Update for Wednesday, Mar. 30: Scottish Inferno!

Having enjoyed the staticky trumpet arrangement which accompanied the opening credits of late (I call it our ‘dinner music’), I am still adjusting to the slicked-up hi-def rendition of the Corrie theme….

As we open, Maria runs up to Roy in the street, frantically crying out that Tony has a gun, is in the factory and has Carla and Hayley hostage. And that Tony has just killed a man dead on the floor.

Inside, Hayley implores Carla to reason with Tony as he douses the factory in petrol.

Maria enters the Rovers, stunned at first and not knowing what to say. Becky greets her and Maria explains. Becky ushers her into the back where Michelle and Cieran are looking after Liam. Steve rings the police and Maria tells them the story.

Roy Cropper is at the factory door. Inside, Carla pleads with Tony not to set the place ablaze. “Who cast the first stone?” Tony screams at Carla. She says that she did, by sleeping with Liam. Carla urges Tony to blame her, but to let Hayley go. Hayley suddenly hears Roy calling her from outside and shouts back to him. Tony stalks to the door. “What do you want?” Tony asks Roy. Roy attempts to bargain with Tony and get him to release Hayley, since it’s Roy that Tony has a beef with. Tony says he wants Roy to suffer, through losing Hayley to a terrible death. Tony explains the source of his discontent –  that he had atoned for his sins and found a woman who loved him, and then Roy took that all away.

Roy says he didn’t figure Tony for a coward and begs Tony not to harm Hayley. When Roy says he’d lay down his life for Hayley, Tony mocks him, saying that’s too easy – it’s not death we fear, but pain. Roy rebuts this, claiming that Tony is a good man because he dove into the canal to save him (after pushing him in). Tony, tired of the chat, tells Roy to stand back and watch them burn.

Maria is filling in the gang in the back sitting room at the Rovers, saying Tony is bonkers – wanting to see baby pictures one minute and the next threatening to shoot them. Ryan wonders where he got a gun. Becky starts to make her way outside, unable to stand idly by while Hayley is in danger. Steve says he forbids Becky to go, which of course doesn’t work. Becky charges out the front door, with Ashley, Tyrone and Gary in tow. Kirk goes into the back to see Maria. Oblivious, the knicker gang are at their usual table, listening to Sean decide that he’s going to London.

Becky finds Roy at the factory door and promises to get Hayley out. She finds a 2-by-4 in the builders’ yard and starts whacking at the door, breaking the glass. Steve is frantic, thinking she’ll be shot. Within, Tony begins droning the Lord’s Prayer as Carla and Hayley weep. Carla badgers him to let Hayley go, forcing him to start over with the prayer.

Outside, the police arrive.

Carla’s pleading escalates, as the neighbours join Becky in banging on the doors and windows. A phone rings inside the factory. Tony makes a sudden decision, rolls Hayley’s chair against a wall, cuts her free and tapes her mouth. He opens the door and fires Hayley out onto the cobbles. Carla, having unscrewed the knob on her chair’s back frantically rubs her roped wrists against the exposed screw.

The police throw up a festoon of yellow police tape and drink tea. Inside, Tony sits down with Carla. “It’s just you and me now, like it was in the beginning,” he tells her, “This is how it ends.”

Darkness falls. The police now have a command post set up, but have yet to take any action. The cops phone Tony. Tony tells them that everyone is to move away from the building and they’re not to call back. He pours himself a whiskey. Carla, trying to get onside, says there is more in the bottom drawer and chocolate hobnobs in the biscuit tin. She suggests that Tony untie her and they can toast Tony’s largesse in letting Hayley go. Tony figures that saving the life of a Cropper might earn one an upgrade to purgatory.

The Rovers gang hear that Hayley has gotten out. She sits on the back of the ambulance, wrapped in a blanket, with Roy at her side. The cops ask her for more detail about the scenario inside. Hayley confirms that Tony shot Robbie.

Carla is crying. “Real tears,” Tony sneers, “who are they for?”

“Us,” she answers. She says that she loved him and they could have been so happy. “I was happy,” Tony snarls. Carla asks if it’s too late to say she’s sorry.

Roy and Hayley walk away from the throng to get some air. Roy tells Hayley that he loves her more than anything in the world. He says he will try and express himself better, and prove his love to her every day for the rest of their lives.

Tony is angrily squishing Carla’s face and holding the gun to her cheek. “Why did you do it?” he hisses, asking why she slept with Liam. Carla scrambles for an answer, suggesting maybe she isn’t right in the head. Tony says that neither of them deserve to live. Carla tells him that the two of them could just leave, go off together, maybe even have a baby. Would that give Tony something to live for? Tony decides the end game is upon them. He lights his zippo, and Carla becomes hysterical. He drops the lighter and a pool of flame erupts. At that moment, Carla finally saws through her bindings, grabs her chair and smashes Tony over the head with it. Knocked down, he grabs her by the ankle, pulls her down into a spoon position on the floor and attempts to hold her there until they both asphyxiate.

Outside, Trev finally arrives, and is shocked to learns of the goings-on from Janice.

Inside, Carla bites Tony’s arm to get away. They scrap, and both realize the gun is on the floor. Carla reaches it first and shoots Tony in the shoulder, wounding him. She hesitates to fire the killing shot, and he Bruce-Lee kicks the gun out of her hand. Carla flees upstairs.

The police and spectators hear the shots fired, and I guess the police decide it’s time to do more than watch and soak bickies in tea.

Carla finds the upstairs door locked and screams in fury. Tony decides he’s going to strangle her so she won’t be burned to death. Carla says she’ll fight him to the death and brandishes a flaming bolt of fabric. Tony corners her, but she hangs off the top balcony and falls, her skid of mismade pink knickers breaking her fall.

Just then, the swat fellows, having decided that there is enough smoke, flame and nonsense to warrant their intervention, smash the door down.

Carla hurls herself out the door and scrambles onto the road, falling into Trev’s arms. Tony can be seen inside, but makes no move to exit. “Run!” (or possible Get out, unlikely ‘Burn’ as first written although poetic). Carla shrieks at him. Tony looks out a final time, and retreats back inside the factory. Suddenly, a series of explosions turn the factory into a huge orange fireball, engulfing Tony Gordon.

Does this mean that Nick doesn't have to return the safe money?

Carla, her face streaked with dirt and tears, gasps for breath as they all look on.

About t. kunzie

Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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21 Responses to Update for Wednesday, Mar. 30: Scottish Inferno!

  1. haili says:

    Great update for a great episode. The actors all deserve Oscars – or whatever! They were all really good so I won’t criticize the stupid police or that the fire dept. was so slow on the scene. Corrie has been really good lately.

  2. Jacqui says:

    I found this one of the most frustrating episodes in a long time! Becky was the only one with any gumption to try and do something. The guys just stood back and watched, and the police drinking tea back at the Rovers? Come on writers; do you really think they would be THAT incompetent? Having said that Becky gained a whole new level of respect this episode.

  3. missusmac says:

    I thought the actors playing Carla and Tony were magnificent. Really a wonderful job done by both. Yeah, Gary and Becky, sometimes the two least respected folks on the street, were the only two doing anything!

    Thanks so much for the update. I thought Carla yelled “run!” to Tony at the end. Your “Burn!” makes a whole lot more sense. 🙂

    Not a word about the cops drinking tea, but didn’t Trev tell Carla he was working a double shift so couldn’t protect? Then why did he have time to play darts in the pub?

    • Mary Prankster says:

      Great update Kunzie, but I became curious, so played that last scene several times to check. Carla yells “Come on” . Then I’m sure she screams “Run”! I think she didn’t want Tony dead. She also couldn’t shoot him when she had the chance.


  4. haili says:

    Trev and the boys are being sneaky about their trip to the World Cup so maybe he said he was working but really went to the pub for more plotting and money collecting. Carla looks tiny next to Trev. but she did a great job in those action scenes with Tony.

    I thought an efficient police force would have a few cops patrolling the street, but this is Corrie where they have Keystone Kops.

  5. Long Time Lurker says:

    And just to prove how incompetent the Weatherfield Constabulary truly are, now they need to investigate Carla for Tony’s death. Are you freaking kidding me? You have two witness accounts that she was tied up at gunpoint with Tony splashing propane all over the place. And they saw her escape, battered and bruised (with no help from the police). Procedures are procedures but really… if this doesn’t scream self-defence, what does? But then, this is the same police force that figures a rolling pin is a more likely cause of death than a sailboat boom.

    • lovethestreet says:

      Agreed, the police part of the storylines have been weak. WHO — WHO? — drinks tea while an armed, violent offender is holding people hostage across the street? That said, when they questioned Carla, she did indicate that she encouraged Tony to save himself. So, Mary Prankster, I’m with you. I think Carla shouted “run” just before the factory exploded.

    • Gayle says:

      I agree with you completely! Well said!

  6. t. kunzie says:

    Many ears being better than two, I have updated Carla’s last word to Tony as “Run!” 😉

  7. haili says:

    Good point! Maybe Tony escaped.

    • eps says:

      They did wheel out 2 body bags.
      What’s with the focus on Carla? Really, no need to make the cops seem so incompetent.
      Jane Tennyson, we need you.

  8. sbdriver says:

    I guess I wasn’t paying close enough attention. I’ll try watching again on Sunday.

    I had visions of Tony escaping, and “coming back from the dead” like they do on the American soaps! lol.

    • sbdriver says:

      Just found the episode on youtube. Definitely two body bags. Even heard Julie ask Nick if there was one body or two. Don’t know how I missed that the first time!

  9. haili says:

    When you think about it, Carla has been through hell. She lost Paul, Liam and Tony so Trev. should watch out as she seems like a black widow! Now she’s lost the factory and career unless they can start again – and she’s now charged with something or other.

    • Long Time Lurker says:

      Carla is charged with “Weatherfield Police Being Total Idiots” – same as the charge against Gayle and Becky and I’m sure a few more Corrie women in the past.

  10. Mary Prankster says:

    I wonder what the backstory is on why the Corrie writers consistently make the British legal system seem so ineffectual and incompetent. From cops to lawyers, the system seems a mess! I hope this is only for dramatic license, and not an accurate picture!
    Also, I wonder what could possibly have been in that factory that could cause such an explosion! It reminded me of news stories when Asian fireworks factories go up! The special effects department must have blown their entire annual budget. And that must have been one heck of a crew on that lone fire truck, to have kept all those incendiary missiles from igniting the Kabin, Kevin’s garage, the corner shop, neighbouring houses, etc. I guess slate roofs & brick walls really do prevent fires!
    I suspect I need to work more on suspending disbelief!

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