Update for Tuesday, March 8, 2011. The Last Will and Testament of Blanche Hunt

Tabernacle! Our Vidéotron PVR randomly decided it wasn’t going to tape Corrie so I ended up missing the first five minutes.

Thanks, however, to YouTube user CorrieClassics, we don’t have to miss anything (even the bits the CBC cuts out):

That said, the big news is that the Blanches will has been read. She left:

To Simon: her late husband’s fog watch.
To Amy: a genuine imitation silver music box, with a broken spring
To Deidre: her jewelry as she knows she’s had her eye on it.
To Ken: her hardcover Maeve Binchy collection (“a proper writer”) and Eckles, who’ll need daily walkings but Ken must avoid canals, theatres, and other places where he may meet women of ill repute
To Norris: the knowledge that he’ll now get the gossip first hand and he won’t have to go looking for it. Also, she’d like to cancel her subscription to Puzzler Monthly (she still owes for three months).
And to her granddaughter Tracy: £14,000

£14,000 will buy a lot of Hiya! magazines, which we see Tracy reading in her cell with Gail. She’s trying to get a murder confession out of her, hoping it will lead to an early release. But Gail remains firm. She didn’t kill her husband. The recession did. Yes, she said that. Well, it was last night but it bears repeating.

Lloyd and Cheryl are growing closer because nothing promises the stability and comfort of a monogamous relationship like dating a stripper. Liz notices this and kindly tells Theresa that it’s time to move on. So she breaks up with Lloyd and calls Mel for a place to crash. She leaves the street broken hearted. And that’s the last of Mortons.

Janice found Trev’s tin can full of cash and asks him about it. Turns out, he’s not a drug dealer, but was saving for a trip to the World Cup in South Africa. The money was for the plane tickets, beer, and well, beer. It’s all hush hush because they don’t want their wives to know. Going is Trev, Steve, Ashley, Tyrone, and Peter, Janice’s alcoholic future son-in-law. This does not sit well with Janice.

Tina still can’t leave the flat. Graeme says he had a similar experience when he was caught in bed with his friend’s girlfriend. He was an apprentice baker who had a way with chocolatines but also had a violent streak. “Mr Crippling,” they called him.

The joke there is on the name Mr. Kipling, a brand of cakes available in the UK. They were also responsible for a kind of controversial but really funny advert:

Anyway, Graeme is trying to cheer up Tina and it’s working, slowly.

And Roy and Hayley are at odds over each of their approaches to the pending nuptials. Although Eddie Windass may have been on to something when he suggested they get hitched in the nude like his German swinger friends.


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14 Responses to Update for Tuesday, March 8, 2011. The Last Will and Testament of Blanche Hunt

  1. haili says:

    Do women who have had kids really find that ad funny? Or make them want to buy cakes? Eww.

    Blanche’s bequest to Norris was funny, and to Ken. I guess she left the money to Tracy for legal bills.

    Tina is getting tedious.

  2. Gayle says:

    Haili, I agree with you completely regarding Tina. What is she living on, she hasn’t worked for months. She is in dire need of professional counselling. Doesn’t she have a mother? It is becoming very tedious.

    • Bea says:

      I was wondering the same thing. What is Tina living on? I also wonder if she is going to stay in the apt and become the resident cat women. (weird, reclusive, strange old lady the the neighbourhood kids are scared of)

  3. Jody says:

    I find it ridiculously funny that the Detectives would be allowing Tracy to try to get a confession from Gayle. Who is going to believe a convicted murderer like Tracy…how will any evidence she gives possibly stand up in court?

  4. missusmac says:

    The dectective’s Tracy strategy is so tainted. If she gets a confession, she’s free? Hardly a balanced offer for Gail. I did share a giggle with Tracy when Gail dramatically announced Joe was a victim of the recession. Puh-leeze. Nice of Nick to finally visit his mom.

    I am sorry to see Theresa go. There needs to be some equivalent to Blanche on the street, and she is pretty close in her blunt, awkward way of calling a spade a spade. Or a tart a tart. Or a free drink a good idea. The Mortons never quite caught on as a family, which is too bad.

    • Long Time Lurker says:

      Jody/Missusmac – I was thinking the same thing about the detectives using Tracy. Reliable evidence? – only in CorrieLand.

      I’m not a huge fan of Gail, but I really do despise Tracy for what she’s attempting to do. There is not one redeeming quality about Tracy and I fear for Steve/Becky/Amy/adoptee as to what Tracy has up her sleeve, especially now that she has Blanche’s money as an additional resource.

    • corrierules says:

      Totally agree. But the “interrogation” scenes are funny in their own way. First of all Tracey’s obvious distaste as Gail describes a perfect evening with Joe — baking cookies, drinking cocoa and oh, how they laughed! And then, yes she said it! “My Joe was a good man…” Hadn’t heard that for a while. Maybe it’s time to start the drinking game again?

  5. redTR3 says:

    I really enjoy your on-going commentary about daily episodes.
    We have something similar going on at the CBC’s Corrie site. I’ll have to let them know about your site, since I’m sure they would like it too. (All things Corrie.)
    About Blanche’s will, I believe she left a “fob watch”, the large wind-up pocket watch that was secured to the owner by a chain or fob.
    I agree with misssumac that the Morton family didn’t seem to catch on, which is a shame because several of the members were genuinely interesting, especially Mel and Gary.



  6. beanie says:

    Great update John on a not so great episode. You seem to be flying solo as of late and you are very much appreciated! Thank you.

  7. Mary Prankster says:

    I can’t believe Blanche could have so conveniently forgotten that Ken & Dierdre mortgaged their house to pay Tracy’s legal costs. Tracy will have conveniently forgotten that, of course.

    Thank you John, for soldiering on.

  8. Mary Prankster says:

    I feel I must point out that (the character of) Tina is exhibiting all the signs of grief that so easily slip into clinical depression. Several comments that have been made here demonstrate why mental illness is so hard to combat. It’s not physical, or visible, so it’s suspect. It’s tedious and unpleasant to be around, so compassion & sympathy are in short supply. If the sufferer could “snap out of it”, they would, but it’s debilitating. I’m glad the writers are showing that someone like Graham’s character, with sympathy and persistence, can help.

  9. haili says:

    Yes, Tina needs compassion – but where is her mother? It is tedious to watch and would be hard to live with too but Jason did his best until she kicked him out. If she’s in that much pain it’s time she got help.

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