Update for Wednesday, Dec. 1: Hope Floats

Fell off the Boat

Early morning in the lakes district. Gail is on the dock, panic stricken and leaving her millionth message for Joe. She walks the shore, ringing the mobile and wringing her hands.

Finally, she decides to call David. David is at home when the phone rings.  Gail asks him to come straight away, and not to tell anyone.

Whiile waiting for David, Gail hears someone at the door. “Joe!” she cries, thinking it’s him, but it’s only room service with bedsheets and towels. She tells the maid that Joe has gone for a walk and she’s feeling poorly or would have joined him.

David shows up at the resort in a cab, and not a Streetcars one; I can’t begin to imagine what the fare was. Gail brings him inside the cottage and makes him swear not to tell anyone what she’s about to say.

Gail explains that she had a fight with Joe about his plan to pay off all his debt by faking his own death. She finishes: “and he sailed out, leaving me on the jetty. It’s the last I saw of him,” She says her multiple phonecalls weren’t returned. “You are joking,” David replies.

David says that the only reasonable course of action is to call the police and tell them everything. Gail she says she won’t yet give up hope that Joe will reconsider the whole thing.

The Platts discuss how Joe was on the computer day and night and must have been planning the disappearance for weeks. Gail is sympathetic with her poor, deranged hunted husband and says he must be terrified.

David opines that Joe is a brainless headcase and Gail has no reason to defend him. David cautions that Gail could end up in serious trouble herself. Gail thinks that Joe will get to the ferry port and reconsider.

David starts harassing Gail for her inability to select sane, normal, safe partners. As they walk along the shore, they see the abandoned sailboat. Gail thinks Joe might be on the boat and they have to go out there. “We’ll need a boat!” David accurately observes.

Moments later, David roars up in a red fishing boat and picks up Gail.

Gail and David come up to the sailboat. While I try and keep the editorial comments to a minimum, I note that the plans not to implicate Gail go south as David decides to board, finds Joe’s mobile and picks it up. Gail then insists on towing the sailboat back with them, which I had thought the police were supposed to find adrift.

The red boat runs out of petrol as they reach shore, and David shoves it off, admitting that he’d taken it and hadn’t asked the owner. David wants to head home at that point, but Gail insists on staying one more night in case Joe returns.

Fell off the Wagon

Peter wakes up, hungover again. Leanne is in the kitchen. Leanne says Peter is telling lies and breaking promises and she’s had enough. Peter toddles off to the Bookies’ to commence his day of drinking.

George arrives at the bookies, saying that Simon wants to know when he can see Peter again. Peter is waiting on a customer, gives him the wrong change and George surmises that Peter has been drinking again. Peter lies. George calls him on it. Peter says he won’t take any lectures from a Johnny-come-lately grandad who was a terrible parent. He says no one tells him what he can do with his own son. As George exits, Peter throws his coffee cup at the door, shattering it.

Leanne comes into the shop as Peter is picking up the pieces. Peter is pretty loaded by now. Leanne says she’s talked to George. Peter quickly becomes belligerent. He says he’s drinking because he can’t see Simon. Leanne reminds him that he nearly killed Simon and places him in danger.

Leanne then goes to Ken’s and Ken reinforces that Peter needs rehab, the sooner the better for Simon’s sake.

And This Happened

Sunita comes to Dev’s shop, clearly troubled about something. Apparently Sunita’s great-uncle and aunt from India are coming over and they think Dev and Sunita are still married.  No one told them about the divorce as no one wanted to upset the old folks. So it seems they will have to feign happy-coupledom.

Tina and Jason are walking in the street, Tina is upset that Joe’s not answering his mobile. She also tells Jason that she hopes he got her a good Valentine’s gift.

Later, they are in the Rovers’ and Eileen joins them. Tina leaves to go back to work.  Jason implies that he has gotten Tina a really, really good Valentine’s gift.


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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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12 Responses to Update for Wednesday, Dec. 1: Hope Floats

  1. haili says:

    Did anyone else wonder why Tina was calling Joe so often? They had just said goodbye so what was so important to talk about?

    Eileen is finally back.

    Wasn’t that a lovely place by the lake and great photography? The effects were well done, with the boat creaking just after Joe drowned by the light of a full moon.

  2. Mrs. D says:


  3. missusmac says:

    Tina ran into David and he told her the loan shark had been by, threatening and asking after Joe. I think that’s why she’s trying to get in touch with him.

    Gail screaming “it’s just instinct” when David asks why she’s towing the boat back, etc., makes my opinion of Gail’s instincts correct. Her instincts are terrible! David IS the one most likely to help you bury a body, and the one most people will not believe if he tells them his Mom didn’t kill Joe but was looking for support. This is going to get really ugly, and I can’t wait.

    Speaking of ugly, do you think George will start a custody battle? He has plenty of ammo.

    • Mary Prankster says:

      Poor Simon! He’s lost his mother. Now his father is essentially gone. I see a battle between George & Ken looming, with much resentment of George’s money playing a predominant role, & Simon being the rope in an ugly tug-of-war.

      Gail’s lack of self-awareness is consistent, so trusting her instincts is not surprising. This situation is making David seem almost sympathetic.

    • Bea says:

      Arrrrgh! I can’t believe how stupid Gail is. She is even stupider than Joe. If she had left the boat and phone alone, the cops would have just realized that it was an accident. But, now..she is acting suspicious and it is only a matter of time before the whole thing falls apart. I guess she still doesn’t know that Joe is dead.

      • chumola says:

        Suspicious!? If you ask me, she’s setting herself up nicely for a murder charge if good old Joe’s body is ever found in that lake.

  4. missusmac says:

    Just wondering how different the situation would be if the son Gail called was Nick? At the very least, she’d have saved the cost of the cab…

  5. haili says:

    I too wondered why she didn’t call Nick.

    Loved the Hope Floats heading!

  6. S. Poole says:

    Gail was telling Nick to get some legal assistance of his own during that last phone call she took in Weatherfield, something about a flat rental agreement going pear-shaped. And (as David said to Joe) her “golden child” Nick was likely in his own pickle in her eyes.

  7. Long Time Lurker says:

    I wonder what Gail and David will tell Tina? Poor Tina – you just know that they will tell her about Joe’s plan to fake his death – and then, sadly, at some point she will find out that her father is really dead.

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