Update for Tuesday May 3, 2011. This Episode is Sofa King John Stape

So John Stape managed to convince Eddie and Anna that he was a big shot furniture salesman. He and Fizz also came clean to Chesney about the stolen identity thing, which caused him to storm out, as he does. Kirk brought him back and suggested a family meeting was in order.

Later, Fizz finds Ches at the market and tries to justify why a convicted felon would steal a person’s identity so he can work at a high school. (Gee, it does sound bad when you put it that way).  Ches is frank with his sister – he thinks John will screw this up and that she’s an idiot, but she is his sister and that’s that.

So that seems all well and good until Charlotte shows up, this time claiming Colin’s back in town. After glomming onto John and going through their wine, Fizz decides she’s had enough of the double entendres and throws her out. But they’re left wondering what to do.

Work has begun on Underworld, so that it may rise from the ashes like the phoenix who burned his bum. Carla and Nick have an uneasy truce and Owen is throwing his weight around and making life difficult for Bill.

Sally’s back and recovered from her cancer treatment (a storyline that paralleled the actress’s own battle with breast cancer) and has a new positive outlook on life that includes running, taking Sophie and Sian out shopping, and drinking wine at 10:00am. She’s quite keen to get the girls all glammed up for the school prom but neither of them seem all that into finding a boy to be their dates. Sian, meanwhile, has a mysterious belly ache. Ryan meanwhile wants to take Sian to a music festival, reckoning that there is something still there between them.

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Former Maritimer living in the suburbs of Montreal.
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14 Responses to Update for Tuesday May 3, 2011. This Episode is Sofa King John Stape

  1. Bea says:

    Is the prom going to be a coming out party for Sophie and Sian?

  2. S. Poole says:

    Very similar story to a real life Canadian, wonder if the Corrie writers followed this case?


    Walker eventually made his way to Harrogate in North Yorkshire where he lived with his daughter, Sheena, who was posing as his wife. During this time, Sheena had two children, the paternity of whom has not been revealed. He changed his name to David Davis and began a business career with television repairman Ronald Joseph Platt. Platt, raised in Canada, wished to return to his home country. Walker bankrolled this trip, but claimed he needed Platt’s driver’s license, signature stamp and birth certificate for the business. When Platt left for Canada in 1992, initially with the intent of permanently settling there, Walker assumed his identity.

    Platt was out of money and returned to England in 1995. Walker took Platt out on a fishing trip 20 July 1996 where he murdered him, weighed him down with an anchor, and dumped his body in the sea. Two weeks later the body was discovered in the English Channel by fisherman John Copik[1] with a Rolex wristwatch the only identifiable object on the body.[1] Since the Rolex movement had a serial number and was engraved with special markings every time it was serviced, British police traced the service records from Rolex. Ronald Joseph Platt was identified as the owner of the watch and the victim of the murder. In addition British police were able to determine the date of death by examining the date on the watch calendar and since the Rolex movement had a reserve of two to three days of operation when inactive and it was fully waterproof, they were able to determine the time of death within a small margin of error.[1][2] Walker was apprehended shortly thereafter.

    In the spring of 1998, Walker’s preliminary hearing was held in the village courtroom in Teignmouth England. On 27 April 1998, Walker pleaded not guilty in his murder trial in the English city of Exeter. He was found guilty in 1998 and received an automatic life sentence for murder. Had Walker not been convicted, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office would have transferred him back to Canada to face his fraud charges.

  3. Wendy says:

    Your update was Sofa King great John!

  4. haili says:

    Chesney has more sense than John and Fizz together. What hair brained lie will John come up with next?

  5. Mary Prankster says:

    Anyone have any ideas as to what mental illness symptoms John is exhibiting? His excitement over getting away with deception indicates that it’s more than just his professed love of teaching. He enjoyed pulling off the series of lies in the furniture store. I hope he gets beaten up by the husband of the real Colin Fishwick’s “girlfriend”! There would be some poetic justice in that! Poor Ches! 2 selfish idiot parents & now a moron of a sister!
    How are Sophie & Sian going to “come out”, I wonder. Kevin & Sally sure aren’t ready to handle this. And we know Rosie will behave badly.

    • eps says:

      He is surely living in the land of Personality Disorders, however, I am not sure that he meets all of the criteria for a specific category. He may be NOS (not otherwise specified). I’ll check my DSM this weekend and see although we probably do not have adequate historical information for a Dx.

  6. corrierules says:

    What is up with Ryan and his hair? Is a he a Trekkie and is he channeling Mr. Spock? He looked ridiculous. Oh and Michelle seems to have bounced back from never, ever seeing her biological son.

  7. Gayle says:

    I agree about Ryan’s hair. Not to be cruel but the actor who plays Ryan is just not very good. He seems so wooden and unemotional and certainly doesn’t appear to have any friends whatsoever. Wasn’t he friends with a nice young lad in a wheelchair?

  8. haili says:

    John might be a sociopath since he rationalizes everything he does and it’s all about him no matter who gets hurt. I’m no expert but IMO he’s some kind of nut case. Anyway, he deserved the punch he got last night.

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