Update for Tuesday, January 18, 2010. When Toddlers Watch Corrie Edition

Our two-year old’s been staying up later lately so we’ve decided to formally introduce him to Corrie.

In this episode, he saw two fistfights, a child freezing on a balcony, Steve and Becky having sex in the kitchen, and Sophie and Sian kind of admitting they’re gay for each other.

Good work!

He’s still more interested in this video than anything else:


Anyway, Alan! Aadi is still stuck on the balcony at Dev’s place thanks to a broken door handle. Fortunately Graeme, driving by in his wagon, sees this and uses his ladder to save Aadi and force the door to open from the outside. Dev and Sunita thank him profusely and invite him for brandy and those upscale fancy chips with the sea salt. Only the best at Dev’s.

Graeme tries to discuss child safety with Dev but Dev turns it around to suggest that a two bedroom flat isn’t the best place to raise two children. Sunita doesn’t want the kids going back and forth so Dev suggests they get a new house entirely. She says she’ll think about it.

Smarmy Nick isn’t having the best day. He got socked in the jaw by an enraged Jason after learning that Tina kissed him at Christmas. Then, for no reason other than he hates David, decides to rub that little fact into his fact, and gets a fist in the mouth which gives him a sore and an even bigger smirk.

Meanwhile, Jason went to cry to Eileen about screwing things up with Tina.

Me: “James, is Jason happy or sad?”

My kid: “Sad.”

And Ciaran went off looking for the rota and stumbled upon Steve and Becky playing “stuff the manicotti” in the kitchen. This causes Steve to lose his mojo, his ummph, and various other euphemisms for an erection. Turns out that they’ve been doing it everywhere except Emily Bishop’s house so I’m sure he’ll bounce back. But they need to get away so Steve books a trip somewhere.

And John got fired from his teaching job for not disclosing his criminal record. He’s told he’ll never teach again. But the boss’s Belfast accent reminds me of Jim McDonald, so he does.

And Ryan Conner is being a jerk to Sian over her wanting to hang out with Sophie over him during Easter weekend. Sian storms out and she and Sophie have gone off men and they’d really just hang out with each other.


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11 Responses to Update for Tuesday, January 18, 2010. When Toddlers Watch Corrie Edition

  1. Bea says:

    I guess we all know what Ryan wants. lol

  2. Beanie says:

    Love the video!!!!

  3. haili says:

    Nick seems to be into pain judging by the way he smirks after being socked in the face. I don’t see how he could want anything to do with Tina after she had Gail sent to jail.

    Dev.’s kids could get really annoying if they continue the way they’ve been acting lately. Where’s the super nanny when she’s needed?

  4. chumola says:

    Gotta love that Graeme!

  5. Mark Daye says:

    I love Graeme! Dev and Sunita need to throw those kids off the balcony… or at least have some proper discipline.

  6. missusmac says:

    Wow, my children run for the hills when Corrie is on, saying it’s boring. I must mention all they missed!

    Have we talked about Kelly Crabtree’s departure? (That’s Kelly, with the legs!) Is she gone for good? She was one of those characters who never got a decent plot line. About 3 years ago she lived with Lloyd, and that’s been about it for story lines. I thought she had great comedic timing, and she and Sean together were hilarious.

    I think Dev’s kids have been stealing sweets from the shop. They are ALWAYS so wound up.

  7. haili says:

    I was never a fan of Kelly. She just seemed to have a nasty side with no redeeming qualities. Everything that came out of her mouth was something mean about someone. Her walk was funny and I enjoyed Danny Baldwin calling her Legs, but that’s the best I can think of about her, and won’t miss her. Maybe if the writers had given us some background and made her more sympathetic I would have liked her more but all I can remember is how mean she was.

    Let’s hope that Sunita calms down a bit as I don’t care for the new hyper character.

  8. eps says:

    John, I am proud to say that your son, my family and friends , as well as I, share the same exquisite taste in humor. “ALAN! ALAN!” has become our new cry. Thanks for putting us on to it.

  9. Mary Prankster says:

    John, I don’t know which I’m more in awe of – your succinct summaries of plot lines or your uncanny ability to find such perfect illustrations in your inserted pictures and videos!

  10. Gayle says:

    John, I loved the video! Thanks for it and your brilliant update!

  11. t. kunzie says:

    More reviews or commentary by James, please!

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