Update for Wednesday, Dec. 29: Great Expectations

Leanne picks up Peter at the police station. He has a go at the releasing officer as they leave, and Leanne urges him away.

Eve and George are in their kitchen. George suggests keeping Simon off school until the altercation with Peter blows over. Simon comes into the kitchen, wanting to know if Peter is going to prison. Eve gently tells him that the police just wanted to ask Peter a few questions. George proposes the three of them take a trip to Blackpool for the day, although Eve wonders if he’s missed enough school already. George asks Eve to pack a bag in case they decide to stay over for a couple days, and vanishes into town for another on of his “meetings”.

Janice and Trev are having brekky at home, Trev chowing down on a bacon butty. He asks Janice what her favourite restaurants in the area are – someting up-market. Pecunio is Janice’s recommendation, as it was there that she had calf’s liver and polenta, whatever polenta is. As Trev leaves, Janice is excited, thinking he’s planning to ask her on a date.

Morning at the Grimshaw’s. Tina is dreading her visit to the undertaker’s to see Joe. Jason offers to accompany her, but she says it’s ok, she’ll be with Gail.

Nick drives up to the factory with Kelly Crabtree in his car, having evidently traded his body to secure her services as mole. He says he could better convince Carla to take him on as a partner, if he had a look at the books, and can Kelly arrange it? Kelly says no, she won’t cross Carla. Carla shows up then, banging on Nick’s car window as Kelly is late. After Kelly totters into the factory, Carla tells Nick he’s gone even further down in her estimation.

Leanne has rung to tell Ken & Deirdre that Peter has been released. Deirdre wants to know what they’re planning to do about George keeping Simon. She notes that he seems to have the council stitched up, and Ken speculates the police, also. The Barlows hope that Peter will not hit the bottle again, and realize he needs their support.

Peter has gone home and showered. Leanne apologizes to him; she feels guilty for letting George take Simon in the first place. They decide to go and pull SImon out of school at noon, to get him back while avoiding a row.

Hailey comes into the coffe-break room at the factory where the staff have gathered. She wants to know who is interested in some overtime. The staff are all gossiping about Nick’s intentions. Kelly is curiously silent. Sean decides that Nick is too fluffy for Carla. “Liam was fluffy,” Fiz reminds them.

Peter and Leanne arrive at the primary school, and the head mistress greets them in the lunch room. The head mistress informs them that George has kept Simon off school, as he’s feeling poorly. Leanne and Peter hurry to George’s house, only to discover George’s car is gone. Peter wonders where they all might be – George is not picking up his mobile, either. Peter decides to wait at George’s, and Leanne goes back to the bookies.

At the Platt’s, David makes coffee for Gail and TIna, who have just returned from making the funeral arrangements for Joe. They have another good cry.

Trev rings Carla at the factory to ask her out. Julie overhears Carla making plans, but doesn’t know with whom, and scurries to tell the rest of the staff about the boss’ date. Janice announces that, by the way, Trev is going to ask her out. They speculate that it’s Nick ringing Carla, until Kelly pipes up that no, she herself was riding Nick’s disco stick the night before. With all the speculation, she thought it best that they know. Kelly warms to her subject, saying that when Nick buys into the business, she’ll be fast-tracked for promotion. Carla overhears the entire speech and calls her a bird-brained, self-deluded slapper.

The coppers are at Webster’s Builders Yard, upstairs. They begin chatting with Bill; Bill reveals that Joe had money problems – he was always asking for advances and even tried to steal from Sally’s cancer collection jar. Jason pipes up that Joe broke into the medical centre, another act of desparation. Tina overhears this conversation as she was on the stairs and comes up, tells off Jason and Bill for their insensitivity in slagging off Joe, and runs off.

Kelly phones Nick on her mobile, saying she’s changed her mind and will get the account books for Nick.

At the bookies, Ken and Deirdre have shown up to support Peter and Leanne. They have learned that Simon was not taken to hospital nor doctor. Just then, a process server from the Courts serves Peter papers, ordering him to attend a court hearing next week. Ken examines the documents and explains that it’s an Interim Residence Order, and that George has persuaded the courts that Simon is at risk living with Peter, and now has legal custody of Simon.

At Blackpool, on the pier, Simon, George and Eve are strolling. Simon runs to get cotton candy and George reveals to Eve that he went that morning to the courts and has obtained legal custody of Simon temporarily. Eve wants to know why she wasn’t told. She says they should have discussed it, although her protests are pretty lame and robotic. George boasts that soon “he” will have custody of Simon. Although I’m quite sure that it will be Eve doing all of the caretaking.


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7 Responses to Update for Wednesday, Dec. 29: Great Expectations

  1. Jody says:

    I knew George was up to something right from the beginning and Peter fell right in with his plans of gaining custody of Simon. Looks like George can ‘buy’ anyone he wants.

  2. haili says:

    If only Peter had listened to his dad! But he never does. Having a go at a policeman is never a smart move either.

    Jason and Bill were only telling the truth and didn’t deserve that blast from Tina, though I suppose it was her grief talking.

  3. Long Time Lurker says:

    I think Simon should apply to the courts to be emancipated from that entire family! He’s smarter than all of them combined and they don’t deserve that sweet little boy.

  4. corrierules says:

    I had a lump in my throat at the end of tonight’s episode. Poor little Simon Barlow, setting off in the rain.. with just a hooded jacket to protect him from the elements. 😦

    I was also struck by how he walked just like Peter does! What a wonderful little actor.

  5. eps says:

    I also knew that George was up to no good from the get-go even though I don’t think Peter will be any better a Dad than George was to Lucy. During the row at George’s house with Leanne, Ken, the cops, et al I kept wondering: Why doesn’t Ken step up and take Simon to his house? He has as much right as George.
    Eve is the only one I think is responsible enough to parent the boy.

    Poor Janice, setting up for the big fall. I’m with Carla re: losing even more regard for Nick after the PDA with Kelly. What a user that guy is – worse than DJ (Dead Joe).

  6. haili says:

    I never had any regard for Kelly to lose but this seems to be a new low for her. Nick doesn’t really surprise me, though Kelly is a real comedown for him.

  7. eila says:

    I can see why Peter wouldn’t be inclined to listen to Ken– he’s no great shakes as a father figure (how many of his kids were packed off to Scotland?) and he’s insufferably arrogant.

    George, on the other hand, is a butthead.

    Peter could be a good dad if he stays off the booze and the rest of the clan stay off his case.

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