Update for Tuesday March 30, 2011. “I am the God of Hell Fire!”

(Hell is where 1975 never ended)

Corrie Standard Time: June 7, 2010

Robbie is dead on the floor, killed by Tony’s hand. It marks the first time Tony has ever killed someone himself, rather than hiring Jimmy Dockerson to do it (although he did try to kill Jed Stone and Roy, but he was unsuccessful with the former and had a change of heart with the latter).

Hayley is, understandably, overcome with shock and fear and cries constantly.

“Oh, quit yer cryin’,” Tony says, his Glaswegian accent growing more pronounced throughout the episode. “Be a man about it. Should come naturally enough.”


They hear a banging on the front door. It’s Maria and Carla suggests she heard the gunshot. Hayley tries to get Tony to give himself up, even offering to tell the police Robbie’s death was in self-defense but Tony gags her with duct tape and forces Carla at gun point to go to the door and send Maria away.

When she opens the door, Carla tries to do that but Maria insists on talking to her. Suddenly Carla gets brave and says, “It’s Tony. He has a gun. Run!” Tony strikes down Carla with a blow to the head and drags Maria inside.

When she sees the scene that Tony has laid out, she screams.

Outside, David and Nick think they hear something but David reckons it’s his mum screaming from prison. Because they’re both divs.

Tony asks what she’s doing back from Ireland but she asks him the more pressing question: why is he not in jail, awaiting trial? I don’t believe there was a trial, unless it happened off screen?

Maria tells Tony that Michelle will come looking for her soon. Tony tries to play Hayley and Carla off each other but Hayley doesn’t bite, saying she enjoys working for Carla, saying she’s a shrewd businesswoman.

“Accent on the shrew!” Tony declares.

Maria tries to soften him (and keep his attention) by showing him photos of Liam on her iPhone. Carla, meanwhile, is slowly but successfully loosening her restraints.

Maria again pleads Tony to let everyone go but he says his hatred for Carla won’t allow it. And he wants to get back at Roy for getting to him. Maria then decides that she’s going to leave. Tony threatens to kill Carla. Then he points the gun at Maria.

“I’ll kill you!”

“No, you won’t” and she’s right. She leaves the factory and is free to get help.

Tony meanwhile, takes two cans of gasoline and starts pouring it out on the floor.

“We’re getting acclimatized. It’s going to be awfully hot where we’re going.”

Oh, dear. At least Bill and Jason will be getting more work soon.

In Other News

Nobody thinks Gail’s prospects look glum but at least David and Tina hashed out their differences.

Janice’s nickname for Carla and Nick is Morticia and Max Headroom.

Sean is thinking about going down to London to see if he’d just happen to bump into Violet. Janice thinks he has an equal chance of meeting the Queen, the prime minister or Austin Flaming Powers (funny- I thought his middle name was Danger).

Trev and the boys are still planning to sneak off to South Africa. Kirk tells Trevor that he went to South Africa once in a terrible straight to DVD special. He was chased by lions and everything. He didn’t get eaten though.

“Guess lions prefer meat to vegetables,” says Trevor, because he’s a jerk.

And Anna and Eddie aren’t sure if the adoption agency will accept their application because Eddie spilled HP sauce all over it. But Gary’s back and showing off his new manly handshake for his dad. This time, he’s actually on leave.

Michelle couldn’t get baby Liam to quiet down until Ciaran came in and held him and he quieted down immediately. Michelle reckoned he reacted to his familiar Irish accent. Ciaran reckoned it was because he was hungry and Michelle’s bazooms weren’t helping matters.

Michelle called him cheeky but I have a feeling she’s going to be sampling his Irish sausage soon.

Because he’s a good cook. Well, what did you think I meant?

If you’d like to sample Irish sausage, you can get these at the British Isles Show.

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9 Responses to Update for Tuesday March 30, 2011. “I am the God of Hell Fire!”

  1. chumola says:

    John, thanks for my morning chuckle…Irish sausage, that’s a good one. I think you may be right, Michelle and Ciaran would make a nice Irish couple. But is Michelle’s accent really Irish?

    I had to look up the meaning of “div”


    Thanks for educating me to more Britspeak!

  2. Modge says:

    I don’t believe that a trial was necessary as Tony had made a full admission of guilt.

  3. haili says:

    Cairan has been pretty quiet since his return but he had a good theory re. the baby and Michelle.

    Things have been pretty exciting lately but will probably get quiet after Gail and Tony’s story lines finish. The shows filmed in the summer are usually a bit bland.

  4. Barbie says:

    I am really enjoying the two major story lines going on at the same time. I don’t remember that happening before. Can’t wait to watch today.

  5. Long Time Lurker says:

    What – no comments yet on tonight’s episode?? I was totally on the edge of my seat, holding my breath, the whole time. Some amazing acting! And Becky – what a trooper – trying to break down that door while all the guys were just standing there watching. And why didn’t the police not go in right away once Hailey told them what Tony was doing – a sniper on the roof ain’t going to cut it when he’s doused the place with propane.

    • eps says:

      On the west coast the episode just ended. I agree, Becky was the only one showing bot’l, including the police. Surely they are not that slow and incompetent. It was barely approaching dusk when Haley was thrown out and full on dark when a cop said to her, “we need to know what’s going on in there” – or some facsimile thereof, while another cop was sitting with Maria, et al, waiting for his coffee with no sense of urgency evident (not panic but to be so very laid back? not looking for any additional scrap of useful info from Maria, i.e., a floor plan?) Definitely, the women had the gumption tonight.
      I liked that Ty immediately called Molly and Roy’s words to Haley. I hope Roy keeps his intent.
      How many times has the factory been destroyed by fire?

  6. haili says:

    That factory just keeps rising from the ashes!

    Where was the fire truck and why wasn’t the street cleared?

    I loved Becky and the Croppers. I don’t usually care much for Carla but she and Tony were great. Corrie should have won all the soap awards based on last night’s show.

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