Monday December 27th 2010 – If Only the British Police Could Jail Someone for Total Stupidity.

UK Time: Monday March 8th 2010 – Episode I

The show opens with Peter dying to collect his son from the grandparents. Basically George, through a mixture of lives and avoidance, stalls Peter all day. Peter gets increasingly annoyed as does Leanne, but they agree to Peter picking Simon up after school.

Later in front of the school, Peter and Leanne stand waiting for Simon as Clair waits for Josh. When Josh comes out he tells them that Simon already left school (Bessie Street seems to have pretty lax rules about the drop of and pick-up of Children). Peter calls George and arrangements are made for George to meet them at the flat. I guess Peter’s guilt over being an alcoholic is really taking its toll. Because I think his first call should have been to the police. OK, maybe I would have been more reasonable.

Later on George shows up at the flat without Simon. Peter, understandably, flies off the handle, flies out of the flat and then flies down the road to collect Simon. I guess THIS is where I would have called the police.

This is on the front door of Number 8 Coronation St.

Gail is home from the police station. I wonder if it has occurred to her that had she just reported Joe missing after a couple days and explained his idiotic plan to the police, even if they found him they probably would not have been able to charge him with anything. I’m not a lawyer, although, so I could be wrong. But, if she reported him missing saying “He planned to fake his own death” and then the cops went to look for him and found him and they said “So, did you plan to fake your own death” and he says “No” how do they prove that he did try to fake his own death?

Anyway, the cops do call to say that they are releasing the body and Gail tells Tina that they can plan the funeral. As Gail is talking to Tina she tells her that perhaps Tina should say something because it occurs her that she really didn’t know Joe at all. Really, Gail, NOW you are questioning your decision making where men are involved.

P.S. Nick is coming home

The factory girls need their eyes testing. For some reason they think Nick is hot and are surprised that he is Gail’s son. I too am surprised, as he seems to well adjusted. Nick has gone to the factory to try and convince Carla to let him buy into the business. Carla is unmovable. But, before he leaves he eyes up the factory girls like some kind of slime ball. I think he first looks at Fiz who looks away and then he makes eye contact with Kelly. Something tells me that he is looking for an easy mark.

You know, this Nick Tilsley got me thinking. For some reason it had not occurred to me that this Nick was changed from the previous Nick. But, I did wonder why he is so old. The previous Nick looked closer in age to Jason and his brother Todd. Nick was born in 1981. He is supposed to be 29. The man who plays Nick, Ben Price, is 38 but looks 45. So, they are either suggesting that Nick has lived a really rough life or they are aging him 10 years. If they have aged him, Gail, being 52, would have had him at 14. Basically, casting this dude was a mistake.

P.S. Teresa is still working at the factory trading insults with Kelly and Janice’s bin man roommate finds out the truth about Carla and they make a date. Maybe this dude will live.

John is helping Chezney with his Shakespeare homework and Fiz notices how happy he is. In the previous episode, John complains about not being able to teach again and Fiz suggested that he find something else to fulfill him. John said that he should have to because teaching is his vocation. I then reminded John that the reason he actually should not be teaching is because he first had an affair with a schoolgirl, then he kidnapped that schoolgirl and locked her up in an attic for five weeks.

So, it seems that helping Chezney is really important to him.

Best line of the episode: “Teresa luv, Coming from someone with a face like a blind cobbler’s thumb, it’s a bit rich, you questioning my pulling power!”

Sean Tully

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16 Responses to Monday December 27th 2010 – If Only the British Police Could Jail Someone for Total Stupidity.

  1. Bea says:

    If the Bin Man goes out with Carla, and the Bin Man lives with Janice, and Janice is obviously interested in the Bin Man, that could cause trouble, with humorous results.

    And, what is it with British women and construction workers and garbage men? Do they just like guys who sweat a lot, or what?? Me, I like accountants and guys how have their own cubicle.

  2. missusmac says:

    The actor who plays Nick is 38? Wow. I knew he was older than the last Nick, but wow again. The last Nick was quite nice, a little too interested in Maria really, but not the loser Janice has made him to be. So, what is the deal with Nick and Leanne, other than if I recall, she was pregnant and he wasn’t happy when they were married?

    Carla and the bin man. Yeah, that’s gonna work…

  3. haili says:

    Leanne was pregnant when married to Nick but he pressured her into having an abortion she didn’t want. That led to the breakup and her wanting to use men rather than be used by them IMO. He would look a lot younger if he shaved but they should have picked a bit younger actor. He may be OK though so I’m willing to wait and see.

    Janice is so short and the bin man so tall – they look silly together and it boggles the mind to think of them getting close. Again, I wish he’d shave. Either shave or grow a beard I say; make a decision!

    There’s a lot to be said for guys who can fix things. That’s an attractive quality in a man.

  4. eps says:

    Wasn’t Nick the high powered international man of business who offered his sister Sarah the job in Italy? What happened to the business in Italy? What is Sarah doing there if Nick is back in Manchester trying to weasel into a share of a piddly back street sewing shop? I don’t get it.

    The previous Nick was a bit of a dullard but much more attractive. Actually, this Nick is even more of a dullard. David being so nice is freaking me out.

    • debbie1975 says:

      Actually, Sarah’s job in Italy had nothing to do with Nick. It was her uncle Stephen from Canada who made an appearance on the street (possibly the worst actor in street history) to first offer David the job.

      Sarah planted drugs on David to stitch him up and it worked. She is still living in Italy with one of the most useless children known to television.

      • eila says:

        Amy comes a close second (useless children).

      • Beanie says:

        But didn’t Nick work for Uncle Stephen ? (who had the worst Canadian accent ever)

      • eps says:

        Debbie1975: Ahhh, now I remember Stephen – Gail’s brother rather than her son. I had a vague recollection that David felt wronged by Sarah getting the job. I really can’t imagine her having any job that entails any degree of responsibility or requires being more than minimally educable.

        I wonder if Bethany has learned to mumble anything more than “ciao”.

  5. haili says:

    If they locked people up for stupidity, there are times when the Street would be empty! Peter and Gail would be gone, along with Steve and Becky. Especially Peter in last night’s show.

    What do you all think of Carla’s new hairdo? She looks younger and prettier IMO.

  6. corrierules says:

    I have invented a new drinking game: Every time Gail says ” my husband is a good man” have a drink. You’ll be feeling no pain in no time flat.

    “My husband is a good man” is right up there with Vera’s “But Jack, he’s changed!” in reference to the n0-good Terry. It seems that people on Coronation Street think if you repeat something, no matter how untrue, it will magically be true.

    The years have not been kind to Nick Tilsley.

    PS: Haili — Carla’s rocking the new hairdo. I’ve read somewhere that bangs are a cheaper way to get the results of Botox. lol

    • haili says:

      I thought Carla looked like she had tons of botox before her maternity leave and now it’s evened out – but maybe her face was a bit bloated by pregnancy. Anyway, she’s looking good these days.

    • missusmac says:

      hahahahaha! I suspect, as Tina re-invents her father, we will have the opportunity to get majorly blotto every night…

  7. eila says:

    What have they got against Canada?

    First, Uncle Stephen; now, Nick looking a decade older after just a few years here.

  8. Gayle says:

    I agree with other posters the actor playing Nick is far too old. Gail is supposed to be 54? The years haven’t been kind.

    I feel like screaming everytime Gail says “Joe was a good man” no he wasn’t he was a loser with a capital L. Drug addict, heavily into debt, liar what a prize!

    • Long Time Lurker says:

      But we are talking about Gail – would she deserve (or ever look for) anything else??

      • haili says:

        After Richard the murderer, he probably looked good with all his “little” faults; nobody’s perfect! Sounds like a good idea having a drink every time she says those words – but we could end up like Peter!

        What floored me tonight was when either she or Tina said they should remember the good times when Joe laughed and joked. Funny, I can’t ever remember that.

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