Update for Tuesday, April 19, 2011 In Which Not Much Happens But That’s a Good Thing

Corrie Standard Time: July 4, 2010

Tina is still upset over what David said to her in the cafe but Graeme tells her to ignore it.  She decides they need to stop staying at his uncle’s and find a flat of their own.

So she heads over to the Kabin where she flips through the want ads and can’t find a flat in her price range which, given her history is between $0 and “Crash at a boyfriend’s place no charge”.

After Norris goes on about people rowing in the street being common (and Corrie’s bread and butter) and is sent off by Rita for a biscuit based snack, Rita offers Tina a place at her flat.

When she moves in with her trash bag full of stuff (Corrie characters have embraced minimalism), she sees of a photo of Jenny Bradley. Rita says she helped her out once (it ended not so well) but she has no idea where she is now.

Rita gives Tina a word of advice about relationships. She tells her she’s not the first to have a fight in the street and she won’t be the last.

Graeme comes over and they have a flip through some old photos of Rita in her cabaret days, as well as Bet Lynch, who used to run the Rovers.

Corrie is, at this point, approaching its 50th anniversary. I like that they’re calling back on former characters in this way.

Later, Graeme takes Tina out for a romantic ride in his rickshaw thingy with the kitchen cabinet doors.

At the temporary factory, the women are going on about weddings. Julie, of course, would like a wedding dress like Princess Diana, our latter day Queen of Hearts. Janice fancies them gypsy weddings and reckons Hayley could go for one of those.

“Oh, I think mine would be much more subdued,” Hayley says. “No offense to the traveler community, mind!”

Nick is a being a jerk to Natasha for no particular reason and he’s being a jerk to the workers at Underworld as he wants that order completed. Keep in mind, there is almost nothing legal about this workplace. Anyway, the ladies give him a good fake out but manage to finish it.

Lloyd saw Cheryl got a black eye and blamed it on her boss at the exotic dancing place and got black eye and broken nose of his own for his troubles. Turns out it was her husband what did it when he saw a text Lloyd had sent to Cheryl.

Sean went to London and had a good time and has attempted to friend Violet on Facebook so he can see his son Dylan.

Audrey and Lewis went on a dinner date with Ken and Audrey but Lewis is more interested in Audrey’s charms than her cheese straws. Ken Barlow? Still a bore. But I like him, just the same.

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16 Responses to Update for Tuesday, April 19, 2011 In Which Not Much Happens But That’s a Good Thing

  1. haili says:

    I liked your comment about Tina crashing at her boy friend’s. She just seems to move in with the latest but didn’t quite think it through this time as even Gail would draw the line at having her there again. This girl takes about 5 minutes to make the big decision about living together and always seems to have someone else waiting in the wings.

    Cheryl could have been clearer to Lloyd about who gave her the black eye.

    So I guess we’re in for two months of filler and stories that go nowhere – since that’s a summer tradition on Corrie.

    • Trudy says:

      I was going to say the same thing about Tina. She’s been with Graeme for 5 minutes and wants to move in together?????

  2. Gayle says:

    Does anyone else think that the Cabin is a little over-staffed? I thought Rita sold her share of the Kabin to Norris so how come she re-hired Tina and is appearing to be working there as well. Perhaps I missed something.

    Tina has a mother why doesn’t she stay with her?

  3. beanie says:

    I love it when Graeme saw the photo of Bett Lynch. “Who’s the drag queen?” LOL

  4. haili says:

    Dierdre and Lewis seem to have eyes for each other – and she has form. Audrey will have to turn her anger from Rita to Dierdre. I’m surprised they seem so friendly after all the stuff with Gail and Tracy. Dierdre never has a good word to say about Ken and they don’t have much in common – but at least he’s getting his den at long last.

  5. missusmac says:

    Yes, a den with a ladder to get at his books. No pretensions there! Lewis and Deirdre, huh? I thought he was tired of being shallow and just a piece of woman bait?

  6. eps says:

    Where the heck is Ryan? I obviously missed something. Did he ever finish school?
    Binman certainly cleans up nicely.
    Sean Daddy – have you not learned the outcome of deceit on the Street?
    Scary Mary is certainly railroading Hayley – however, Roy does love trains.

  7. lovethestreet says:

    Between the hockey playoffs and the election coverage…and, oh yeah, my kids and my job…I have been missing a lot of episodes lately. Very grateful for the updates and comments to keep me in the know:-)

  8. Long Time Lurker says:

    Is Nick that dense or was he just looking for an excuse to take over Underworld? After all that Carla went through that night in Underworld I’m amazed she doesn’t have a severe case of post-traumatic stress disorder. And Nick is totally put off that she needed to go away for a few weeks. Again, is he that dense or is he that devious?

    • eps says:

      Nick is clearly DD – not necessarily Developmentally Delayed (though emotionally that is probable) –
      but certainly Dense and Devious.

      • lovethestreet says:

        …what about the money he took from the safe? Isn’t Carla going to go after that, just for starters…?

      • chumola says:

        I guess that nobody knows about the missing money, do they presume that it got burned up in the fire?

  9. lovethestreet says:

    I’m pretty sure Carla mentioned the missing money to Nick before the whole Tony holding people hostage, shooting, and lighting fires episode. However, now that she knows Nick didn’t get the appropriate permits, she can shut down “his” factory even faster. I hope she goes after him with guns ablazin’. And, I do wish Natasha would find someone who could at least be pleasant…

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