Update for Tuesday, February 8, 2011. Don’t Stop Me Now

Kevin, who’s been grouchy since his falling out with Tyrone is initially unsympathetic to Sophie who’s pulling a sick day. But when she’s suggests it’s “women’s problems” (I’ll say!), he changes his tune.

At the garage, Molly comes to see Tyrone to tell him he has to get a present for her dad’s birthday tonight. Tyrone doesn’t think he’ll have time as he has to fix his car before they can go anywhere. Kevin offers to do it for him so he can get the present on his lunch break.

Later, Kevin goes to see Molly and tries (again) to convince her to have an abortion. She kicks him out and it’s up to Auntie Pam to pick up the pieces and then have a go at Kevin for basically being a dick.

Tyrone stops by the cornershop to tell Molly that he got Diggory a set of Tommy Cooper DVD’s (see above).

Later, Kevin sees Sophie going across the street and has a go at her for being well enough to leave the house. She cries and says she was going for milk. Seeing she’s clearly in distress, he leaves Tyrone’s car and takes her inside the house to comfort her. She cries that she’s in love with someone but they just don’t want to know and it’s killing her. Kevin asks if this is about Ben. No, no it’s not about Ben.

When she’s calmed down, Kevin heads back to the garage but Tyrone and Molly have already gotten into his car and are pulling out. Kevin sees this and realizes the brakes weren’t finished. Kevin cries out and tries to warn them but when Queen’s “Can’t Stop Me Now” is on the tape deck, you don’t turn that shit down. He chases after them but they turn around the corner, oblivious to the danger that awaits.

So the British Army has made a man out of Gary Windass. He’s polite to David Platt, admonishes his dad for not helping Anna around the house, and between breakfast and lunch, he has the ability to grow an entire goatee. Eddie and Anna note how he can be the new style of Windass, unlike his uncle Len. His leave is almost over so Anna, like my mum, makes him 18 sandwiches for a two hour train trip. She also blurts out that they’re adopting a child but Gary seems cool with it.

After he heads back, they get a call from the army. Turns out he’s been AWOL.

John thinks Fizz Fishwick sounds like something out of Dickens but Fizz isn’t so keen on the idea and worries about, oh, anyone seeing them outside. At the school, John is introduced as Mr Fishwick to a group of students and a girl who looks just a little too old for high school picks up on the Dickens thing. Suddenly it appears he has a Rosie 2.0 on his hands.

Cheryl left her phone in one of the cabs and Lloyd decides to stalk her under the pretense of giving it back to her. He eventually sees her from his cab and it turns out she doesn’t work at the Keg at all. I didn’t catch the name of her work place but it had the silhouette of a woman on the door so maybe it was some kind of women’s shelter?

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14 Responses to Update for Tuesday, February 8, 2011. Don’t Stop Me Now

  1. Bea says:

    OMG, can’t these people take better care of their phones?? ;o-

  2. Beanie says:

    I am stunned that Kevin (a father of 2) would demand that Molly have an abortion. How dare he? Not only that she’s 20 wks along! It’s a woman’s right to choose!

  3. Gayle says:

    John, as always a brilliant update! I so loved Auntie Pam tearing a strip off of Kevin! I am so sick of him stomping into the shop and ordering her to have an abortion what a complete and utter jerk!

  4. haili says:

    I really like Pam since since she started giving Molly and Kevin hell and he really needs that these days. Go Pam go!

    Yes, what is it with these cell phones? I suppose it’s a good plot device for all kinds of things.

    John really is an idiot and shouldn’t be teaching kids. I thought that girl was Rosie at first.

    Theresa won’t take kindly to Lloyd chasing other women.

  5. missusmac says:

    Love how John has gone from “what could go wrong?” to “OK, there are a few details to work out.” Gee, ya think?

    Auntie Pam has gone from being a cartoon character to one of those good old broads who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and clean up family messes. She’s at her best in a crisis or clash.

    How much do you want to bet Molly is going to think Kevin left the brakes alone on purpose? He is being a dick, the entire pregnancy is all about him.

    Love Anna, even grudgingly liked Eddie in this episode. Poor Gary. (Words I never thought I’d write.)

  6. eps says:

    When Ty and Molly roared off in the car without the bakes being finished (what does that mean exactly? are they disconnected? were the mechanisms left on the garage floor?) my first thought was: well, Kevin will get his wish, followed immediately by: don’t just stand there – call Ty on his mobile, keep calling until he answers! When I look back, everything has always been about Kevin, even Sally’s cancer. Pam: You go girl!
    Speaking of Sally: again I must have missed an episode. Where is she?
    I knew summitt was up with Gary. No new recruit gets so much time at home. He surely is a nicer fellow, though.

    • Barbee says:

      I’m almost afraid to watch tomorrow! Molly will blame Kevin, and almost rightly (he is being an ass) but to his credit he was finally busy listening to his daughter.
      Sally (I miss her, too) is at her sister’s (Sophie and Rosie’s aunt).
      Don’t you love how characters morph on the street? Aunt Pam is rockin’. Becky is so becoming Liz, it’s weird – I was kind of creeped out when Steve told her she looked fantastic when they went to the adoption centre; she looked just like his mom!
      John Stape is truly nuts. What is he thinking? Poor Fiz – I hate to see her end up in tears again. And I too am thinking that mature looking student is going to be his downfall.
      Kudos to Rosie for being nice to her sister – just too bad how she thinks being tarted up is the way to true happiness. (Good for Rosie for thinking she didn’t look as skanky as her sister in the outfit. But it was a near thing!)
      Julie always has been deluded – and often annoying.
      Poor Anna – Gary is finally turning into a decent human being, and a deserter to boot! Sad. I never thought I would sympathize with a Windass and look what happens. The writers win!

      • eila says:

        Anna’s actually a pretty good mother (and person) a lot of the time – so Gary does have inner resources to draw upon. ‘Course, he still has his Dad’s DNA, as well….

  7. haili says:

    I think Sally is supposed to be staying with her aunt while she gets chemotherapy.

    Julie is taking over from Uncle Uma as the most annoying person on the street.

    • eps says:

      Haili, you hit the nail on its proverbial head. Julie IS becoming the new Uncle Uma. Now, where is that darn hammer…. We sorely need a Blanche.

  8. haili says:

    There have been many times lately when Blanche could have given her two cents worth! We should soon be hearing about her death from the Barlows.

    Kevin seems to be showing some remorse for everything. I wonder if he still wants Molly to lose the baby? If this doesn’t cure her of her crush on Kevin, nothing will but she seems to appreciate Tyrone more these days. What a contrast between the 2 men!

    What about Lloyd and his new crush? Is she on the game? Does he really care? How will he get rid of the terrible Theresa?

    • eps says:

      I think Kevin is just feeling sorry for himself – remorse is too noble a response for such a self centered guy. Look at the way he treated poor ol’ innocent Tyrone when he gave Kevin the honor of being godfather.

      Doubt that Lloyd cares. He could be such a despicable character but the actor portrays him as generally good hearted. Shallow but a nice enough bloke. Steve usually wins the race in the shallow end of the gene pool.

      I will be sorry to hear of the death of Blanche. I know she can’t be replaced but we certainly need some of her sardonic input. Wish the writers realized that the street needs more of Eileen’s verbal presence.

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