to her feet, she remarks, “Shame to see Peter back on the drink. Gin and tonic, please, Michelle.”

George comes by Ken’s and they all go in to discuss what to do with Peter. George offers to pay to put him into a private clinic. For once, Ken does not argue that publicly funded, community based addiction services are a better option. Leanne says that Peter has to go willingly.

Right now, the only place Peter has gone willingly is the bookie’s where he and Ciaran share a beer. Ciaran tries to get Peter to see sense but, well, just gives up and leaves him with his beer.

Guess he’s wondering if Michelle is still working.


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22 Responses to Update for Tuesday, November 30. Hey, Joe

  1. Bea says:

    Good ol’ Joe. Can’t even die right. ;o)

  2. corrierules says:

    Whinging, whining and self-pitying to the end — ladies, and gentleman, Joe McIntyre!

    What an eejit, he shoulda sold the gee-dee boat and paid off his debts.

    Joe’s inspiration: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Darwin_disappearance_case

  3. S. Poole says:

    Audrey had the line of the night, loved it. If only she’d made it a large G and T.

    Re: Joe’s ring tone, I hear it often, every customer of a certain age has it. Must be a default setting with a few manufacturers.

    Ciaran has quite a cast to his eye that I’d somehow forgotten. Maybe he and Leanne belong together. =)

  4. haili says:

    True to form, Joe messed up again – and I’m glad he’s gone. The actress who plays Gail must have been exhausted after all that emoting but at least she didn’t have to go in the water this time.

    Audrey should make a great replacement for Blanche and Betty (when she goes). Perfect one-liner. She keeps getting better; much better than the self-centered character she was with Alfie.

    I think Ciaran believed Peter when he said he stopped with that beer – but there always seems to be a bottle of liquor on hand to guzzle when he’s alone.

  5. Gayle says:

    So sad to see Peter fall of the wagon. I grew up with an alcholic father – and find Peter’s character very sadly realistic.

    Thank God Joe is gone. He has had to be the most unlikeable character ever.

  6. missusmac says:

    Was it wrong to cheer at Joe’s death? (At least I hope he doesn’t miraculously pop up again!) I just wished he’d hurry up and die. Now the question is, will Gail legitimately be entitled to the insurance?

    Why did nobody simply call the Barlows or Leanne and tell them they’d seen Peter — at the pub, or at George’s? I know it’s a plot point, but it’s just so lame no one called them. I’m sure even Smiechel has a cell phone in this day and age!

    George’s house is pretty awesome, huh? So is that cottage.

  7. haili says:

    If you were looking for Peter wouldn’t the first places to look be: the bar, Rovers, bookies or George’s? George did eventually tell Leanne and Ken that Peter had been around. This crops up often on Corrie when searching people don’t go to the logical places- the Rovers – or with Steve looking for Becky – the cafe.

    Gail should get the insurance since it was an accident – but those people next door heard their screaming match – so maybe they’ll think it’s murder.

  8. Diane (tvor) says:

    Gail might get the insurance but if i was an insurance company, i could wonder… brand new policy, probably only one payment submitted, if that, and oh looky, we have to pay out all this money! Joe forged Gail’s signature after practicing it for a very short time, surely any expert could work out it wasn’t hers? Joe? Surely he could have got to the dingy and got on that easier than the boat, what with his sore wrist and everything. I expect that water was pretty cold but even so…

  9. Vancouvercorrie says:

    Is Gail going to be a suspect, what with the witnesses to their fight and all?

    Please tell me yes!

  10. missusmac says:

    Wow, Gail in the witness box earnestly protesting her innocence, her eyes blinking so rapidly papers will result… there’s a picture!

    Forgot to mention how much I snickered when Ciaran referred to Michelle as an “Oirish girl” and she replied “An Oirish girl who is choosy.” hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Yeah, that’s Michelle, pretty picky. What’s that builder’s name again,anyway? Choosy, choosy, choosy…

  11. missusmac says:

    Um, that’s supposed to be “papers will rustle” in my post. I’m obviously playing too much Boggle lately.

  12. Mary Prankster says:

    If Gail thinks Joe is still alive, ( but now in Ireland) while everyone else suspects either her of murder (somehow) 0r Joe of suicide, will she at least stop her usual pattern of looking for another husband? Ooh, the complications! The writers must have loved this storyline. It must have kept them in work for months.

  13. corrierules says:

    So what’s a girl to do if she thinks her husband has committed a crime, she’s out in the middle of nowhere and she doesn’t want to call the police? Why, she calls her 20 year old unstable son and implicates him in a crime… isn’t that what mom’s are for?

  14. emdeeinto says:

    a great episode and draining to watch even though as has been pointed out Joe was a most unlikeable eejit full of self-pity. But remember the woman in the car that watched as Joe and Gail struggled at the boat? I’m thinking insurance money most unlikely and this is the start of a long storyline.

  15. haili says:

    It’s pretty bad when David is the most sensible person there! I foresee a story line in the future when Gail meets a convicted murderer in prison and marries him; she seems like one of those women that would be attracted to one.

    Now we have the maid who was told Joe was out for a walk, plus the neighbour who saw them argue, and whoever David “borrowed” the boat from. Gail could have some ‘splainin to do.

  16. Trudy says:

    I think in usual Joe style he has left Gail to muck her way out of this. For once David was the most sensible person in the group.

  17. Gayle says:

    Not looking forward to this upcoming storyline at all.
    Gail will be a mess. I agree with other posters for once David is the voice of reason.

  18. Barbee says:

    I haven’t seen the ep yet, but Sunday is looming ever closer. However, I will be so glad to see Joe’s exit. I have rarely loathed a character so much. So lame, so wimpy, so self-pitying.
    I like Steve and Steve & Becky all lovey-dovey s0 much better than fighting.
    Peter, Peter. What have you done? Your sanctimonious father proved correct! What shall you do? I’ve avoided spoilers for so long, I don’t know, but am looking forward to finding out. Anyhow, I’d like to see more of Graham, Roy and Haley, and where the heck is Fizz and her little brother?
    More Gail Wail? I”m thinking yes.
    Good storylines, nonetheless.

  19. eila says:

    I was thinking – what Gail needs is one of those “regular customer” cards at the morgue.

    ‘Bring in nine dead hubbies, get the tenth autopsy free!’

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