Captain’s Log – Stardate 64907.9 Update for Week of June 13 – 17

“Ensign Aadi Alahan has joined the Enterprise.  I was surprised to learn that he had brought with him his own red shirt.  I later discovered that he only owns red shirts.”

Because seriously, between locking himself on balconies, throwing himself in front of cars and sustaining head injuries…this kid will be lucky to see 8.

But on with the update, and yes, it’s for last week.  Trying to play catch up with our updates and let you all have a chance to discuss what’s been going on on the ‘street’.

Redshirts and Children’s Services

So our first bit of the Alahans this week seek Dev telling Sunita that he’s arranged a minibreak for them and has booked Claire to take care of the twins.   As they are yakking about this Aadi decides to throw his body in front of a moving vehicle (which imo was going way too fast for a residential street) and is narrowly hit if it weren’t from   Dev pulling him back from the brink of  danger.

Dev is, understandably upset and grabs Aadi by both arms and gives him a stern talking too.    The driver of the car, meanwhile, has carried on his/her way to speed/swerve around children, kittens, squirrels, nuns and Ronnie Corbett.

Later at the Peacock’s just after Dev and Sunita leave for the trip, Claire gets a call saying that her mother has taken ill and is in the hospital.  She runs over to the corner shop where Sian and Sophie are working.  Sophie says she’ll watch all the kids while Claire goes to be with her mom.

Sophie is over at the Peacocks and pops upstairs for a minute leaving Aadi and Simon (whom Claire was also babysitting) together on the couch.  The boys fight over some toy resulting in Aadi falling off the couch and bumping his head, which of course Sophie misses while she is out of the room.

Claire returns after finding out that her mother was just suffering from indigestion or something like that and is with the kiddies until Sunita picks the twins up the next day.

Of course everyone makes a comment on how listless Aadi is in the morning, but it’s chalked up to him being tired after all the slumber party excitement the previous evening.  Sunita says she’ll probably put him down for a nap when they get home.  (Oh noes!).

Later Sunita tries to wake Aadi up from his couch nap and realizes that he is unconscious and calls for an ambulance.   She can’t reach Dev because he’s on the golf course with his mobile turned off, but once he’s on the street he’s told what happened and rushes off the emergency.

At the hospital they meet with the brain surgeon who will be operating on Aadi as his condition is pretty dire.

He quickly explains to them what will happen but tells them not to worry, he knows what he’s doing – it’s not like this is brain surgery or anything…..oh wait…that’s EXACTLY what it is!  (Never mind, if he gets stuck he’ll call his friend, the rocket scientist to come help).

Later on after the surgery we find out that Aadi has come out the operation okay and is stable.  The doctor however, has a few questions for the Alahans about how the child hurt himself to begin with. The tell him that they haven’t a clue, that they hadn’t seen him fall or anything.

Enter the social workers.  Now, I thought this was a little extreme because don’t kids fall all the time and it’s not like Dev and Sunita have been bringing in their kids every other week with new injuries.  Then the one social worker asks about the bruises on Aadi’s arm …..which of course he got when Dev was scolding him after the near miss with the car.

After a long line of questioning, Dev finally remembers this incident and explains to the social workers what happened.  The case workers end the interview saying that they have all they need, but now the Alanhans are worried that they don’t believe Dev.

The next day they visit Aadi, who is now out of danger, and get to talk to the social workers again.  They want to know  who else was caring for the twins before Aadi got his injury.  They send them on to the Peacocks to speak to Claire.

Claire co-operates with them, but when they ask if anyone else she lies saying she was the only one.  When they leave Ashley asks why she lied and she explains that she didn’t want Sophie and Sian to get into trouble for no reason.  (This after she asked Sophie if anything happened to Aadi while she was in charge. Sophie says no because remember, she was upstairs when Aadi fall down and go boom.).

This all leads to Claire being pissed that the Alahans sent the social workers over to her house and we get a classic blow out right on the street for all the world to see – culminating in Dev bringing up Claire’s post partum depression and how he’s going to make damn sure she never cares for anyone else’s kids ever again.  So there!

Neat side note: Simon, Simon is keeping very quiet about what happened to Aadi, afraid that he’ll be in BIG freakin’ trouble.  He asks Peter if Aadi is okay, does it really matter if people know how he hurt himself?  Peter explains that the powers that be want to know….and that keeps Simon even more quiet and not really wanting to go visit Aadi in the ‘opital.

Smoking Gun and Smoking Bex

So Becky and Steve are in interview with the adoption council to see if they would be fit parents.  Remember that before the interview, Becky stepped out and bummed a smoke off of some gal outside the building.   Guess who’s party of the board to determine their fitness as parents?  Yep, the smoking buddy.

When the smoking lady asks if they are still non-smokers , Becky confesses.   She explains that they aren’t smoking and that the smoke outside was a one off because she was nervous.

Unfortunately, the decision of the panel is ‘no’ to them adopting.  When Becky interrupts with a lot of screaming, the chair explains that the decision wasn’t based on the cigarette, it’s more complicated.   (For instance, anger management issues that cause you to lose your temper and not let people freakin’ finish their sentences.)

At this point Becky accuses the smoking gal of tricking her and tells that board that she will never forget this, and that they had ‘better watch over their shoulders because one day she will have them’.

Why, oh why won’t they give Becky a child?

Dawn, the case worker apologizes to them after telling them that it REALLY wasn’t about  the smoking…the panel was concerned about how quick they decided to adopt after  the miscarriage, that they weren’t  confident in Steve/Becky’s relationship (for some reason), and that they weren’t happy with not happy with all the references.

At this point Becky demands that Dawn break professional confidentiality and tell her who gave the bad reference.  I think she actually threatens Dawn who coughs up the name of Becky’s half sister, Kylie.

Storming off in anger, Becky says to Steve ‘You should have let me smack one of them, I’d feel loads better if one of them was in an ambulance’.

Yeah, I think it was the smoking that killed the deal for adoption…and not Becky’s anger issues.

And this is where I start really disliking this character once again.  Becky’s on a pity party, she pushes away Steve and when Liz comforts her and tells her she be with Steve, Becky tells her that she just wants to be on her own.

Why weren’t the panel confident in their relationship again?

The next day, Dawn shows up at the Rovers to talk over where to go from there with the adoption process.   This might be an opportunity for Becky and Steve to learn in more depth about panel’s concerns and try to make a game plan to address those concerns in their lives.

Or it could be an opportunity for Becky to riffle through Dawn’s file the minute she goes to the loo and get Kylie’s address.

We Should Be So Lucky

So Becky pays a visit to her sister Kylie where she forces her way into her home and a physical altercation immediately ensues.  It ends with Kylie locking herself in the closet while the sister bond over stories of stepdads molesting stepdaughters, negligent mothers and runaway teens.  Becky makes a comment about how their mother is dead, which brings Kylie out of the closet as she didn’t know mom had got the great council flat in the sky.

Over tea, Kylie explains how she’s really made a good life for herself and how she’s married an airline pilot and they all live in this lovely house, able to put her horrid past behind her and enter her new life of domestic bliss.  This of course all comes crashing down when the owner of the house (a pilot!) comes in and asks who the hell they are.

Okay, to make a long story short….Becky takes Kylie home with her and tells everyone that Kylie’s going to be living with them now.   All is fine until Kylie makes moves on Ciaran, which, of course, kind of upsets Michelle.  After a lot of nasty comments, Michelle finally decides to punch Kylie,  but her fist lands on Becky and that results in Michelle getting fired and Ciaran quitting.

After all this Kylie takes off so Becky and Steve go off to find her.  After bribing and threatening some dude at one of Kylie’s haunts, they find her at the home of the foster parents of her SON, Max.  Yep, Becky is an aunt.

Kylie explains that Max was taken from her by child services (probably because she was smoking) and now she can only see him at his foster parents.

Meanwhile, Steve makes very bizarre noises while playing with Max.


So Natasha is faking still being pregnant and in true SWF fashion, she is complaining of all the same symptoms that Fizz has.  Except she’s got an additional pregnancy symptom – she’s ‘frisky’ all the time.  (Re: desperately trying to get knocked up again).

Things go a bit weird when John convinces them to join some prenatal class and who should be the instructor, but Natasha’s paediatrician.

Side note – I loved when Janice said, ‘Baby Fizz Bomb’.

 Sophie and Sian

Sophie gets her exam results (via TEXT!) and she comes out with all ‘A’s except, ironically enough in religious studies where she gets a ‘B’.  All the family is happy for her and Kevin wonders if they can let her see Sian again.   Sally sticks by her guns, saying that Sophie needs to be punished for lying to them.

Speaking of lying….Sian kept Sophie company during  Aadi watch 2010,  an unbeknownst to them, Claire actually saw them smooching on the couch.  Claire, not wanting to upset them went back out and made a lot of noise coming in.    Sophie asked Claire if she could be ‘mum’ about Sian being there because Sally didn’t want them to see each other.  Claire agreed, in that kind of nodding ‘tight lipped ‘ kind of way.

(Later she tells Ashley about the two girls which leads Ashley to suppose that the girls aren’t really gay, they were just ‘practicing’ kissing.  Sure.  Anyway, he says, it’s really none of their business.)

The next day, we find Sally at home, far too hung over for Haley’s hen party.  Sophie addresses the fact that Sally wants Sophie’s choir to sing at Haley’s wedding and confesses that Sian is in the choir.  She tells Sally that she totally hates keeping secrets from her, totally.

He’s Just Not That Into You

Eileen and Owen have been running about town, but it seems that Owen might have designs on Liz instead.

He seems to dig Eileen’s company but passes on the opportunity when she drunkenly invites him for ‘Boom Boom Boom, Let’s Go Back to My Room’.   Eileen admits the next day that she probably was too much of a drunken mess to be sexually appealing at that point.

Owen gives her some advice on making an offer for her house, which is going up for sale – which seemed to work.   Later on, she helps him sort out papers at his work and he offers her a job as an admin assistant.

Even I can’t read the signals here, but I don’t really see him being that into her.

Haley’s Hen Do

The night has arrived, and a worried Haley has to be dragged into the Rovers by Fizz before they go out for wild night of debauchery.   Quote Fizz, ‘You do not want to hit canal street sober, it’s like seeing your grandmother naked. ‘

There they are greeted by ‘Dr. Bex’ and a group of ladies (Janice, Anna, etc) dressed in equally revealing nurses’ uniforms.  They have the whole night planned for her, starting with a blindfold and a secret mystery cab ride to their final destination….Roy’s Rolls.

The café has been decorated to the nines including Roy as Juan, the pool boy and music reminiscent of the cantina scene in Star Wars.

Because he could not join them, Sean sends one of his friends as a bare chested Zorro, there to dance with the lovely Haley.  This seems to do the trick because at the end of it, Haley actually passes out!

Oh, yes, Mary wasn’t invited until the last minute, but refused as her usual schedule on a Friday night is to enjoy a nice fish dinner.  She tells them that she will leave them to their debauchery in order to enjoy an nice cod.   This is apparently code for, ‘Stalk the hen party from across the road in my van and a pair of binoculars.

Love Letters In the Sideboards

Emily has found a mouse in the house and asks Norris to deal with it as she is terrified of the wee timorous beastie.  Norris deals with the mouse but finds a envelope addressed to Ken from the 1960s.

As a bit of a backstory, Emily’s house is where Ken’s parents had lived and where he spent his formative years.  The house he lives in currently he didn’t move into until the 70s.

So the letter is from an old flame of his ‘Susan’ and Ken seems to be tickled with the attention from years gone by.  He keeps insisting that he reads the letter to Deidre, who has absolutely no interest in it whatsoever.

Deidre latter tells Liz that she’s learn that the secret to happiness is to just not  listen to Ken at all.

Why are these two together again?

Roy’s Stag Night

Ken has set up a stag night  (i.e. A night of quiet contemplation) for Roy at the pub.  In attendance are three people and as a special treat for Roy, ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ makes an appearance for a quick pint before heading off to Bristol to star in ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ (He plays Earnest).

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4 Responses to Captain’s Log – Stardate 64907.9 Update for Week of June 13 – 17

  1. Bea says:

    My favorite part is where Becky and Steve play good cop, bad cop with the guy in the stairwell.

  2. eila says:

    I think I see now where Steve & Becks are going to get a kid.

  3. Trudy says:

    Smoking update!!!

  4. missusmac says:

    So wonderful to see these updates again! Thanks so much, even more enjoyable than the show.

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