Update for Tuesday, December 7. A Not So Simple Plan

Gail The Criminal Mastermind

See what happens when you don’t do as your son suggests and go straight to the police to tell them the truth, Gail? Now Nick sees the bruises on your arm and thinks Joe was beating you but how can you tell him it was when you were struggling to keep him from getting into his boat so he could fake his own death. Like that John Darwin fellow. And everyone saw how well that turned out.

Later, David and Graeme are having a cop of tea, although Graeme suggest they move to the pub.

“I always find that everything is better when seen through the amber glow of a lager lunch,” he says with the wisdom of the ages

Nick pops to ask David about Carla and the factory and her business partner. Graeme fills him in that the business partner is Tony what did the murdering and David thinks Underworld is out of his league.

“You don’t know what kind of league I’m in,” he mutters, leaving us to assume he’s in the frosted tips and trendy stubble businessman’s league. Not enjoying being mocked by David, he puts a bug in his ear about Tina and Jason being engaged.

This causes David, with Graeme in tow, to head over to the Kabin where Tina does indeed confirm but David takes offense that he wasn’t consulted or something. Graeme, classy guy that he is, offers his congratulations.

And it’s back to helping his mother cover up Joe’s disappearance. Gail’s calling the ferry service to Ireland to ask about passenger lists. Before getting out the Dublin white pages to start calling people over there to see if they’ve seen her husband, David asks why she’s doing this.

“Oh, I love him,” she says.

“And he’s probably in a pub in Dublin, laughing at you right now,” he retorts.

“I’m going to stand by him,” she says.

Oh, Gail.

And Tina’s getting harassed by Creepy Rick the Loan Shark, which is seen by Nick who asks Tina what’s going on. She dismisses him but he takes his concerns to Audrey where they compare notes. They agree to confront her, just as soon as Audrey finishes her drink.

When they get there, Gail is sticking by her story that Joe is in Cumbria for a job. But of course they know something isn’t being said. Gail throws them but Audrey refers Gail to Glacia’s previous post about her choice in men.

Sooner or later, of course, Joe’s body is going float to the surface of Lake Windermere, and Gail will once again do what Gail does best: go down to the morgue to identify her dead husbands.

And This Happened

One of Sunita’s aunties used to appear in The Kumars at Number 42.

The aunties are still hanging out with Dev and Sunita and asking Dev about why he’s never home and if his penis still functions and if there will be any children. And did you know Sunita’s cousin is a dancer in Vancouver whose roommate is a fashion designer? Such successful friends he has!

It goes pretty well, well enough to the point where Dev thinks Sunita is no longer acting and he makes a move but is rebuffed.

As Leanne tells Carla that Simon is staying with George over the holidays while Peter is in rehab, Carla thinks rehab would be awful. She sometimes wonders about herself when she has chardonnay withdrawal at half-five. Anyway, she asks about this Nick fellow and is surprised to learn that Leanne and he were once married when he was played by another actor. Leanne warns Carla off him.

Gary’s coming home soon with his new army mate “Quinny”. Anna says they should clean up and prepare something for the weekend. Eddie does not appear motivated.

Eileen’s making Jesse move his General Custard gear out back to make room for Jason and Tina.

Becky’s pregnancy has her feeling delicate so Steve is waiting on her hand and foot. Liz thinks she’s taking advantage. Steve scoffs at the idea as he heads upstairs to fish the remote from beneath the couch for her.

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14 Responses to Update for Tuesday, December 7. A Not So Simple Plan

  1. corrierules says:

    Loving the aunties! Scenes chez Sunita are quite amusing —in marked contrast to the Gail-Nick-David discussions of the late, unlamented Joe McIntyre! OMG those are dire.

  2. lovethestreet says:

    Love your line “when he was played by another actor” — hilarious update! Thanks.

  3. isis says:

    At a Xmas party the other day, I happily found some Corrie fans, and, after celebrating Joe’s demise, one of the women said, “Joe never did love Gail anyway. That was pretty obvious.”

    This took me aback. I don’t think I ever thought about it, and am not 100% sure either way. What do other people think?

    • Long Time Lurker says:

      Isis – There were so many other things going on with Joe in the (thankfully) short time he was on the Street, I don’t think the writers/producers really spent a lot of time focusing on Gail and Joe’s relationship – except as a catalyst for all the mayhem that ensued.

    • Thel says:

      We could psychoanalyze Joe for several chapters but at the beginning, he did fall in love with Gail. He always seemed to mean well enough…

  4. haili says:

    Kind of like Prince Charles referring to Diana: “whatever love is.” It was very convenient for Joe to have a place to stay that was better than his van or storage lockup. I think Joe thought (or convinced himself) he loved Gail and Gail was just so desperate for any man she glommed on to him. If love is blind then Gail is really in love. Their intelligence level is about the same so they were suited that way.

    I’m enjoying Audrey and Nick’s interaction but wish he’d shave the stubble. Being of the older generation, I’ve never understood the attraction of scratchy stubble – either grow a beard or shave! Then again, I don’t get the attraction of tattoos and piercings either.

    I wasn’t sure what holidays Leanne was referring to since these shows were done in Feb. We’re meant to assume that Peter’s in re-hab. it seems.

  5. Gayle says:

    No I don’t think Joe ever loved Gail he was just using her. If I hear her say “Joe’s a good man” one more time I’ll scream! Gail drives me crazy when she talks in that stupid whispery voice.

    I hate the way Gail turns on her mother everytime she gets involved with another idiot man.

  6. Barbie says:

    I think Joe loved Gail (and her house, job, credit cards, etc.)
    I am having a really tough time watching Gail these days with all her whimpy crying and dithering. It reminds me of when Katie killed her dad and did nothing but shake till she finally offed herself – I absolutley hated those scenes.

  7. isis says:

    I’m with you, Gayle, on the psycho whispery Gail voice. She used it all through the wedding ceremony, and it made me crazy. Who does that?

  8. missusmac says:

    I don’t think Joe loved Gail, but loved the concept of wife with a home of her own, a job, and a pseudo support system. I think it ticked him off when people suggested he didn’t love Gail (David and Audrey), and then he would throw himself into a round of being a great boyfriend/husband,just to show ’em. Gail’s quest for martyrdom is amazing. Do I think she’d cover up that her husband was beating her? I do.

    What was it Steve was peeling for Becky? I couldn’t understand him or Liz when they spoke about it.

  9. eila says:

    “What Gail does best…” Absolutely priceless! Thank you.

  10. Bea says:

    I want to hire Nigel. Then hubby can stay home and watch tv in his underwear, (and maybe eat beans out of a can)

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