Karen McDonald Sighting

Coronation Street has always had a history with Doctor Who. The two shows have been on air for almost 50 years and they both command an almost fanatic like following. And they tend to share actors. Elizabeth Sladen appeared on the show briefly before going on to star as the third and fourth doctor’s companion, Sarah Jane Smith. Fred Elliot showed up once. And after Todd Grimshaw left the show, he went on to have his brain fried by a Dalek. Or something.

For those who’ve been pining for Steve McDonald’s former wife, Karen, Suranne Jones will be appearing in this Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who. The episode is called The Doctor’s Wife (make of that what you will) and it’s written by comic book and fantasy author Neil Gaiman. As Doctor Who episodes go, this one is kind of a big deal. It airs on Space Saturday at 8:00pm.

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4 Responses to Karen McDonald Sighting

  1. Karen Kaye says:

    The actor who played Tony Gordon was in a Christmas special and the actress who played Raquel was in an episode as well. I always get such delight when I see a crossover!

  2. Karen Kaye says:

    Ooh! I’m watching Doctor Who on Space channel right now and “Mavis” is on today’s episode!

  3. chumola says:

    Dr Who had an episode called The Idiot’s Lantern, set on Florizel Street, another coincidence?

  4. eps says:

    I’ve really gotten hooked on these new Dr. Who series and also get a kick out of seeing actors for CS.
    (The actor who played Liam Conners was a footman on the recent Masterpiece Theater “Downton Abby”) Thanks for the heads up re: “The Doctor’s Wife”.

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