Monday December 13th 2010 – Gail Platt is a special kind of stupid

UK Time – Monday February 22nd 2010 – Episode I

Seriously, it is too much stupid

The show opens with Gail looking like an idiot in the medical centre grabbing for the phone like a woman hoping to hear from her moron husband who has decided to fake his own death in order to escape the pressures of a loan shark since calling the police just wont do and hasn’t contacted his wife since the day he decided to vanish like a brain injured Kaiser Soze. Oh yeah, that is exactly what she is.

Over at Jason and Tina’s flat Tina is also grabbing at her phone like the daughter of a moron who has decided to fake his own death in order to escape the pressures of a loan shark since calling the police just wont do and has only suspiciously contacted his daughter once since the day left for the lake district with a boat named after an idiot. Oh yeah, that is exactly what she is.

In Gail’s case it was just a patient. In Tina’s case it was a sales person who get’s an earful, although for Tina that is just her standard level of communication. It must be exhausting to be her. Tina hangs up and calls her father again and leaves a very stern message. Hi, Tina, here’s a little suggestion from me: you should have called the police days ago when Gail first told you the stupid plan. Your dad is just dumb, and Gail is a fool. Do you really think everything is going to magically turn out?

Back in the medical centre where, as we can see, Gail is NOT getting her head tested, David comes in to beg his mother to call the police. She blinks that suggestion away and convinces David not to call the police either. All you mothers of young men out there watching; learn from Gail. When you are helping someone commit a federal offense, it is best to involve your son … who has a record already. Be sure to carpet bomb the culpability.

As it is Monday afternoon, Tina makes her way over to the medical centre to tell Gail that since she hasn’t heard from her dad, she is going to call the police.  Gail convinces her to not tell the police about the plan. Tina agrees although that makes absolutely no sense. Tina then begins to wonder if Gail has been perfectly honest. Um, no. Then she lies again when Tina asks her about the text and flowers.

Later in the day Gail goes rushing out of the medical centre with Audrey. She assumes that Tina has called the police and actually has the nerve to look upset about it. When she walks in two plain clothed police offices are standing with David and Gail makes it difficult to deliver the following news with any patience: “We found your div of a husband’s body in the lake.”

Obviously, she is gob-smacked. Obviously, I want to smack her in the gob.

Tyrone is still a mess because Molly has left him.  Dude, you have no idea. When he goes to work for the day Kevin tells him to take the afternoon off.  It is really good of Kevin especially since he’s been banging that cow and has really contributed to Tyrone’s current state of grief. Mind you, I would submit that a life with Molly would be full of grief. She is kind of a nasty so-and-so and if she didn’t leave you at Christmas hoping to be with Kevin, she’d leave you at Easter if Keiran looked at her twice (as would I, that dude, that accent, that talent in the kitchen. Yes please).

In the pub Kevin, Jack and Connie are talking about Tyrone and Molly. The three of them are worried about Tyrone. I can’t help but think that perhaps Kevin should have though about Tyrone when we was tapping his wife in motels, removal vans, offices and in his marital bed.  Connie says that men have a hard time on their own, yeesh!

We get confirmation of this when Jack and Connie go to Tyrone’s and the place is a mess. It may be 2010 here in Canada, but the men of Coronation Street have never learned to do the dishes or laundry. Amazingly Connie pushed Jack and Tyrone out the door so she can clean up. I would have made Tyrone clean with me to show him that he can stand up on his own.

Janice obviously loves Trevor and who could blame her. He’s a towering mass of man and that’s right up my street. He’s a

That's all I'm saying

man, baby!

Anyway, on the way to work there is some Carla bashing and Trevor enjoys that. They are bashing Carla because she is a bit over the top and does things that are irritating. For example, she makes Sean choose who will do the cleaning because the regular cleaners aren’t available.  He picks Kelly.

At lunchtime they all run out and Carla spots a mess on the floor. So, she gets down on her hands and knees to clean it up wearing a green pinny and yellow gloves. In pops Trevor looking for Janice. He obviously looks like a god dropped down from Mount Olympus from that angle. Mistaking Carla for the cleaner, he tells her that he is looking for Janice because he found two kittens on his route and wants to keep them as pets. COME ON, WRITERS! Was his next line gonna be “And, I’ve made her a cake for her birthday.”? No, in fact, his next line was “Tell Janice I’ve fixed the tap.” EVEN BETTER!

Carla Likie!

In Other News

Norris and Mary are way too interested in Audrey’s new man. Norris recognizes him from the Christmas do and floats the idea that he is married. Wow, is Norris off the mark!

Sunita, obviously missing Dev, comes into the shop to flirt with him. After she leaves Dev says to Molly, “I don’t even know what’s real anymore.” For some reason, the delivery of this line made me laugh out loud. But, guess who showed up on Sunita’s doorstep: Matt.

I felt badly for earlier calling Gary’s army buddy “duchebag friend.” Ducebag Friend’s brother lost his legs in Iraq. Worried now, Gary?

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8 Responses to Monday December 13th 2010 – Gail Platt is a special kind of stupid

  1. haili says:

    LOL. Good update – though I’ve come to expect stupidity from Gail; it’s the norm with her, along with her blinking, and simpering to her “good men.” There’s a lot of nastiness in the way people talk to each other lately and the way Gail talked to those two police men was really, really nasty and stupid. It will come back to bite her in the bum, no doubt. Tina’s another one; who bothers to argue with sales people on the phone? Wouldn’t most people just hang up?

    Connie must be the perfect woman. How many women would send the mess maker off to the pub while she cleans up? Not me. It would be all hands on deck – and then off to the pub.

  2. Trudy says:

    Loved the update – can’t say anything more about Gail that hasn’t already been said.

    Loved Carla’s new hair cut. We can actually see her face now.

  3. missusmac says:

    It’s weird when David makes sense, isn’t it? If I was a character who lived on that street, a big part of me would be doing the happy dance that uppity Gail has had even more tragedy…

    I honestly thought Gary’s removal to basic training was simply a character being written off because there was no story line for him. (Remember Gary’s uncle? Where’s he now? That’s right!) Looks like he’s going to be sticking around.

    Gee, Molly looks pretty torn up about being alone, too. Not.

  4. Mark Daye says:

    Great update. Too bad it’s Joe that’s dead and not Gail.

  5. papasmurf1964 says:

    I wish Gail were dead as well.

    The military storyline with Gary and the ongoing situation in Afghanistan has great potential, from a Canadian perspective as well. Hope the writers do it justice.

  6. haili says:

    I shed a tear when Annie said goodbye to Gary tonight – and I never liked Gary. Now I kind of empathize with him for some reason. His choices seem so limited and now he’s going to risk life and limb for what?

    I don’t really wish Gail was dead. Who would provide a home for local murderers and idiots if not her?

    • corrierules says:

      haili, lol!

      the scene at the morgue was sad… I felt for Tina especially, but she really is a nasty cow, always rude and belligerent.

      And now poor Tyrone has to contend with his mom. As if things weren’t bad enough. Eeee, it’s a rum do….

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