Coronation Street Opening Titles Through the Ages

Now that the CBC is running the new opening title sequence for Corrie to correspond with the show’s switch from standard to high definition, let’s have a look at how the opening titles have changed over the years:

1960: The Very First Title Sequence

The classic cornet melody, accompanied by a simple shot of the street (which, as a set, would change greatly over the years). This established the template for all title sequences to come.


This time, a shot of the rooftops shows us the type of neighbourhood in which the characters live and that, apparently, all homes are warmed by coal fire. We also see the back alley.


In colour! I’m not sure why the shot pans from an apartment block to the street, except perhaps to contrast contemporary housing with the traditional. Also, a dog!


Probably the biggest change here is the number of rapidly changing shots of street life.


Similar to 1975, except there’s now a cat, a feature which will be part of the opening titles from then on. I believe these particular titles started in 1976.


Probably the oddest titles with the opening shot of tower blocks flanking what, I guess, is a nuclear power plant and then ending with freeze frames of pigeons.


A simpler montage now, again with the cat, and closer to the ones we’ve been watching for the past eight years.


These were the first opening titles to use CGI as the surrounding neighbourhood and viaduct were created on a computer.


The current ones with all the soft focus and slow motion pigeons making a comeback.


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9 Responses to Coronation Street Opening Titles Through the Ages

  1. haili says:

    Thanks John. That was really interesting. I liked the 1999 one the best; it had the best cat! I don’t mind the new ones except for the blurry effect.

    I didn’t watch in the 80s so it was nice to see Sally as a young woman. She really is beautiful and she and Kevin just seemed to have so much fun as a young couple.

    The Rovers fire was pretty exciting too and Bette was great.

  2. Frank Mac says:

    Thanks John. Very entertaining. Much appreciate your effort.

  3. vancouvercorrie says:

    I don’t like change, me. I say I do not like it!

    • eps says:

      I’m with you. I thought I was going to have to return my new progressive lenses and beg for a refund. Then I found out it was supposed to look like that. I like looking at the street, the chimney pots, the back garden loos, etc. I just don’t see the point of the new opening.

  4. lovethestreet says:

    Thanks for teh

  5. lovethestreet says:

    Let’s try that again.
    Thanks for the retrospective, John. I laughed out loud at “Also, a dog!”

  6. Mary Prankster says:

    As usual, John, you expand the scope of our knowledge of the show. The information that this new opening coincides with the new hi-def format explains all that use of soft focus dissolving to clear images. They’re attempting to dazzle viewers with the improvement in technology. I guess they’re afraid to mess with the theme though. How else would we know when to come running from the other room?!

    • Barbie says:

      Mess with the theme? Lordy, the mere thought of it gives me the shivers. They must NEVER mess with the theme!

  7. Mary Prankster says:

    I do hope the composer of the theme gets royalties!

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