Update for Tuesday January 4, 2011. Free Range Simon

There’s a wonderful blog I read called “Free Range Kids” by Lenore Skenazy. She advocates more or less giving children the same freedom and independence that their parents had when they were young.

I think she would have enjoyed tonight’s episode of Corrie.

We open with Peter and Leanne bringing the recently returned Simon over to Ken and Deirdre’s.  They ask him how he got home on his own.

“I took two trains and a bendy bus. I would have been home last night but the trains were cancelled three times. I don’t suppose there’s any chocolate milk going?”

“How did you find the train?” his dad asks

“I know how to read a time table. I followed the signs to the train station and bought my ticket from one of those machines.”

He also says he slept in a photo booth. He said he had to get away as he heard that George was going to take him to Berkshire.

When George shows up, he doesn’t get a warm welcome but offers profuse apologies for letting Simon out of his sight. He says that he knows now that Simon’s place is with the Barlows and not with him. And then he kind of slithers away for good.

Not much else happened in the episode, really.

Oh, except that Gail McIntyre got arrested for Joe’s murder, “contrary to Common Law”. After Tina went to the police after her dad’s funeral (in which she rightfully declared the Platts to be monsters) to tell them Gail asked her to lie to the cops.

So they picked her up at the wake and brought her in for more questioning. When her stories finally didn’t add up, she was arrested.  Even though she’s innocent, I still cheered a little. And if the murder charge doesn’t stick, the charge of excessive whispering definitely will.

Oh, and Molly’s four months up the duff. She showed Kevin the ultrasound and everything.

“You told me you were on the pill!!!”

“You told me you were going to leave your wife!”

So, not entirely unplanned then. Well, she thinks this will bring Kevin around. She is wrong. This is a man who has been wearing that purple jacket for twenty years. He doesn’t not change his life easily. He says that, at 44, he doesn’t want a baby (which, of course, means he’s gettin’ a baby), and that he’ll have nothing to do with it beyond what is legally required of him. He also offers to pay for an abortion which prompts Molly to kick him out.

And the best news of all: Rita’s back from her cruise around the world!


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10 Responses to Update for Tuesday January 4, 2011. Free Range Simon

  1. eila says:

    I absolutely love Simon.

  2. haili says:

    That kid does not need private school education. If he can read a railway time table at the age of six he’s doing a lot better than I am with the local bus schedule! Weatherfield Comprehensive must be doing something right – or Simon’s a genius. Maybe Ken deserves some credit for coaching him.

    I know Gail is annoying with all that whispering and eyelash batting, but even I felt sorry for her in that cell. Tina has no room to talk about the Platts when Joe was a drug addict, thief and was intending to commit fraud. She needs someone to give her a reality check and I was surprised that Jason and Eileen didn’t talk to her but maybe they will soon.

    • Bea says:

      But, Joe is a GOOD MAN right? lol

    • Mary Prankster says:

      Funny! I had the opposite reaction. Simon is so smart he’ll be bored in a regular class. He needs a gifted program, either in a good”public” i.e. government run school, or in a private one. George was right about that. I’m just glad the producers at ITV are savvy enough to realize what a little gem they’ve lucked onto, & are giving this little prodigy a storyline that uses his talents.

  3. Jody says:

    I was hoping for some common sense intervention from Eileen. Tina is just looking for someone to blame.
    Hard to believe Kevin is only 44! He looks older to me.

  4. Mark Daye says:

    1. Tina is AWESOME!
    2. I also cheered and completely enjoyed seeing Gail suffer. (insert evil laugh).
    3. Simon is great, but was just a tad bit much in this episode. I’d love to see Amy attempt that many lines (again, insert evil laugh).

  5. papasmurf1964 says:

    Rita looked fab getting out of the cab

  6. Trudy says:

    Simon was great – I don’t think Kelly could have figuered out how to get home from Blackpool the way he did.

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