Update for Tuesday, March 15, 2011. You Can’t Go Chucking Rocks Through People’s Windows

Well, it looks like Audrey’s and Lewis’ double date with the Barlows was to be short-lived as David comes flying in, accusing them of being in cahoots with Tracy, who has told police that Gail has confessed to killing Joe.

(But how could she have? He was a Good! Man!)

The Barlows, of course, have no idea that Tracey told the police this. Nick shows up and confirms this and leads David away but David warns the Barlows to get Tracy to retract her statement.

And Amy is led out into the bar by Liz just in time for her to hear her mother be called a murderess. So Becky has to explain to her that sometimes people say things and all that matters is that she and Steve love her. And yeah, yer mum’s a murderess.

The Barlows also come to this realization when they remember what a piece of work their daughter is and if she wants something, she’ll destroy anyone’s life to get it.

Later David decides to throw a rock through the Barlows’ window but he’s stopped by Peter and Graeme who talks some sense into him. David decides now that this trial will never be about the truth so he might as well try to bribe a witness to say they didn’t see Gail and (Good! Man!) Joe fighting. Hopefully, the police will take up Gail’s lead that the recession killed Joe and put out an arrest warrant for The Northern Rock bank.

Meanwhile, Tina, who is being brought back to health thanks to a steady diet of kebabs from Graeme, still doesn’t think she has it in her to testify against Gail.

But as Graeme stayed with her to cheer her up, he was also missing his date with Rosie, who got herself all gallus looking with the boobs out and everything. When Liz points out that she’s been stood up, she asks, “Don’t you have anything better to do than stick your nose into other people’s lives?”

“As a matter of fact, I don’t.”

So Rosie leaves in a huff. Graeme shows up at her door, claiming to have been jumped by three hooligans who overcame his excellent kick-boxing abilities. Rosie notes that the “blood” on his face is ketchup.

“I don’t get stood up!” she declares. “I stand up!”

She then goes on to call him a little worm and whatnot and Graeme responds by begging her to marry him.

When she slams the door in his face, he suddenly begins to realize how desperate and foolish he’s been.

Meanwhile, Izzy has gone confront Carla over her refusal to give Kirk a job. When asked about her own situation, Izzy says she works at Freshco, which has expanded from Weatherfield to the Greater Toronto Area, and it’s a crap job. Besides, anyone can be a stitcher. So Carla offers her the job. When she explains to Kirk, he’s okay with it. Then Carla offers Kirk a short term gig as a driver.

And Roy and Hayley are still fighting over the dress thing but really, it’s about Roy’s inability to relate to other humans and read emotional cues from people’s facial expressions.

So, Bad Day:
All Barlows except Tracy
Lewis (crappy date)

Good Day

At least Gail got her nice cell-mate back.


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3 Responses to Update for Tuesday, March 15, 2011. You Can’t Go Chucking Rocks Through People’s Windows

  1. eps says:

    Tracy soooo puts me in mind of that old joke about lawyers. To paraphrase:
    How can you tell when Tracy Barlow is lying? Her lips are moving.

    Thanks for the update, John.

  2. haili says:

    Yes, thanks John.

    Tracy manages to get her own way even in prison. That woman should have been in sales; she would have made millions!

    The new girl getting the factory job was pretty predictable but I shudder to think how Kirk will mess up the underwear delivery system.

    The actress who plays Rosie is getting to be quite a good comediene and really funny at times.

    Things look bleak for Gail and David will probably make things worse as usual, but Dierdre surprised me when she didn’t defend Tracy.

  3. missusmac says:

    Deirdre has had many scales fall, from her eyes where Tracey is concerned. “Oh Tracey, how could you?” will be her ultimate, unsurprised response when Tracey says “yeah, well, she deserved it and all.” Good to know there are 6 other inmates who would push Tracey down the stairs for a phone card.

    Lewis was looking fabulously handsome when he walked into Audreys’ shop yesterday, all dressed in black. He really is very dishy.

    Thank you, John for writing these updates. They are so enjoyable.

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