Update for Thursday, Jun. 2: “Who Invited The Barlows?”

In the betting shop, Deirdre’s long day of mortification has begun, as she tries to explain that the Lewis kiss surprised her, and she tried to push him away as quick as she could. “Well your reactions aren’t quite what they used to be,” notes Ken dryly, “It was like From Here To Eternity!” He wants to know how long the “affair”was going on. Peter wants to know if Deirdre was “in on it”. Leanne surmises that Lewis had probably been cheating the shop for a while. The discussion dissolves into a 4-way argument. Peter doesn’t want to involve the police, and he fires Deirdre.

At the leaving do at the Platt’s, the guests chat about this and that as Audrey keeps trying to ring Lewis. David nearly eats the last Manchester tart, but Audrey makes him save it for Lewis.

Basically shortcrust, raspberry jam and custard, this was a staple at school dinners in the '80's.

Just then Natasha hurries through the house and slams out. Nick makes some feeble excuse for her. In the kitchen he explains to Gail that he’s binned her. They agree that Natasha is too needy. But not oedipal. Nor naive. Nor a doormat. Just needy.

The door opens, and all expect Lewis, when the Barlow clan bursts in. “Wot does she want” bellows Gail, “Who invited the Barlows!” (which Mr. Kunzie and I had to replay 9 times and it still hasn’t gotten old) Peter announces that Audrey’s boyfriend is a crook.

At the Webster’s, Sally and Kevin (well Sally really, with Kevin as ornament) confront Sophie about her audacious lying, ground her, like, forever – as predicted – and ban Sian from the house, assuming that their angelic mumbler could never have reached this level of defiance on her own. Sian drives away, as Sophie watches from the upstairs window.

Audrey doesn’t want to believe the story that the Barlows are unfolding. They have brought a DVD of the CCTV as proof. David suggests that hey, why not throw the DVD on. The group at the Platts watch riveted as Lewis goes behind the counter. At that point, the Barlows want the DVD stopped rather quickly, but the “stop” button won’t work. Audrey says not to stop it. Then the kiss displays. Audrey is upset but composed.

Deirdre says she can explain…that Lewis had been flirting with her and caught her off-guard. Ken tells her to stop and she’s being pathetic. Once a gigolo, always a gigolo, the former clients remark. Gail and Deirdre argue further, and this escalates until Gail flings the remaining Manchester tart in Deirdre’s face.

Blinded by custard, Deirdre howls, “Ken! Do something!” Gail flies at Deirdre and is pulled off. Deirdre cries out to Audrey, “He seduced me! He seduced both of us!” Deirdre leaves the house, weeping through the cream.

David reminds his gran that she should call the bank to ensure Lewis hasn’t cleaned her out. She rings, and apparently Lewis hasn’t robbed Audrey of anything, except her heart, her dignity and her self-respect.

In the Rovers, Owen chats up Eileen. John Stape stands at the bar, drinking mindlessly. Owen then goes over to talk with Bill Webster. The long and the short is that he wants to buy Bill’s building yard.

At the Barlows, Deirdre and Ken sit at the dining room table, enveloped in her smoke and their own bitter distance. Deirdre accuses Ken of wishing he was hangin’ with Martha on her boat. Ken wonders if Deirdre was jealous of Audrey. She repeats that she fell for Lewis. Ken points out that he stayed with Deirdre rather than going with Martha…“you nearly gave up all this for some hussy on a barge,” Deirdre says. “All this,” Ken echoes emptily. Deirdre tries to explain what is was about Lewis…someone to whisper in her ear, flirt with her, make her feel like a schoolgirl. Ken finds her needs pathetic.

Leanne finds Natasha sitting sullenly on a bench outside. Natasha tells her that she and Nick have split up. Natasha give a version of the “what’s wrong with me, I suck, why do guys always run,” speech. After some chat, it comes out that Natasha is pregnant.

Lewis Archer is in the airport lounge, enjoying a martini. A stick-skinny, elegant woman about 15 years his junior sits down. She is called Lydia Ratcliffe. Lewis begin attack-and-smarm almost immediately, and, upon finding out that they are on the same plane for Barbados, suggests they sit together.

Audrey, meanwhile, returns to her boxed-up house. She rips the grey strand of pearls that Lewis gave her off neck, and they click and clatter to the floor. She wanders to the back french doors, where she finds a photo sitting on the window ledge, of her and Lewis kissing. On the back he has written, “I tried.” She begins to weep.




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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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17 Responses to Update for Thursday, Jun. 2: “Who Invited The Barlows?”

  1. haili says:

    Great pictures and update! There were some good catty remarks from Claudia and I must watch this one again. Dierdre kind of deserved the pie in the face but Gail has no room to feel superior when it comes to dealings with men. Loved Ken’s remark From Here to Eternity too.

  2. Mary Prankster says:

    Very few of the women on the street seem to be good judges of male character (but then, there isn’t much to choose from)! There’s a great line from the film version of Steinbeck’s “Cannery Row”, where the young woman of the mismatched couple says to the “hero”, “I like you fine, Doc, when you’re not around.” Women tend to create a fantasy man in our imagination, then are guaranteed disappointment when the guy with the size twelves of clay shows up.

    • eps says:

      Until the hockey finals are over I am reduced to waiting for the omni on Sundays to see the action on the street – I am looking forward to seeing the brouhaha at the Platts.
      Re: hockey – I live between Seattle and Vancouver, BC and regularly watch CBC TV and listen to CBC radio. Tonight the news is all about the Canucks winning game #2 in OT. I am hoping it is the best of 5 but am afraid that it will be the best of 50 and will continue until Canadian Thanksgiving.

      • eila says:

        Sorry – best of seven. (I live in the Greater Vancouver area.) I don’t have to watch the games; I follow along by the shrieks and moans of those who do.

        I hadn’t watched Street in weeks. Caught the omnibus yesterday – excellent timing! Deirdre has some seriously bad luck – even Gail’s remote was against her.

  3. lovethestreet says:

    As much as I feel sorry for Ken, he really should drop the smug, superior tone. He scoffs at Deidre’s desire to feel like a school girl again, yet it wasn’t long ago that he decided to finish writing his novel and became a first-class poser. Remember how he bored everyone with plans to complete a manuscript from his university days? And how he took to wearing a sweater tossed casually over his shoulders? Goof.

  4. Gayle says:

    lovethestreet, I agree completely with your comments. I was thinking the exact same thing! The pair of them should split they are obviously bored and unhappy. Time to move on.

  5. haili says:

    I suppose there are a lot of married couples like the Barlows – too lazy to find other accommodation. Ken has no room to talk except that Dierdre and Blanche were both really nasty to him most of the time. Dierdre seemed to take out all her Tracy problems on him. I would have been tempted to retreat to a barge too. She didn’t even want him to have an attic retreat.

  6. Modge says:

    Any decent pearl necklace would have been individually knotted between the pearls…the way Audrey’s clattered to the ground and bounced around in all directions, he must’ve picked those up at the market or somewhere. I guess that’s a metaphor for Audrey’s adventure with Lewis -all flash, with no security or substance.

    • Long Time Lurker says:

      Very well said, Modge, and good point about the pearl necklace!

      • missusmac says:

        Claudia said it was a fake necklace. Not sure if I like Claudia, but I liked her in this scene!

    • jacqui583 says:

      I had the same thoughts about the pearls – good sets are individually knotted. Having them clatter on the floor added some drama though. Missusmac, I missed that comment from Claudia. Thanks for pointing it out.

  7. Trudy says:

    I liked the reference to the Manchester tart – then it being thrown in Deidre’s face. It’s little things like that that Corrie does best.

  8. haili says:

    I really get a kick out of Claudia and hope she’s around for awhile. Her remarks are really funny.

    What ever happened to Pam?

    • Long Time Lurker says:

      I was wondering about Pam as well, especially with Bill talking about all of his retirement plans. Aren’t they still together or did I miss a break up?

      • eps says:

        And where is Tina hiding? Is their apt. still for sale? Did Ozzy come back with Maria? Is Janice on vacation? Since the NHL Finals I have missed more episodes than usual.

        I really think that the actress who plays Leanne has become a much better performer. I was quite impressed with some of her scenes last week, especially compared to Sally who always sounds strident to me even when she is speaking quietly. Now, if only Nick would have an accident, be covered in bandages and recover restored to his previous self – the one Leanne married rather than this one who looks almost old enough to be her father.

  9. Bea says:

    Talk about loose ends. I thought that Ozzie stayed in Weatherfield with Kirk who was house sitting for Maria while she was in Ireland. I think I heard someone say that Janice was visiting Toya. And, yes, where is Pam?

  10. jacqui583 says:

    The last I saw Tina she was riding off into the sunset in Graeme’s rickshaw. I’ve heard that they are only allowed to work so many weeks per year so they all seem to be on some sort of rotation.

    I agree with Eps that Leanne has improved as an actress, but I also think the writers have made her more likeable. And I can’t stand this Nick, or his constant pained expression.

    On another note, Diedre showed some stellar acting the night before when the cctv was watched the first time in the bookie’s. She knew what was coming and was desparate to turn it off.

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