Update for Wednesday, June 22: Bye-Bye Closet

Our Sophie

Morning at the Websters’. Rosie is moaning because everyone thinks she has a lesbian sister. Sophie wants to know when it became all about Rosie. Sally surmises that Claire’s allegations stem from the fact that she is just bitter, not mentally-ill. Sally says that what Sophie and Sian have is called friendship and “there are no dungarees worn in this house, thank you very much!” To which Sophie looks progressively crestfallen and exchanges looks with her father.

Later, Sophie and Kevin talk on the couch.

In light of Sally’s unpleasant comments, Sophie remains reluctant to tell her mom she is gay. Kevin gently suggests that Sophie might be confused as she’s only 15. Sophie makes it clear that she isn’t confused, and thinks it’s disrespectful to be told so. She says Sian was bricking it about telling her dad, and she was also afraid to tell Kevin, fearing he’d be disappointed. She asks whether her dad ever thought about kissing a dude, like Tyrone or Ashley. Kevin says no, did Sophie ever want to kiss Tyrone or Ashley? She doesn’t want Sally to know because Sally will get mad and stop her from seeing Sian and it will also stress her mother out. Kevin reinforces that he respects his daughter and would never be disappointed in her.

In the street, the Alahans encounter Claire. She asks how Adi is, and Dev is caustic in return. Despite Claire’s obvious concern, they think Claire just wants to save her own neck. Sally storms out then, gets up in Claire’s face and yells that she’s going to sue Claire for slandering Sophie. Kevin stands mutely by.

Sophie meets Sian in the alley behind the houses. They girls think everyone is looking at them funny. Sian freaks out when Sophie mentions she confided in Kevin, and that it went well. Sian fears it’s only a matter of time before her own parents find out and kill her. Ryan Conner saunters by and chirps, “The cat’s out of the bag, girls!” Sophie and Sian decide to run away so they can be together in peace.

Sally drops by the garage to apologize, and wants Kevin to do the same, for not backing her up when she screamed at Claire. Kevin asks if it would be so bad if Sophie were gay…and spills Sophie’s confidence, apparently unable to lie to the mother of his child. Sally. Not Molly.

At home, Sophie comes downstairs with her running-away-bag. Rosie, ready for work in her roller-chick outfit and neon red lipstick, figures out what Sophie is up to. She confronts her in the kitchen. Sophie bursts into tears and confesses the truth to Rosie. Rosie is devastated that Sophie didn’t tell her. She says she wishes she was the kind of sister Sophie could talk to. Sophie thanks Rosie for supporting her, even if belatedly. Rosie gives Sophie all the money she has in her purse, 23 pounds, and they hug tearfully.

Meanwhile, the Websters are in the Rovers discussing the situation and Sally wants to know why Sophie confided in Kevin and not in her. Kevin points out that Sophie could have been put off by Sally’s anti-gay comments made earlier. Sally worries that Sophie will have a much harder life for being gay.

Now on the bus, Sophie and Sian ponder their future as runaways to Scarborough, where there are bar and waitressing jobs. They add up whatever money and snacks they have between them, à la Simon and Garfunkel. Sophie mentions that she told Rosie, and Rosie was cool.

Sally and Kevin return home to find Sophie gone, and Rosie gives Sally a note Sophie left. “We’re too late,” Sally cries.” We’ve got to find her!”

Our Kylie 

In back of the Rovers, Becky lies prone on the couch with an ice-bag on her head and a fag in her mouth as she nurses her hangover. She is having words with Liz over Michelle’s reinstallment as a barmaid. Becky says it’s clear Michelle should remain sacked, as “she had a go at our Kylie,” Liz shoots daggers at Kylie, who sits across the table from her.

Later, on the smokin’ patio at the Rover’s, Liz and Kylie chat.  Kylie spots Steve’s shiny, barely-used motorbike under it’s tarp. Liz elaborates that’ it’s only been ridden twice. Kylie goes off with Becky for a day of shopping.

That afternoon, in Roy’s, Kylie is showing off the results of her shopping day with Becky. Kylie is complaining that social services will never see her as a fit mother. She laments that she’s a “scumbag”. Mary comes in then and Becky strongly hints that forensics is dusting for “big, fat fingerprints” to try and figure out how the train mysteriously uncoupled. After Mary’s attempted confinement of Norris on the Moors, I find it odd that Mary is actually still wandering the neighbourhood freely.

On the smokin’ patio, Liz is on her seventieth fag of the day and chews Steve out for being late. Liz says Steve needs to set Becky straight about Michelle. Then Liz then notices that Steve’s bike is…..gone! Gone!

Becky and Kylie swan into the Rovers, and Steve makes no bones about the fact that he thinks Kylie knicked his bike. Out back, Liz is still peering under the tarp and having a fag.

As she is joined by Steve, Becky and Kylie, she accuses Kylie point blank. Becky says that there is no evidence against Kylie, who was with her all afternoon. At a crossroads, Liz grudgingly drops it for the moment.

Lastly, in the back alley, Kylie is meeting the scumbag dude from the shelter. He is paying her cash, after having stolen Steve’s bike.

 Our Natasha

Mary sits on the Maxine Peacock bench, wolfing a box of cakes and covered in crumbs. Natasha passes by and excuses the cakes, “life’s too short!” “No,” murmurs Mary, “too long.”

C'mon people. For real.

Natasha is closing up Audrey’s outside, and talking to Nick. She fabricates a lie, saying she barely made her scan appointment and to prove it, shows Nick Fiz’s ultrasound picture. Fiz sees this from across the street and puts two and two together. When Nick walks away, she asks for a look at Natasha’s scan, which is of course her own. She asks why Natasha would do something so demented. They go up to Natasha’s to talk. Natasha tries to apologize to Fiz, who thinks the act was just plain weird. Natasha explains that she’s not pregnant….but was.

Fiz becomes instantly sympathetic as Natasha blubbers that Nick only wants her for the baby and she’ll lose him if he finds out. Natasha further explains that she’ll get pregnant any day now. Fiz urges her to tell Nick anyway.







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8 Responses to Update for Wednesday, June 22: Bye-Bye Closet

  1. haili says:

    I too wonder why Mary is still around and why Norris has anything to do with her after his experience at the cottage.

    Why Liz finds Michelle so indispensable is beyond me too as she never does any work. Maybe she just enjoys aggravating Becky. Also, why Michelle got so upset with Kylie that she tried to punch her – just for flirting with Keiran is a mystery to me also.

    Also, re. Natasha, having so much sex immediately after an abortion just doesn’t seem normal either but what do I know? It would seem healthier to wait a few days at least.

    They are a strange bunch on the street these days.

  2. Barbie says:

    What a happy day. I thought I’d take a look to see if the episode I missed was was posted here, and it was (thank you John). Then I find posts from you and from Glacia. Yahoo, I really missed you guys.

  3. Trudy says:

    I loved Sally’s comments…..Mary Queen of Shops is gay – and we love that show……

  4. markdaye says:

    Thanks for the great update, I’ve missed them!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Sally Webster is a COW! I can’t wait to see something horrible happen to her. Sophie is one of my favourite characters, I love her unbeleivably difficult to understand accent!
    Kevin can be surprisingly cosmopolitan on the rare occasions when he lifts his knuckles off the ground.

    Mary is a freak, I love her!!!

    Thanks again.

  5. Bea says:

    I feel sorry for Natasha. She will do anything to keep a man. How low will she go?

  6. haili says:

    The actress who plays Natasha is doing a great job. I have empathy for the character now though her neediness was bugging me for the first while. Leanne is another one who gets my empathy for some reason – and Becky; Kylie, not so much.

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