Update for Tuesday, June 21. Perfect Day

I go away for a few weeks and look what happens! Roy and Hayley make it legal and Sophie and Sian are coming out.

As a fight brewed on the wedding train over who was responsible for Aadi’s brain damage, Claire blurted out that Sophie and Sian were not minding the kids because they were too busy kissing each other. Sally objects, saying that that’s the worst thing you can accuse someone of as Séan and Julie object to her objections. Sian and Sophie take off and Sally and Kevin storm off as well.

After it was arranged that the wedding party would get to the venue by Thomas the Tank Engine, Roy experienced the unfamiliar emotions of joy and delight. Unfortunately, Mary undid the coupling, leaving the bridal caboose to come undone.

So Becky and Fizz found a pump wagon on a branch line and so they are pumping furiously to get Hayley to the church civil wedding venue on time. Hayley, for her part tries to look as dignified as possible.

Eventually they do make it to the venue as Becky and Fizz are looking worse for wear  but Hayley has come through unscathed.

As the wedding gets underway, Sian and Sophie are worried about what Claire’s outing is going to do to their relationship. Sophie worries that they’ll have to see less of each other to avoid rumours.

Hayley walks down the aisle as <strike>New Directions</strike> Sophie’s choir sings “Lean on Me”. Vows are read, rings are exchanged, and it’s all official.

Back on the street, Mary sits at the bar while Ciaran and Michelle flirt with each other. She’s regretting what she did, especially when Sean texted Michelle that it was a “train crash” but when he later texted
“full steam ahead” she was relieved.

At the reception, Roy gave a lovely toast to Hayley: “We stayed still and the world came round to meet us. The world can change its rules, its laws, and its opinions as frequently as it chooses. But I will remain standing beside you. That will not change.”

Trouble is still brewing between the Peacocks and the Websters over Claire’s accusations. And so as Roy and Hayley dance to the choir’s rendition of Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day”, the Websters take off.

Back on the street Leanne and Simon see Ashley returning from the wedding, complaining that everyone thinks Claire is crazy and hurt Aadi. Ashley says when  he does find the person who hurt him, he’s going to give him a smack. Simon is feeling extremely guilty right now.

Back at the wedding, Roy and Hayley drive off in the Woody.

At the Websters, Kevin tells Sophie that if there is anything she wants to tell him, she can. She thinks he means Sian but really he means Aadi and so Sophie gets angry and storms upstairs, only to come downstairs where she tells Kevin that what Claire said was true: she and Sian are together.

How will Kevin react? Find out tomorrow.

“Larry Hagman? Awesome!”

Ken told Emily that Susan, his ex who wrote that letter 50 years ago has had a son named Lawrence and he’s going to track him down.

Mary: “You know that saying, ‘Always a bridesmaid, never a bride’? Well, with Mother it was ‘Our Mary, she won’t even make bridesmaid?'”

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5 Responses to Update for Tuesday, June 21. Perfect Day

  1. Mary Prankster says:

    Welcome back, John. You’ve been missed. You picked a good episode to return with. It struck all the right Corrie notes.

  2. Long Time Lurker says:

    Hope your move went well John. Thanks so much for the update. No one can handle a pump wagon; bridemaid dress and ciggy like Becky – just priceless – she really deserves to be a mother!

  3. eps says:

    Oh what bliss, what unadulterated joy: John returns from the move with an excellent update, the hockey finals are done for the year and the Street is back home at it’s 6:30 time slot.

    Wasn’t Peter’s sister named Susan and didn’t she have a relationship with Mike Baldwin that set up the initial friction between them (before Deedrah’s fling with Mike)?
    Kudos to John, Fiz, Becky and Ches for arranging such a fine wedding delivery system. I did feel sorry for Mary. She appears to have had few occasions for joy in her life. Natasha is as scary as Mary to me, at least. However, Nick the Scuzbo deserves no better.

  4. lovethestreet says:

    Delighted to check the site today and see an update! Thanks, John. I hope your move went well, and you have not had to miss any episodes as of late.
    As unrealistic as the wedding has been, I have enjoyed it tremendously: Norris hoarding his boiled sweets on the bus, Rosie’s snipes at her former captor — who is busy leading a sing-son, Rita and Emily with their hats, Sally with her pretensions, Kevin with a red tie, Janice with her cans, Chesney and Roy shovelling coal, Haley and her bridesmaids and their off-colour jokes, Kathy Bates in Misery — oops, I mean Mary — Roy’s beautiful speech, and the BEST first dance song ever!

  5. haili says:

    Good update for a good episode. I really enjoyed both. It was so much fun to see Hailey standing there like Britannia while Becky and Fizz pumped and the scenery was beautiful.

    Too bad we have the mumbling girls now in a story line and Becky’s sister is just about as bad IMO.

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