Monday December 20, 2010 – Martin Platt was the Only One to Make it Out Alive!

UK Time March 1st 2010 – Episode I

The show opens with Becky, Steve and Liz in the back of the pub going over last night’s affairs. Becky is dealing with some morning sickness. Through her upset tummy, Becky manages to call Liz a cougar and reaction is mixed. She kind of takes it as a compliment but kind of doesn’t.

Later on Becky has to cut short her conversation and run into the bathroom as she gains an understanding of the operative word in the term “morning sickness.” Something isn’t right, however, when she emerges from the toilet looking really bad. Will Becky dig into her emotional toolkit to deal with whatever has gone wrong? No, she’ll just keep it to herself and get hammered.

Later on Liz noticed that Becky has been drinking and alerts Steve, who, at first doesn’t believe her. He finally confronts Becky at the bar and discovers that, yes, his wife is totally loaded. In the back room he asks her what is going on and in typical Becky fashion the truth has to be dragged out of her. She had lost the baby. Obviously, she now needs to take off in a storm.

Tina is looking despondent. It would be terrible to loose a parent the way she did. It would be even worse for someone so unstable, like Tina.  Oddly, she hasn’t gone off like a loose cannon. But she is obviously grieving. This doesn’t stop Norris from bothering her about coming back to work. Real sensitive, Norris.

A bit later Tina is on the phone to her mother explaining that they can’t start the funeral planning. She decides that she would like to go see where her father died. Although Jason thinks it is a bad idea, he goes with her.

The one with the lightening cloud is Gail.

Over at the Platt residence Gail comes down stairs clutching Joe’s t-shirt. It is almost embarrassing to watch her. Then it occurs to me that Gail is like some sort of albatross attached to the necks of her husbands. She has had four husbands and three of them are dead before their time. Brian Tilsey, stabbed to death February 1989, Richard Hillman, death by drowning (in all fairness, he was a serial killer who also tried to kill Gail, David and Sarah) March 2003 and now Joe McIntyre, death by drowning (in debt AND water) February 2010.

So, no wonder Gail is clutching on to Joe’s t-shirt, burying her face in it and smelling it between whispered sentences, in the living room, in front of her son who she has involved a very serious crime. Hey, I once found an ex-boyfriend’s t-shirt in my closet and, yes, I sat in my room with it for a couple minutes, but it wasn’t the tragic scene I saw tonight. Mind you, my ex-boyfriend didn’t break into the local medical centre where I worked looking frantically for the pain killers he was addicted to before he tried to get me to sell my house to sort of his debts with a shady loan shark who’s constant harassment lead him to the brilliant plan to fake his own death and re-appear after the insurance paid out in seven years time. At least, not to my knowledge. Mind you, its been 2 years since I’ve heard from him, so anything is possible, I guess.

At least she put the t-shirt down before the police arrive. She hasn’t found the cell phone they wanted (mainly because David chucked it in the canal). They are clearly more suspicious of her. Can’t they see she is too feeble minded to kill anyone? However, they have also picked up the nasty pock marked face loan-shark (I’d hit that). This makes David breathe easier, but Gail says that she doesn’t feel any better. Its probably because Joe is still dead.

In the corner shop Dev thinks that he has totally blown it with Sunita. I doubt it, she is so loving him and, plus with Ciaran back Sunita has got to stick around. Dev explains to Steve that he has made a mess of things and then tells Molly that he needs some retail therapy. So, he is off to the shops.

While he is gone Sunita comes into the shop looking for Dev but ends up talking to Molly who doesn’t seem to understand that Sunita isn’t all that interested in talking about her personal life with a shop girl. Molly isn’t all that interested in picking up on other people’s needs. Sunita gets molly to tell Dev that she will be waiting for him in the pub.

When Sunita gets into the Rover’s she sees Ciaran there fresh from sending Liz all sorts of mixed signals (charmer).  Here is a tidbit of information for those of you newish to the show. Sunita and Ciaran used to be engaged. But love couldn’t keep them together, because Ciaran’s inability to commit kept them apart.

Sunita is pleased to see him and the pair strike up a conversation in a booth. Ciaran knows that Sunita is waiting for her husband, but is just out of control charming. When Dev does arrive, ciaran looks right at him but doesn’t tell Sunita that he is there. Dev just leaves. Silly man.

In Other News

Leann and Carla were supposed to go out, but Peter has come home.

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14 Responses to Monday December 20, 2010 – Martin Platt was the Only One to Make it Out Alive!

  1. Bea says:

    When I saw Ciaran, my first thought was – Who is he going to sleep with first. 1) Michelle, then 2) Liz, then 3) Carla, then maybe Leanne. I forgot about Sunita. hummmmm………..

  2. missusmac says:

    My money is on Michelle. And can someone explain why Peter is back so early?

    Great update, I thought the loan shark was hunky as well. And then there’s Ciaran. What is the opposite of a cougar for male? He’s like a man slag…

    Becky losing the baby is very sad. I was looking forward to her being a hands-on parent, kind of like the British version of Raising Hope.

    • Mary Prankster says:

      “Opposite of cougar for male”? Do you mean an older man who hits on younger women? Isn’t that a typical, normal, average guy, or at least every guy’s fantasy of himself?!

      • missusmac says:

        Yes, but Ciaran doesn’t seem to be just hitting on younger girls, it’s every girl! As Liz said, she’s even seen him give Betty the glad eye!

    • Bea says:

      I think Peter did a runner from rehab. ;o(

    • Mary Prankster says:

      We used to call such guys “playboys”, which had a positive connotation. I think now “player” would be used. There’s still a double standard about behaviour. I guess it’s because women have the children.

  3. haili says:

    I guess Peter fell off the wagon again – or at least is thinking about it. Sounds like a crisis with Simon and George coming up. This could lead to Leanne ending up with Ciaran for awhile – or maybe Nicky, who is bound to return soon to comfort his mom or at least attend the funeral. All change partners again!

  4. chumola says:

    It’s nice to see Ciaran and Sunita again. It’s like the Street is returning to another great era. I always liked those characters, and was disappointed when they were written out. They really round out the show!

  5. Mary Prankster says:

    Do British people not believe in psychotherapy? It’s such a big deal for Peter to be in rehab. At least half the street could use some counselling!

    • missusmac says:

      Surprisingly Jason, who is thought to be a dummy, said to Tina “isn’t there someone you should be talking to?” when she was breaking down at Eileen’s. He is the only one I’ve ever heard mention counseling.

      Forgot to mention how heartwarming it was to see Jack stand up for Ty, and talk about relationships, which I am sure Jack would not do for just anyone!

    • Gayle says:

      I agree completely! Becky definitely has always needed counselling now for than ever!

  6. Mark Daye says:

    I enjoyed this episode. I especially enjoyed seeing Gail in pain crying over yet another dead husband. Ever think about switching teams and saving a bloke Gail?

    Anyone with the nerve to thrust that haircut upon society (and viewers like me) deserves to suffer.

    • Bea says:

      Oh, you’re a mean one Mr. Grinch. But, yes it’s all true.
      I guess Martin escaped death, because he was smart enough to get out while he still had the chance.

  7. haili says:

    I love the scenes with Jack and Ty and the way he and Vera treated him like a son. Becky has the same kind of relationship with Hailey and Roy – thank goodness.

    Poor Gail; she just can’t see the flaws in the people she loves – except for her mother! All offspring can find lots of flaws in their moms.

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