Update for Wednesday, June 1: Don’t Bet On It!

At Audrey’s home, she and Lewis are packing for Greece. Audrey is struggling to pare down too many clothes. Lewis has made her a panini for lunch, laying the butter on extra thick.

Bill and Jason are in Roy’s discussing whether to accept the job at Underworld. Izzy’s dad Owen happens by and says if they want the work, they can start in 10 minutes.

Sophie and Sian are cuddled on the couch, and Sally brings them some lunch. Sally tells the girls that the Underworld refurb looks good and reminisces about her own school days. She was a wild one, having smuggled sherry miniatures into the Christmas disco.

Nick encounters Leanne in the street and they exchange a bit of flirty banter about Leanne locking her keys in the shop.

A snap from the past....a young Leanne and Nicky..

Meanwhile, Simon and Peter pull up, returning from their fishing trip. Peter is in a mood, burned out after entertaining Simon on his own for days on end. Leanne explains to Peter about Lewis’s flukey win.

Nick comes in to the salon, as Natasha has apparently rung him and hung up a few times. She tries to press the issue of the flat again and get all kissy-kissy, but Nick worms away and escapes. Molly is in Dev’s shop, chatting with Dev and Sunita about maternity leave. Natasha comes in then, to confirm her rental of Dev’s place in Victoria Street.

Jason and Bill are on the factory roof, working with buckets of cement, as Owen chats to them from down below. Izzy herself rolls out the factory door then, on a cake run. She says it’s too hot inside and someone ought to check the thermostat. Bill turns back to the work, and accidentally elbows a bucket of cement down onto Izzy.

The workers rush downstairs to see if Izzy is ok, which she assures them she is. After the apology, Bill and Owen get testy and nearly end up scrapping. Jason hustles Bill away.

Back at Audrey’s. Lewis tells Audrey that he has to go back to his flat and get a few bits and pieces. On the way out, he pauses at the door for a bit…as if it’s his last exit.

Peter, Leanne and Simon are in the bookies, as Peter wants to check Lewis’s winning slip. Peter is extremely skeptical about the win and and thinks something is fishy. Simon is bored, bopping around the shop until Peter tells him to sit the feck down. Peter wonders why Leanne didn’t phone and tell him on Monday, when All-A-goggins, a longshot horse on Lewis’s winning ticket, ran, at 5:00 p.m. Leanne then figures out that Deirdre must have taken the bet.

At the Platt’s, the going-away do for Audrey and Lewis is underway. Natasha chats with David and Nick, and tells them that she’s rented Dev’s flat for her and Nick to live in.

Ken and Deirdre have been summoned to the bookie’s and come in, wondering what all the fuss is about. Peter asks Deirdre to confirm that she took the bet from Lewis, and that he wasn’t behind the counter. Deirdre doesn’t remember taking any bet from Lewis, but confesses she “popped out” for 90 seconds on an emergency. Peter decides to use the CCTV camera to find out what really happened.

At Gail’s, Audrey can’t reach Lewis, who has turned off his mobile. David nudges Natasha over to share her “good news” with Gail and Audrey. Natasha explains that she and ‘Nicholas’ will be setting up house in Victoria Court. Nick looks tense, pained and trapped. Audrey calls everyone to attention and announces that the salon manager is going to be….David. Which will be entertaining to say the least.

Nick is out in the back garden, face contorted into a frozen ball mask of angst. Natasha comes out to say he’s missed the big news about the salon. Nick expresses annoyance at Natasha for jumping the gun with the flat. She explains that she wants them to wake up together and go to bed together. Nick sighs and tells her that it’s not going to work out…Natasha says that she’ll change, slow down, whatever… and Nick replies that she shouldn’t be changing who she is for anyone. She deserves someone who will cherish her, and that’s not him. And furthermore, not to spend even a minute missing him or trying to reconcile, because he’s already gone. He leaves Natasha alone and devastated in the back garden.

At the bookies, the tape is rolling. The Barlows, Leanne and Peter watch as Lewis heads immediately behind the counter as soon as he is left unattended. Deirdre is mortified. She asks Peter to switch off the tape. On the tape, Leanne spots the bottle of wine on the counter and is like, what the hell…they see Deirdre return to the shop, and Peter is furious to see that her “emergency” is the fetching of a corkscrew. Then, as they all look on, Deirdre and Lewis share their magical snog.

...and Ken is thinking, I gave up my market-fresh barge lunches for this???

Oh yeah – and someone from the Headline Festival rung Sally to say that Sophie’s purse had been found. Grounded like, forever!!!


About t. kunzie

Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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14 Responses to Update for Wednesday, June 1: Don’t Bet On It!

  1. corrie heart says:

    Thanks for the nice update and fabulous photo (could easily be my new screensaver!). Can’t wait to see the fallout from the CCTV footage. I wonder if Deirdre will come up with an explanation. (Perhaps a big juicy kiss is just a normal part of an accumulator bet winning ceremony?) In any event, I have a Carla-sized vat of chardonnay all chilled and ready to imbibe during tonight’s episode
    best, Corrie H

    • chumola says:

      All I could think of when I saw that kiss was how much Deirdre smokes and how it must have been like licking out an ashtray…so poor Lewis did have to make a significant sacrifice for that money!

  2. eps says:

    A hearty Welcome back Kotter, uh, Ms. Kunzie.
    How is it that Deirdre did not know the CCTV was there, on and recording? I kept thinking that after the kiss John would tell her to erase the tape, claim a malfunction to save her from others viewing the
    kiss (and Lewis was being exposed as the scuzzbo he is)

    Apologies to hockey fans: When in the world will this seemingly never-ending hockey marathon be concluded? It seems like months since I have been able to regularly catch C ST at the usual evening time. I could not believe that the finals just started this week. I thought that was what they had been doing all this time. The updates and comments have really been a highlight for me lo these many weeks.

    • Mary Prankster says:

      You ought to be in Vancouver! The Stanley Cup final is all that’s on the news! It should be over by mid-month, thank goodness. It has been interminable.

  3. S. Poole says:

    Natasha is starting to grow on me, the character is improving and the the actor is too. She looked genuinely shattered by Nick’s callous kick to the curb. Loved that she mentioned apron strings as Nick was dumping her. (and here I wanted her to be a victim of evil Tony Gordon once upon a time)

    Loved the crack Simon made, and Leanne saying he got it from Blanche. Peter is looking like a small man with his behaviour lately, he was a real sour puss before he even knew of the big loss to Lewis.

    Dev is even worse, the crap he has been handing Claire is just plain mean, the writers must hate him, first he was a caricature of his former self and now he is a petty cheapskate male chauvinist pig!

  4. Gayle says:

    I think Nick and Dev are both jerks.

    Nick is nothing but a Mama’s boy (how old is he supposed to be he looks about 35)

    Dev has absolutely no respect for women. I’ll never understand why Sunita dumped that lovely boyfriend, beautiful house to move into that tiny little house to work with miserable Dev!

    • Mary Prankster says:

      You’re being generous. Nick looks about 45 to me, which is why the casting seems wrong. I loved the exchange yesterday when he complained to Gail that he couldn’t stand Natasha’s neediness & she replied “Women like that can be a burden.” !! Kettle? Pot?

      As for Dev, he turns his “charm” on & off as required. Sunita is still susceptible, I’m afraid, and he’s the father of those 2 unruly brats, which counts for something in her belief system.

      • lovethestreet says:

        I just looked it up — ignoring my children’s comments about my unhealthy obsession with Coronation Street — and Nick is supposed to be 31.

      • Mary Prankster says:

        I too just looked it up – I’ve long since quit worrying about my obsession with the street- and Ben Price, who plays Nick, is 39. Shall we split the difference, Gayle?

  5. beanie says:

    Great update Kunzie, thank you so much! I can’t believe I’m saying this but I feel sorry for Audrey. How many knock down food flying brawls have taken place at Chez Platt?

  6. haili says:

    I know. I feel sorry for Audrey too! Not for Dierdre though – and I’m glad the truth is out.

    Natasha could have been a good character if she was more independent and less clingy. This Nick does look old for the part.

    • Long Time Lurker says:

      Natasha seems to have the same affliction as most of the Corrie women – picking the wrong men. Then again, now that I think of it, it might not be just Corrie women who have that problem…

  7. missusmac says:

    I do feel sorry for Deirdre , although I am a huge Ken fan. He IS pompous and wordy an often thinks he is above Deirdre. Yet, she chose not to succumb to Lewis’s fake kiss, despite weeks of flirting. Hey, it’s not like she visited him on a barge for weeks on end, suggesting her husband was dead or divorced….

    Loved Gail’s straight-faced comment that some women are needy. Hellloooooooooo~! The writers are sometimes brilliant.

    • lovethestreet says:

      Agreed! The writers are spot on sometimes. I just watched the omnibus and enjoyed myself tremendously.

      Gail had a narrow escape again, didn’t she? One of her fully-grown sons nearly moved out of the house. Whew! Good thing she nipped that in the bud.

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