Update for Tuesday, February 22. The Late Update

Somewhere, deep in terrifying Brontë country, Norris is awakened to the sounds of Mary chopping wood, and she’s making more noise than Monica Seles returning a volley as she does so.

Later, he attempts to go for a walk but is caught by Mary, who is cooking him a kedgeree for breakfast. He agrees to have breakfast first. Later, as Mary is in the bath, singing to her puppet (not a euphemism), Norris sneaks out with his suitcase and finds an old red phone booth in a field somewhere where he attempts to call Rita collect. Before he can talk to her, however, he sees Mary’s camper van bearing down on him like a big bearing down thing.

He tries to escape but trips over a fence and sprains his ankle. Back at the cottage, Norris has his ankle bandaged up. Mary brings him a hot cocoa with about 47 marshmallows in it. Mary confesses to him that she could not sleep for the pain of his rejection and how he must hate her. Norris admits that he doesn’t hate but really, isn’t time they just chalk this all up to experience and head home?

“Home,” Mary says. “You say that as though it’s our home. You and I together. Mrs. Norris Cole!”

You’re In The Army Now

Outside Chez Windass, Eddie is on the phone with someone (Gary’s CO, presumably). He complains to Anna that the real reason that Gary doesn’t want to go back to the army is that he’s work shy.

“He gets it from his Uncle Len!” he says.

Anna gets Gary to have breakfast before he goes off. She tries to give him money before he goes off but he knocks it out of her hand and starts crying, calling himself a coward because he ran away from the army after seeing Quinny’s brother who lost his limbs in Afghanistan.

Eventually, the Sergeant-Major shows up to, I dunno, take Gary back and Gary agrees to go back to marching up and down the square preparing to deploy to Afghanistan.

In Other News

Tina does not want to eat because she want to live. Graeme is slowly getting her to eat again by sneaking bacon butties up to her apartment. He is also planning to move in with David, much to Nick’s dismay. Graeme assures Nick that the move has nothing to do with his stalking of Natasha (whose name, he notes, is “ah, satan” backwards). That he will do on his own time.

Graeme and David also tried unsuccessfully to fix a shelf in the Kabin before calling Bill Webster.


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14 Responses to Update for Tuesday, February 22. The Late Update

  1. Mary Prankster says:

    Did everyone notice the sound of the cuckoo calling, just as Mary said “Mrs. Norris Cole”? Sometimes I think the writers get a little carried away!

    • eps says:

      Yeah. Cracked me up.
      I know others have previously mentioned Mary being creepy, I didn’t share the sentiment as she just seemed a woman who was very lonely, socially isolated and ill-treated by a narcissistic and demeaning/demanding mother. This week she has really started looking like Kathy Bates. One knows things aren’t right when the object of obsessive affection is Wetfish Norris.

  2. missusmac says:

    Or they forget things. Gail’s house is at least a 3 bedroom, Sarah had her own room as did Gail and David. Bethany may have had her own room too. So why would Graham have to sleep on the couch? Unless Gail’s room is remaining a shrine?

    Mary is doing precisely what we thought she’d do. I find her very unsettling. Also unsettling: feeling sorry for Gary Windass!

  3. corrierules says:

    Tina doesn’t want to live. Yawn.
    But Graeme is a sweet boy.
    Farewell Blanche. We miss you terribly.

  4. haili says:

    If only they could take Tina and bring back Blanche, it would make lots of people happy, but at least we’ll get to see the Barlows for a change. Tina is just annoying.

    For once I too sympathized with Gary and don’t understand why his parents want him to be in the army where he risks loss of limbs or being blown up. Usually I like Anna but can’t agree with her this time.

    I’ll have to watch again as I missed the cuckoo, but am LOL at Mary and Norris this week. It’s a great take-off on Misery. The scene in the bathtub with the puppet was hilarious.

  5. Nicole K says:

    I’d never thought I’d say this but Poor Norris living out real-life ‘Misery’.

  6. Long Time Lurker says:

    You have to be a certain age, but did anyone else laugh out loud when Gary’s Commanding Officer introduced himself as Captain Keith Partridge? For the rest of the episode I was totally distracted by the Partridge Family theme song playing in my head – “come on, get happy…”.

  7. Thel Haug says:

    Has everyone noticed the change in actress playing Amy? This little Amy seems like she is prepared to speak up and be more outgoing, a better friend for Simon.

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