Update for Tuesday, April 5, 2011. They Could Just Bring Back Baldwin’s Casuals

You know, fifty years ago it was a raincoat factory. I told them if they ever changed production, no good would ever come of it. And NOW look what’s happened!

Nick can’t sleep as he’s sick with worry over how he’s going to employ all his workers at the factory now that it’s burned down. Also, he’s sick with worry with how he’s going to fulfill a contract for Paul Stokes when he has no factory.

He tells Janice and Leanne about the contract he landed and his search for a temporary work location. And, I assume, materials and sewing machines, unless all that stuff’s fireproof. Leanne and Janice admit they’re impressed.

“See? I’m not just a pretty face,” he says. “Isn’t that right, Leanne?”

Somewhere, off-camera, I think I hear Fat Brenda yell, “Yer not even that, luv.”

So his big plan is to covert that bar that Peter and Leanne were setting up but when he presents this plan to them, Peter tells him that it’s George what owns the bar and he wants nothing to do with him. Well, this, apparently, completely prevents Nick from renting the space from George. If only, he could, I dunno, ask Ken Barlow for his number or something.

So Nick goes off to his thotful spot and has a good think.

So he goes off to the cafe and starts making frantic phone calls all over the place and so he can be a jerk in public to his staff. Later, Paul Stokes, who bears a slight resemblance to British Prime Minister David Cameron, complete with condescending toff attitude, swings by the street to inform Nick that he’s seen the factory and that they should talk. Also, he apparently does not read newspapers or watch the news as a hostage crisis that ends with a factory explosion is the sort of the thing that one might find above the fold, no?

Not willing to deal with a guy who has no workspace to offer, he calls off the deal. Nick slumps into the Rovers to give his now ex-employees the bad news:

“Underworld is over!”

Gail Farce

Gail has taken some of Joe’s things to Tina (they’ve had a kind of reconciliation) and they talk about him.

Meanwhile, David and Graeme are trying to move the Gail Farce out of the driveway. They ask Eddie Windass for help.

“Oh, I can’t. Not with my back.”

“We’ll give you a fiver.”

“Make it a tenner and you’re on.”

So they manage to push it to the yard by Streetcars. Nobody should notice it there.

Dave pulled a muscle so Graeme massages it for him. Natasha comes back to pick up something she left in Nick’s room and notices David’s, um, vocal appreciation of Graeme’s efforts. She says she forgot that they shared a cell. So no happy finish for David.

In Other News

Carla is not going to be charged with killing Tony Gordon so Trevor buys those tickets for the World Cup in South Africa (if you’ve noticed all the England flags, that’s why). He even gets her to wear an England toque. Maybe they’ll get seats next to Dizzee Rascal

(Note-video does not reflect England’s actual performance at the World Cup)

Lewis and Audrey are rowing so Lewis is beginning to take a look at Deirdre.

Julie is getting Ciaran to repeat drink orders so she can listen to his Irish accent.

“Go on,” she asks him. “Say something typically Irish.”

“Father Ted.”

Chesney didn’t do too well with his Maths test but did ok on his business test. He feels bad about it but Fizz cheers him up by telling him that all you really need in life is to be good at one thing. For her part, Fizz is good at sublimating her original independent feisty personality so she could have a “Mrs” in front of her name. Fizz goes off to the Rovers and Ches races up to his room to do that thing that he’s good at.

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13 Responses to Update for Tuesday, April 5, 2011. They Could Just Bring Back Baldwin’s Casuals

  1. Gayle says:

    John- brilliant update as always. When Nick was meeting with his client I was thinking wouldn’t a hostage taking/murder/factory fire make the papers?
    Where exactly where David/Graeme/Eddie taking the boat?
    When is Gail going to stop whispering? It drives me crazy! I would think she must be in heavy debt does she still have a job? Sorry for all the questions.
    Thankyou so much for your update!

    • Mark Daye says:

      Gayle’s whispery whining drives us all crazy. My favourite Corrie gal to hate these days now that Sally has died…. oh wait, she is still alive. Just fighting cancer on her own without her family paying any attention.

  2. eila says:

    Fizz’s sublimation of “her original independent feisty personality.” Yes.

    Nick? I’m with Fat Brenda.

    Good update!


  3. Jody says:

    I luv Father Ted…used to watch it every Friday night but now it’s not on anymore 😦
    Fizz seems to be just doing housework all the time…WTF?

  4. lovethestreet says:

    Brilliant update — thanks, John
    I think I prefer the last handsome/bland Nick to present too old for the part/grouchy Nick. And speaking of bland…just when I think Natasha is a bit boring, she comes out with some great lines. I loved that she was able to needle David.

  5. Mark Daye says:

    That wasn’t fat Brenda yelling, that was me. Nick you are not cute. Period.

  6. haili says:

    Natasha was really funny last night. Maybe she could turn into a good character yet.

    At least Nick is trying but there must be lots of empty stores, etc. he could use – at least there are around here. I thought he’d been a bit better lately than his usual useless self so maybe he’ll come up with something or maybe Leanne will give him George’s number. It would be pretty dull without Underworld.

    If Audrey catches Lewis drinking with Dierdre there could be another feud developing. Things are pretty cool between Audrey and the Barlows as it is.

    • isis says:

      that’s right, Audrey and Dierdre are on the outs….did Audrey and Rita ever make up after their spat over Lewis?

  7. beanie says:

    LOL John ! Good one, my friend. Note to self: Don’t read John’s update first thing in the AM. Snorting coffee is quite painful when it’s still hot!

  8. missusmac says:

    Wonderful update, as usual. Semi-plausible story line for Nick not going to Deirdre and Ken because he’s just called their daughter a lying slag, said he was hoping she was near death’s door, etc., etc., and so they might not give him George’s number. ..

    Natasha comes out with this slighty wonky lines every once in a while that make me wish they would find something for her to do!!! Anything with Graham and David is golden. I refuse to talk about Gail, LOVE that Audrey is telling Lewis she’s better than how he is treating her.

  9. Trudy says:

    “Gail Farce” lolololol.

    Thank you so much for your updates.

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