Update for Wednesday, Jan. 26th: Stuff Around Town

Who are the people in your neighbourhood...

Here we have one of those Wednesday episodes which is sort of a wander around the ‘hood, eavesdropping on all and sundry.

Audrey emerges from Rita’s apartment, where tho two of them have just had a barney. Norris scurries over to see if he can “help”.

Sophie’s attempt to get Sian and Ryan to make up seems to be backfiring in the street. Sophie returns to find the two of them scrapping over Tamsin’s number still being in Ryan’s phone. Sian stalks off in disgust, telling Ryan he’s not worth fighting over. Later at the Websters’, Sophie is comforting Sian. Sian is updating her social networking status to ‘single and staying that way’.

Pandemonium is the order of the day at the Peacocks’, where it’s Joshua’s birthday party. The adults have retreated out to the back patio. The subject, unsurprisingly, is children. The Alahans, the Peacocks, Steve & Becky, Tyrone are all outside. Becky urges Steve to at least consider the adoption idea.

Rita goes into the Rover’s and orders a drink from Ciaran. Steve and Ashley, with a few of the other guys, have snuck off from the kiddie party for a half-pint. They are having the daddy talk about diapers and ruined sleep-ins and what not. Tyrone says he’s in for being a daddy and will do the opposite of whatever Jackie did. He says an only child is a lonely child. Ashley tells a bit of his back-story about being adopted and not meeting Fred until age 22.

The ladies, meanwhile, stuck on cake-and-lootbag duty, chat in the backyard. Claire apologizes to Becky for abruptly saying that only older children are available for adoption. Sunita approaches, and Becky decides to fill her in on the situation. Becky is sad because Steve has cold feet. Little Asha wanders outside and listens to the conversation with interest. Leanne is commenting that it’s not been a doddle with Simon – she has to follow Peter’s lead all the time. Claire reminisces about how she tried to return Freddie to the hospital for a refund.

In the pub, a similar conversation takes place. Steve is worried that an adoptee might be tough to raise because of having had a hard life. The guys point out that Amy, with a murderer mother, turned out just fine.

Emily finds Rita in the Rovers and wants to know if she is okay. Rita says she regrets how blown-up the fight with Audrey has become. Audrey comes in then. She and Rita dig into one another again, trading jabs. Audrey, annoyed by Emily’s attempts at mediation even lashes out at Emily, saying “Look at her face, she’s loving every minute!” Nick, who was trailing Audrey, apologizes as she leaves. The lads at the bar have ben looking on with some amusement, and saying they’d back Rita versus Audrey in a barfight. Nick randomly decides to buy everyone a shot.

Simon is well impressed with Claire’s party lootbags containing sweets and toys and bubbles. On the way home, he decides to blow bubbles into his gran’s mailslot. He runs ahead and Leanne and Peter chat; she shares her hopes that one day Simon will consider them both his parents, perhaps her as his mummy.

Audrey walks up to Rita as Rita is unlocking her door, and a split-second apology erupts into round three. Ding. Audrey calls Rita a bully. And vice versa. Audrey calls Rita a weasel. Rita says Audrey should know better than to date a gigolo. A crash from the front of the Kabin alerts them that Norris has eavesdropped on the entire conversation.

Rita comes into the Kabin and Mary gives her tea. Norris decides that Mary’s shift is abruptly over; he hands her her coat and sends her on her way, desperately eager to talk to Rita about this gigolo business. Norris wants to know why Rita would involve herself with such a person; Rita laments that her life had lost it’s fizz. Norris says that Rita is a glamour-puss, so why would she resort to the company of a “rent-boy”. Rita assures Norris that Lewis is well-read, chivalrous and with good-humoured. Norris says the same can be said of himself. Rita says that her and Audrey had just wanted to feel younger and more alive, and now this massive fight has occurred.

Leanne comes into the Bookies to have a talk with Peter. She apologies, worried that she was disrespectful to Lucy in wanting to be Simon’s mother figure. They hug and make up. Peter mentions that he’s meant to have an evening out with Ciaran and a mate from the sub.

Sophie sees Ryan sitting on the curb, having locked himself out. Sophie tries to comfort him. She says it’s too bad that Sian has been such a cow to him and not to worry, there will be a queue lining up for Ryan before long. She hugs Ryan. Ryan tries to kiss her and Sophie dispenses her usual freakout in response and stalks off.

Norris and Rita have gone upstairs and are having a chocolate and a drink. Norris says that Rita can trust his discretion. He is being uncharacteristically sincere. He says, “I’m sorry you feel your life’s so empty,” Norris  asks Rita to come back to work at the Kabin. She says maybe.

Becky and Steve are at home in the evening, cuddled on the couch watching telly. Amy comes out of bed into the livingroom and whispers in Becky’s ear. She wants to know when she’s getting her “sister”. The adults assume that she means a baby. But no, Amy explains that Asha told her a big sister was coming. This softens Steve sufficiently to say they’ll make some phone calls and consider adoption.

Janice pops over to Leanne’s. She asks where Peter is. When Leanne explains that he’s out with Ciaran, Janice says that can’t be as Ciaran is working in the Rovers. Leanne is immediately on the alert, wondering where Peter has gone and why his phone is switched off.



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11 Responses to Update for Wednesday, Jan. 26th: Stuff Around Town

  1. S. Poole says:

    Not big on Becky and Steve lately, not sure why, possibly too much of them.

    And what is with the new Nick’s hair, a two tone swirly tornado of strangeness! (No, not liking the new Nick either, sorry)

    Love the Norris-Mary-Rita and Audreh-Rita scenes though, makes up for the rather bland storylines as of late.

    More Graeme please!

    • Mark Daye says:

      I think Nick is wearing a toupee. I don’t find him as attractive as they make him out to be AND he looks way older than 28. He looks older than me and I’m 43 for god sakes!

      YES to more Graeme. He’s wonderful. I sense a Mary meltdown coming soon.

  2. haili says:

    Nick and Janice need makeovers.

    Different strokes – I like Becky and Steve.

    Poor Audrey is in for a comedown I fear.

    Where is Chesney these days?

    I keep waiting for Mary to have some kind of meltdown a la Misery.

  3. missusmac says:

    Mary creeps me out. There is eccentric, and then there is downright weird.

    Loved seeing the younger parents gang in the back yard at Ashley’s, and then between the pub and yard. The interaction is what I enjoy, and when there are events and wisecracks, it’s a good show in my books.

    Maybe Carla is attracted to Trev because she’s pretty sure he’s never killed anybody?

    Audrey was unforgiveably rude to Emily. That crack would have described Blanche, not Emily. Oh, how sad Blanche is no longer, the Rita/Audrey/Lewis triangle would be so up her alley!

  4. Mary Prankster says:

    Is everyone appreciating the perfect casting of guest star Nigel Havers as Lewis Archer? He is just the right age & just suave & sophisticated enough to be believable, and now he’s being sneaky & manipulative -can’t wait to see where his story arc will take us! I haven’t enjoyed a guest so much since Sir Ian McKellen played the smarmy “Mel Hutchwright” so convincingly.

    Audrey & Rita are giving great demonstrations of psychological “projection”. Each is accusing the other of things they don’t want to admit about themselves, and as for the nastiness, I’ve known people for whom “butter wouldn’t melt”, until they got angry enough, then the dam burst & a torrent of pent-up hostility poured out! It’s fun to watch, but not so much when caught in its rush. I think the pleasure we get from the older actors is that they’re just such pros, so good at whatever the writers give them.

  5. haili says:

    Oh yes, this story line with Rita and Audrey just cried out for Blanche’s comments! There was a card supposedly from Blanche with money for an anniversary drink. We should soon be hearing about her death and the funeral.

    Rita was almost as nasty to Emily when she gave her the bum’s rush out of her apartment, and before that in the charity shop. Poor Emily’s had a rough time lately. But I felt like applauding when Norris ejected Mary from the shop.

  6. Mark Daye says:

    I’m glad to see they have found a way for Amy to deliver her lines…. by whisper. Fire that kid already!

  7. Barbie says:

    I’m wondering just how Becky and Steve expect to adopt a child when they both have records and have been in jail, let alone the Tracy thing.

    • barbee says:

      I agree totally. And hasn’t this come on awfully suddenly? I like Steve and Becks, but am a bit weary of them these days. And really, Amy is no testament to their parenting skills – she doesn’t know how to play or speak and seems to need to be carried around a lot for a kid her age.
      I, too, am enjoying Audrey, Rita and Lewis. I hope he stays around for a while.
      And Norris! Just when you are aching for some kind of dreadful fate for him with the very off-kilter Mary, he shows some real compassion (for a very short time, albeit).

    • Gayle says:

      I agree with your comments. Becky can become violent at times. Although I feel sorry for her I can’t see how Children’s Aid (or whatever it is called in U.K.) would consider them for adoption. I also find Amy’s behaviour extremely babyish. Isn’t she supposed to be the same age as Joshua and Simon?

  8. haili says:

    Much as I like Steve and Becky, they are pretty erratic. Anytime one of them gets angry, they take off and get drunk. That plus their records with the law, would rule against them being able to adopt. I don’t know about foster kids though, as there is quite a shortage of foster parents these days. They just might get a foster child. A new Amy would be nice too.

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