Update for Wednesday, Jan. 5th: Under One Roof



Gail is in gaol. A female guard brings her breakfast, which she doesn’t want. She hunches sullenly and disbelievingly on her cot.

At the Grimshaws, Jason brings Tina some toast, which she doesn’t want either. EIleen comes downstairs. Tina says she wants to go to court for Gail’s bail hearing to make sure the diabolical murdering witch (or some such) doesn’t get bail. Because she is utterly convinced that Gail murdered her father, but has yet to produce any reason. Eileen offers to come along to support her.

Chez Platt, Nick is polishing his shoes on the table and Audrey tells him to get them off. They discuss the bail hearing, and David thinks Gail will come home for sure. Nick says don’t be so sure, and the Sons of Gail begin to bicker with vigor. Audrey tells them they will attend as a show of support, and behave like a family.

In gaol, Gail’s solicitor shows up. Gail, seemingly devoid of any fight at all, feebly wants to know when she can go home. She says she didn’t murder Joe. The solicitor reminds her this could go either way.

Meanwhile, back on the Street, An odd standoff occurs….Eileen, Jason and Tina emerge from the Grimshaws to go to court. So do Audrey, Nick and David, from the Platts. Tina and David stare one another down like gunfighters. Curiously, this standoff is witnessed by John and Fiz, walking by with some eclairs, and Kevin and Ty. And John went to jail. And so did Kevin. Over John.

Gail is brought into the glass prisoners’ box inside the court. She looks behind her to see her family supporting her, and also Tina and the Grims. The judge asks her name and residence. It’s decided that Gail won’t get bail and is in the slammer until July. Terrified, she is escorted downstairs. David shouts at Tina, saying that it’s all her psycho-dad’s fault.


Gail in gaol is being processed. She is told she can keep her wedding band. Throughout her orientation, she remains mute, passive, shocked and victimized.

Audrey has decided it’s up to her to move in and look after David, and she doesn’t relish the idea. Nick chimes in, announcing that he’s bought into Underworld, so it only makes logical sense that he move in with David (who needs a babysitter, why??? Oh yeah…)

At gaol, Gail is given her prison garb and ushered into a cell. The door bangs shut and is locked. Gail sits forlornly on the bed, alone and terrified.


Molly is at home, wanting to take a headache tablet. On impulse, she pours the lot into her hand. Her phone rings then, it’s Digory. Molly has arranged to move back home with him.

Molly is going into her house to get a few things before setting off to Digory’s. Kevin runs across the road to catch her. He wants to know what Molly is going to do about the baby. Molly says that since he’s washed his hands, it’s really none of his business.

Molly is picking up a few items at her and Tyron’s house to take to Digory’s when a drunk Jackie stumbles in with her latest conquest. Deciding that Molly is out to rob the place, she barrels off to find Tyrone.

Eileen is in the Rovers, and is telling Liz that there’s no way Gail whacked Joe. Liz agrees, pointing out it’s not the first time the coppers have got it wrong – look at the whole Becky mess. Tyrone is also at the Rovers and grousing about Jackie to  a distracted Kevin in the pub, when Jackie comes in saying Molly is robbing the place. Tyrone goes home to address Molly, at the house Jackie becomes more and more ridiculous and Tyrone, having had enough, chucks Jackie out. and takes back his house key.

Tyrone notices that Molly looks worn out. She asks Tyrone if she can just sit down for a sec. Tyrone offers to run her a bath, which she accepts.

Molly comes downstairs from her bath to see that Tyrone has prepared a candlelight dinner. oops.  She tries to protest, but is urged to at least have a meal (she ignores the wine). Tyrone says he never stopped loving her. Molly breaks down crying. Tyrone doesn’t know why, but comforts her.

In other news:

Rita is back and decides to work in the charity shop for something to do.

Mary pressures Norris into entering another contest, jealous after Freida sends Norris a replacement picture of the two of them after their contest win.

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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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18 Responses to Update for Wednesday, Jan. 5th: Under One Roof

  1. haili says:

    How long will it take Eileen and Jason to get sick of Tina’s bitterness? Not long I hope and I hope Jason dumps her. For once my sympathies are with Gail.

    • Gayle says:

      Haili as always you and I are on the same page. My sister and I cannot stand Tina never could right from the beginning. She is a very, bitter, angry young woman even before her Dad passed away. She has absolutely no social skills. I can’t see Jason staying with her at all. Even though he is dim bulb he is nice young man at heart.

      • t. kunzie says:

        I never realized before, but I do agree, Gayle! Tina does the Don Cherry thing…”I’ll say whatever the hell I like and if ya don’t like it, F U!”

  2. jacqui583 says:

    Did anyone else have this running through their head while the Platts and the Grimshaws were facing off in the street?

  3. Bea says:

    I think Evil David is back. He had that look in his eyes. I can hardly wait til he and Nicky get into it.

    • haili says:

      Or he gets his revenge on Tina!

      • Long Time Lurker says:

        Honestly, as much as I used to really like Tina and I’ll never be a fan of Gail, I can’t say that I would blame David for trying to get some revenge on Tina. Really, after all that she and Gail have been through over the last few years, how could she really believe that Gail killed her father?

        And don’t the Weatherfield constabulary have a CSI department? What about all those CSI tests that would show that there’s no way that Gail could have hit Joe at the angle of his “blunt force trauma”. Frustrating…

        But I am enjoying seeing Gail in jail for at least a few days.

  4. corrierules says:

    On the subject of Nick and David, it’s comical the way Gail lights ups and simpers at the sight of darling Nick. Yet it’s David who wants to fight for his mother’s freedom, who is bereft at her fate.
    And yes, Tina is a cow. Even Eileen, Gail’s sworn enemy, (they wrestled in the street!) thinks Gail is innocent and takes no pleasure from her incarceration.

  5. eila says:

    I missed Blanche something severe during this episode. There was a huge silence in the Rover’s – right where her scathing remarks about Gail’s predicament should have been.

    I see Tina and Gail very differently. Tina speaks up for herself, and what she believes is right. Yes – her judgment is often off, but she’s young. Gail’s judgment is as poor as Tina’s – or poorer! – and she’s how old? In this episode, I thought she came across like a wimpy four year old.

  6. eps says:

    I think Tina is a scrapper. Consider her upbringing, where the heck has her mother been these past years, months? Her only family support was her wacko father. Her over the top lashing out is relatively reasonable. “Everyone” else has a (supportive) mother, e.g., David, Nick, Jason. She doesn’t seem to have any close friends. She has to blame someone for her father’s death, can’t emotionally afford to face the probable facts and blame him. Anyway, I think the actress is doing a great job.

    Isn’t Nick a nasty piece of work? Must be Gail’s genes – David and Nick have different fathers.

    • Long Time Lurker says:

      But I just loved how Carla didn’t skip a beat in calling Nick out on his “espionage”; and then made him fire Kelly. If anyone should be able handle Nick, it would be Carla – after all, she did manage to survive her husband.

    • haili says:

      David’s father was Martin – a pretty decent guy until he had the affair with Katy, which seemed really out of character for him. Brian was no saint and was killed in a fight outside a bar. Maybe the lack of a strong decent male influence didn’t help either David or Nick, combined with Gail’s permissiveness and only seeing what she wants to see. She did spoil them rotten, though David is the one standing up for her these days.

  7. missusmac says:

    David had his slit eyes back in this episode– that usually means trouble! Been away for a while, and trying to catch up with online episodes. I have always been a big Tina fan, for her honesty and confidence, but am not lovin’ her right now. Joe WAS a loser, she knows that. What would Gail gain by killing him? As Tina has said, his plans always backfired, so she should know it isn’t inconceivable he would have goofed up and died even when he didn’t mean to!

    Love that Rita is back, and with a new ‘do.

  8. Thel Haug says:

    I feel that David feels guilty…remember how Gail phoned him after Joe’s disappearance? When he arrives, his attitude is surly and he steals the red boat, unbeknownst to Gail, to drive them over to see Joe’s boat. First thing he does is fling Joe’s celllphone into the lake. His advice was ever crass. ever David. He is one sick puppy. He even pushes Gail down the stairs. And she never gets a proper, straightforward apology from him. So….I can’t see him in any shining light as he visits Gail regularly. So what?

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