Update for Tuesday December 21: Druid Solstice Edition

They tried to make Peter go to rehab and he said, “I’ll go for a while and then I’ll leave.”

Peter’s back which sure has surprised Leanne who now has to put the kibosh on her girls night out with Carla. Peter claims he’s better now, although he hasn’t told George but he says he wasn’t thrown out and left of his own accord.

He asks to see Simon but is surprised to learn that Simon is in Spain with George. Is that legal? Doesn’t he need a note from Peter or something?

Peter is angry but Leanne tells him that he’s on holiday in Marbella, Spain but Peter says that she doesn’t know that. He’s angry that she didn’t tell him. Leanne tells him that there’s a lot she doesn’t tell him for fear that he’ll hit the bottle again.

Peter says that it’s always people who don’t want an alcoholic to change is the greatest stumbling block for an alcoholic to get over.

Leanne leaves in a huff, forgetting that she’s wearing her pajamas. And she’s now locked out of the apartment. So she goes over to the Rovers to borrow one of Elsie Tanner’s old coats.

Eventually, though, Peter does fetch her and they make up. Then he picks her up in his arms a la Richard Gere and Debra Winger. They were big stars 30 years ago, kids. Ask your parents.

Becky’s Baby

Becky’s has had a miscarriage and is drowning her sorrows and, as Steve put it last night, “something’s flipped the self-destruct button”. She’s run out of the pub.

While Ciaran and Liz ride Steve about Becky, he tells Liz what happened.

He then heads over to Hayley to see if she ended up with her. She hadn’t but Steve asks Hayley if she sees Becky to tell her that he loves her.

Steve stops by the cab office to see if Becky called a cab. Lloyd says he hadn’t seen her. Steve tells him about the miscarriage and Lloyd wonders if she might have gone to see a doctor if this was the case.

He tries to the hospital but they couldn’t tell him anything. Summat about patient confidentiality but one of the midwives was dead nice about it. He tells Lloyd by phone that it’s like she’s punishing him for having his kid. He eventually finds her getting thrown out of what appears to be a really posh lesbian bar and takes her home.

When they get home, Becky wants to continue going on a tear but Steve stops her. He’s upset that she didn’t go to him first when she miscarried like most women would.

“I’m not most women,” she says. She doesn’t take her folic acid (shame her! shame her publicly!), or coo over Bugaboo strollers (can’t afford ’em anyway).

Becky says that she’s being punished for her past behaviour. Steve tells her that it’s not true. It just happened is all.

“I’ll never be a proper mum. It’s never going to happen, Steve so it won’t for you, as long as you’re with me.”

Steve assures her that she doesn’t mean that but she does. She wishes that she didn’t but she does.

And there is much crying.

And This Happened

Remember how David send a birthday text and some flowers to Tina so she’d think her dad was ok? Yeah, the cops figured out that Joe was dead when that happened so suddenly Gail and David have some asplaining to do. And Tina ain’t too happy when they fessed up (both took the fall on that one though it was 100% David).

Gail’s beating herself up thinking that if she didn’t leave Joe out there on the lake, he’d still be alive.

The cops took David’s laptop despite his pleas not to open a folder called “Precious Moments” because there is absolutely nothing of interest to them there.

They also saw that Joe and Gail (well, her forged signature anyway) took out a big life insurance policy in which she would be the sole beneficiary in the event of his death. Just after they got married “when she found out he wasn’t worth a carrot.”

Dev and Sunita have agreed to get back together but to take it slow so it looks like we’ll be seeing lots more Shobna Gulati in the near future so that’s always welcome.


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7 Responses to Update for Tuesday December 21: Druid Solstice Edition

  1. eps says:

    Becky gets her hair “done” at Aud-rah’s? (Female bouncer re: Becky saying she was thrown out by the hair, “I wouldn’t. Those cheap extensions rip out too easy” or something to that effect)

    Once again I wonder: did a great great grandfather of Gail’s work for the British Raj and sire an ancester of Sunita’s?

  2. missusmac says:

    I would think the people who don’t want alcoholics to change are the people who drink with you or benefit in someway from your drinking– that doesn’t sound like Leanne! Peter is just mad at the world.

    The Joe is dead plot is getting even more complicated. Why wouldn’t they have just told Tina they were scared, had his phone, wanted to make Tina less worried, etc? And if the cops could tell, without the phone, that calls and texts were made from the phone in the Weatherfield area, wouldn’t those same records show Gail repeatedly calling him the first 24-48 hours…meaning she didn’t know where he was???

    Ok, I am overthinking this.

    • debbie1975 says:

      I don’t think you are over-thinking. She called Joe like a million times leaving a million messages bagging him to get in touch. Unless, since they had Joe’s phone, that is a flaw in the writing.

      I seem to remember her calling him. Am I making that up?

      • Bea says:

        I was wondering that as well. She has Joe’s phone, yet she is calling him. ?????

      • missusmac says:

        She was calling him, but they didn’t have the phone at that time. They didn’t have it until she and David climbed on the boat and it was on the seat. Couldn’t someone save the records from those calls, and those messages? I guess you could say David was rattled, but one would think the phone would only be good evidence to keep, what with the calls and messages on it. Doesn’t make sense for someone as smart as David.

  3. haili says:

    LOL John – interesting music.

    The whole story line with Gail and Joe is full of holes but there wouldn’t be one if they acted like a normal family so it looks like Gail may be in the slammer soon. It’s been a while since we had one of the women in jail unjustly accused. The Dierdre/John story was pretty good.

    Peter loves to blame other people for his drinking and since Ken wasn’t around he blamed Leanne. How much of this is she willing to take? And why is he suddenly suspicious of George, who could do no wrong up until now?

    I thought Becky and Steve were really good at the end of last night’s show and the actors are working together better these days.

  4. eila says:

    Steve’s getting good at figuring out Becky’s wild ways. He realizes he has to hunt her down and hold her still to help her get to her real feelings — and he does it. It’s good to see him doing something decisive; he often seems vague and ineffective in his dealings with others.

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