Update for Tuesday, January 25, 2010. It! Is! Awn!

Sorry for the quickie update but it’s a busy day today.

Rita leaves a message for Lewis on the phone, telling him how much she enjoyed their evening and how much she’d look forward to seeing him again.

Later, as she enjoys her sherry with Emily, Audrey barges in and demands to speak Rita. Emily offers a neutral ear but Audrey rebuffs her.

“Oh, Emily. I’m not about to invade Poland!” and Emily makes herself scarce.

So: Audrey is angry with Rita for going out with Lewis after she confided in him about the fact that she was hiring him as her escort. But really, the argument is about Alf Roberts and the fact that Rita thought she married him for money.

“I loved Alf,’ Audrey protests.

“Aye, but you loved his money more,” Rita counters and then compares her to Lewis, who charges by the hour. “You may not like to admit it but you do it all the same.”


“May God forgive you making allegations like that when you’ve got the morals of an alleycat.”


Becky, after seeking counsel from Hayley, has come ’round on the idea of adoption. But when Claire suggests that newborns are hard to come by and the real kids needing a family are older and with difficult histories, she is taken aback. They go on Amazon an adoption/foster kids type website to see who would like a home and see one girl who has 7 brothers and sisters and has gone from home to home. Steve begins to have second thoughts about the idea of bring into Amy’s life an older child with her own history and the kind of disruption that would bring.

In Other News

Ken wasn’t going to do much about his anniversary with Deirdre until Leanne put a bug in his ear about it (and a reminder that during their anniversary last year, Ken was having it off with Martha on the Barge).  Suddenly, he’s spring for a nice do.

Sophie and Sian and Ryan back together but looks conflicted about it.

Trev and Janice decide to have a “cheat on her their diet night” but when Carla asks him out on that night, he forgets all about Janice.




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14 Responses to Update for Tuesday, January 25, 2010. It! Is! Awn!

  1. Gayle says:

    I was of two minds about Steve and Becky adopting but after watching Becky seeing the poor little kids on the internet my heart melted and I think she would be a brilliant Mom to some poor little kid from unfortunate circumstances.

  2. haili says:

    I wonder how stable a home Becky and Steve would have for a child but maybe she’s mature enough now. With all the drama going on there the kid would never be bored.

    Rita is really getting mean in her old age and when she was talking about Audrey marrying for money, I was thinking pot – kettle. All this from a woman who made money from her own marriages and was once an exotic dancer. Why are the writers changing Rita? Maybe she regrets selling the business and seems to be at loose ends. Hiring an escort is kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel and being mean to a friend just isn’t like her. Maybe she’s going ga ga in her old age.

  3. missusmac says:

    The being mean bit is new for Rita, but Corrie often has people say or do things that are out of character, and then apologize for it later. Rita has in the past few years moaned with/to Emily and Audrey about being old and lonely. Whose on the street that is their age? Ken, Bill, Norris. Not exactly a triple threat of fun! If Ted would come back permanently, they would have great nights out.

    • haili says:

      LOL missusmac! Maybe we all get grumpy when we get old but so far I’ve avoided insulting people and hiring escorts! I kind of like Bill and Ken and thought that Audrey had mellowed with age but Rita was over the top. Norris is unique and Mary must be insane to want to spend time alone with him!

  4. Gayle says:

    I find Mary very annoying. Did Norris even ask her to help in the shop is she being paid? He acts like he can’t stand being around her.

  5. isis says:

    I may be remembering this wrong, but I think that Alf adored Rita, and it was always a thorn in Audrey’s side.

    Also, didn’t Audrey cause our Fred’s death? If memory serves, she was going to interrupt his wedding to declare her undying love….so maybe she shouldn’t be so angry with Rita booking rent a’fellow…

  6. haili says:

    I don’t think Audrey caused Fred’s death; she just happened to stop in when he had a heart attack. Maybe she was going to ask him to reconsider, but it would have happened anyway. He was another silly old fool just like Audrey and Rita are these days.

    • missusmac says:

      I think Fred stopped in to see Audrey at her house, to say he was to marry Bev. As ever, he was considerate of Audrey’s feelings. Then, he keeled over leaving her house. I thought Audrey and Rita looked smashing in their gowns, and loved how well they dressed.

  7. corrierules says:

    isis you are right..Alf and Rita were very good friends … he even proposed to her before he married Audrey. And yes, it’s always stuck in Audrey’s craw…

    Loving the show this week… the argy-bargy with Audrey and Rita and the lovely scenes with Norris.

    But, I’m just not feeling the Trevor-the-binman love. What do the women see in him?

    • Mary Prankster@yahoo.com says:

      He has “a wallet (albeit a thin one) and a pulse”!

    • eps says:

      I have been enjoying CS more this week – I seem to always enjoy things with the older, long-time folk.
      I agree about Trevor. OK, I can see Janice with her any-port-in-storm mentality but Carla???

  8. haili says:

    Fresh meat! There aren’t that many single men on the street these days so I guess the women aren’t exactly picky.

  9. Gayle says:

    What about Ciarian???

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