Update for Wednesday, Mar. 16: Cheap Tulips and Bribery

Morning at the Platts. David rolls out of bed late. Graeme is slumped at the kitchen table.As Nick gets ready for work, David and Graeme confer at the kitchen table about David’s plan to bribe the Polish cleaning lady who did Gail and Joe’s housekeeping at the lodge. Graeme says it’s a freakin’ mad plan and will get David locked up. Nick partly overhears, but not really. As they leave the house, Nick wants to know what David’s plans are, and warns him to stop hassling Ken & Deirdre.

Hayley is leaving for work. Roy hands her a sandwich on the way out. He explains that he is distressed by their ‘lack of communication’. Hayley tries tell him that he makes her feel frumpy, invisible, unsexy and crappy. And she wants to be seen as a hot happenin’ babe. Roy’s processor can’t cope with the info.

At the Websters, Sophie is rushing around getting ready for school and stressing over a religious exam. Rosie is lounging on the couch telling her not to worry, just do what Jesus would do. On the doorstep, Sophie encounters Graeme and tells Rosie that the ‘pathetic, cringing, snivelling worm is here.’ (apologizing to Graeme for name-calling) Graeme has come armed with a small bunch of Dev’s bargain tulips and begs afresh. Rosie sends him packing.

Ken and Deirdre are leaving for the prison, and trying to figure out what Tracy could possibly have to gain by ratting out Gail. They consider that maybe she’s lying! Ya think?

Graeme exits the Websters and runs into David. David wants whatever change Graeme has to start his bribery fund for Anka Grabowski, cleaning woman, just back from Poland. Graeme has 5 pounds and change – ten pounds if Dev will take the spurned tulips back.

At the factory, the roof continues dripping merrily. Fizz is putting Izzy through her paces as a sewing trainee, and Izzy’s picking it up quickly. Kirk is enthusiastically packing up orders, extolling his speed with a tape gun. David has come in to see Nick. He wants to borrow 300 quid for project Grabowski. He initially refuses to tell Nick what he wants the money for, but when Nick presses him, spills the pierogies. Nick pulls down the blinds, closes the office door and is all like, noooo waaaaay bro! Carla pokes her head in, wanting to know when she can have her office back and David is a bit snippy with her.

At the correctional facility, Tracy meets with Ken and Deirdre. Tracy is annoyed that new-talking-Amy wasn’t brought, and even more pissed off when her parents insinuate that she is telling porkies about Gail. The Barlows are concerned that Tracy is going to get shanked for being a rat, and tell her it’s not too late to retract her statement. For her own safety.

On the street, Graeme is begging Dev to take back the tulips. Dev says he can’t accept Graeme conceding defeat, and that women like to be surprised. No Dev, go inside and double check that with Sunita…they don’t…remember??

Back at the factory, the machinists are singing up a storm. Jason wanders in, having been asked to take a look at the leaky roof. Carla asks Nick is everything is ok with David. Nick says not to worry, it’s work that needs his attention. The machines keep humming, Kirk enthusiastically packs boxes of knickers, and Jason informs Carla that the roof is swamped and will be about 6 grand to fix. She asks him to patch it for now.

Nick marches outside and sees David hailing a cab, to go to the train station, to go bribe Anka Grabowski. He tries to talk David out of it, sees there is no stopping him, and then decides to go along with the plan, but to do it properly. Properly turns out to be sneaking into Underworld’s safe and helping himself to some cash…

Hayley is over at Anna’s having a moan about Roy. She laments his lack of romance, affection, tenderness, and wonders if she’s wrong to want more, or indeed, if there is any more on offer.

Jason’s still having no luck selling the flat and explains as much to Dev and Sunita in their shop. Dev mentions that Graeme has been up in the flat, presumably squatting?

Graeme is indeed in the flat, chatting with Tina as she towel-dries her hair and makes tea. He presses the court issue, and she says again that she won’t be testifying. Tina wants to know if the Dev-tulips are for her. Graeme explains that they are Rosie’s cast-offs, but Tina is welcome to them.



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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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8 Responses to Update for Wednesday, Mar. 16: Cheap Tulips and Bribery

  1. S. Poole says:

    Sophie made sure Graeme knew the harsh words on the doorstep were actually Rosie’s, otherwise the poor guy could easily develop a complex!

    Anka Grabowski? I think her cousin Mikhail plays for the Leafs. Well, not quite, Grabovski actually. Close enough. 😉

    • chumola says:

      There is no “V” in the Polish alphabet, so your Leafs player must be Russian?

      • S. Poole says:

        Something like that, Belarus.

        Michail Jurjevič Hraboúski (Belarusian: Міхаіл Юр’евiч Грабоўскі; born January 31, 1984), better known as Mikhail Grabovski (Russian: Михаил Грабовский), is a Belarusian professional ice hockey player currently playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs of the National Hockey League (NHL).

        Grabovski was born in Potsdam, East Germany, where his father, Yury, worked in construction. The family returned to their native Belarus (then a Soviet Socialist Republic) when he was three years old. Grabovski was trained by Russian-educated coaches in the Yunost Minsk youth hockey program.

        Grabbo (boy, jocks and their original nicknames) is not really my Leaf player, butI know his former team quite well. 🙂

        Wayne Gretzky’s grand dad is from there too!

  2. haili says:

    Good update and thanks for the translation of Rosie and Sophie’s comments. I did get the worm bit but missed all the rest.

    As for the bribery – no good will come of this – as usual.

    How fed up does a wife have to be to move in with the Windasses and look at Eddie in the morning? Yuk.

    Jason has been a saint but how long can he be patient?

  3. missusmac says:

    Loved Eddie’s comment: she’s here, and she’s got a suitcase…

    The whole Nick/client/money stealing plot is going to end badly for Nick. I hope, anyway, because Hayley was the only one in the factory the entire time Carla was entertaining the almost client and it would be awful if she was blamed for stealing the money.

    Graham and Tina? Was there, um, a moment a there before Jason came in?

  4. haili says:

    I never thought of that; does Hayley know the combination of the safe? This is the first thing Nick has done to help David and Gail so I kind of hope he has a plan to replace the money before Carla finds out. It just dawned on me: what if the maid took the money to the police and told them she’d been bribed? Would she get to keep it?

  5. Bea says:

    On Monday’s episode, when Gail was on the phone I noticed the woman waiting in line behind her looked almost like Angela Harris. I wonder if that was just a coincidence.
    You may remember that Angela was falsely convicted of murdering her husband, Tommy.

    Also, isn’t the story line with Steve/Becky/Tracy just a rehash of the Steve/Karen/Tracy story? As I recall all the trouble centered around fertility issues.

  6. Thel Haug says:

    I’ve always liked Becky….and isn’t she clever for being infertile? She knows, deep deep inside, that the babies on Coronation Street get to grow up in the muck; Becky is not a shmuck!

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