Update for Wednesday, May 11th: Seven-teh!

Audrey celebrates with her sister Camilla...

Oh, Reall-eh

Audrey’s birthday dawns. Lewis has brought her breakfast, and gives her a lavish gold necklace. Audrey then asks him to close his eyes and presents him with….a housekey.

At the Platt’s, Natasha admonishes the Platt brothers to arrive at Rover’s straight after work to set up for Audrey’s party. Natasha asks Nick to get a few gins into Audrey and find out what the salon is worth…not what she’d ask for it, but what it’s worth.

Out on the street, Maria holds baby Liam and stands watching the construction on the factory. She’s come into town for Audrey’s party. Fiz and Hayley come upon them. They greet her and Fiz shares that Hayley is soon to be married and invites Maria over for a glass of wine sometime soon. Maria announces that she’s moving back, and for good.

Lewis comes into the salon, with champagne for Audrey. Natasha tells Audrey that she will love retirement, and ducks out. Audrey and Lewis toast.

Audrey and Lewis exit the salon to go to the Rover’s. Audrey muses that she wants the salon to keep it’s name even if she retires. She mentions that this birthday is different previous ones; she feels she is excited about the future. As they walk, she tells Lewis that she’s “sixty….” and leaves the end off. “Sixty-ten!” Lewis confirms, as they walk into the Rovers for the party.

Inside the Rovers, Natasha hisses at Nick to remember to find out what the salon is worth. “Can I give her her card first?” he retorts.

Liz congratulates Audrey on her special day and Deirdre gives her a gift. Norris sourly wants to know why they treat birthdays as an accomplishment. Whereupon Rita and Emily congratulate one another on surviving Norris.

Audrey begins to thank Natasha and her grandsons, but is distracted by the entrance of Maria. Audrey is less enthused to see Claudia, who makes a scathing remark about Lewis’ rates going up for the over-seventy set (which just goes to show that a person’s phone book should never be used as a guest list).

In the Rover’s, the party guests ask Audrey for a speech. Emily muses that Audrey is one of the few women she knows that really suits a toy-boy.

Audrey says it’s lovely to see them all. She thanks Natasha backhandedly for the party. She says she is blessed with a lovely family and friends and Lewis. She says she would like to start her life again, putting Lewis rather on the spot, and he hastens to propose a toast.

Meanwhile, Claudia has been making catty comments to Gail under her breath the entire speech…along the lines of Audrey saving her receipts. Gail is not catching on…Claudia continues that Lewis will probably continue to “do” foreigners…and finally spells it out that Lewis is a gigolo. Gail is pretty much aghast, eyes too wide open in shock for blinkfest.

Come On Eileen….

Eileen and Sean emerge from their house and meet Deirdre. EIleen, smartly dressed, announces that she has turned over a new leaf and has decided to stop moaning about her lot in life.

Later, Lloyd and Eileen are in the cab office. Lloyd has noticed Eileen is in her best clothes, and asks if she’s going to the funeral. EIleen proposes a partnership in the cab business. She has some money from her dad to invest and has been working there for 10 years.

When she goes out for cakes, Lloyd and Steve have a good yuckle at Eileen’s proposal, slagging her left, right and centre. They shudder at the idea of Eileen with power. She has of course overheard, having just returned from Roy’s with a box of cakes. She is furious and and chucks eclairs and custard slices at them, with alarming accuracy. She rages at them to stick their headset and their scuzzy chair right up their airport tunnel.

Steve and Lloyd come round to Eileen’s to try and smooth things over. She wants to know why it is hilariously funny that she is trying to better herself. Just the day before, she herself thought she was a waste of space, too. Now she knows it. And slams the door.

Ry-unn and the Girls

Sian and Sophie are talking in the street, mulling over the idea of backpacking in Australia. They go into town to check out tents, return tentless, and discuss love, Ryan and stuff.

Sophie and Sian go to Ryan’s. They want to know for sure if Ryan will be discreet. Ryan is pissed off and tells them that Michelle has been harassing him, wondering when he and Sian will get back together. They argue about the concert tickets. He says he will keep their secret, but to leave him alone.

Sophie waits in the street to talk to Ryan. She reminds him that they were mates before he got together with Sian, and says that Sian never cheated on him. She says she knows how Ryan feels, how she herself would feel if she lost Sian. She says their visit wasn’t intended to wind him up.

Later, when the two girls are alone, Sian is down, and starting to feel the whole secret lover thing is a hassle. Sophie says she knows they got it wrong with Ryan, but it will all be worth it. But Ryan comes along then, offering to sell them the concert tickets as an olive branch.

In Other News…

Dev and Sunita are still claiming that they are totally cool with the role-switch.

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14 Responses to Update for Wednesday, May 11th: Seven-teh!

  1. haili says:

    Good update!

    Ryuun and the girls are a waste of space IMO and need subtitles.

    I loved the party and all the different remarks though Emily’s was kind of a backhanded complement. Gail did not look amused. If Audrey had been smiling in that picture with Camilla, they would have looked like twin sisters.

    We need more of those scenes in the cab office. Eileen, Steve and Lloyd are great together.

  2. missusmac says:

    I used to like Dev and Sunita. Surely, he can’t be that much of a jerk, and she that much of a soft mom/shrew.

    Audreh looks fab-hu-lous. Lewis is going to be too good to be true, I feel it in my bones. Gail is, well, Gail.

  3. lovethestreet says:

    “eyes too wide open for a blinkfest”…thanks for the laugh! Your updates are always great.

  4. lovethestreet says:

    Finally saw this episode. Claudia’s man-voice continues to crack me up. Poor Audrey!

  5. lovethestreet says:

    Corrie Canuckers — John is rationalizing hiding a corpse because – gasp – he couldn’t face life without teaching! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    • missusmac says:

      I’ve worked in schools….not buying that motive. Can I just say, I am missing the very witty updates. Often, these are so much better than the actual show!

      • Joy says:

        I’m missing the update also. I’m afraid that this cherished site will cease to exist without regular updates. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to volunteer.

  6. eps says:

    The John/Colin/Charlotte story line has fallen off the cliff of reality into the depths of ridiculous.
    I was tickled seeing Roy punch-drunk, so to speak. Poor Roy, so frequently broadsided by real life.

  7. lovethestreet says:

    Dear Contributors,

    We miss you.



    • Mary Prankster says:

      Thank you for expressing my thoughts so much more graciously. I’ve been thinking ” This is the way this site ends, not with a bang, but a whimper” to paraphrase TS Eliot.

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