Update for Thursday, June 23, 2011: Secrets from the cobbles

Run, Run, Run, Run, Runaway

It’s morning and Kevin’s been driving around looking for Sophie most of the night.  Sally’s been ringing all of Sophie’s former friends.  Sally’s blaming herself  and Kevin says it really wasn’t her fault.  Also, it’s Kevin’s birthday, but no one is in the mood to celebrate.

Weatherfield’s finest are at the Websters and get the deets from Sally.  After showing them the note left behind by Sophie, and Sally reluctantly informs the PC that Sophie and Sian have been in a secret relationship and they were only recently forced out of the closet.  (Thanks Claire!)  The PC says that Sophie will more than likely come back on her own, but they will do their best to find Sophie.  Bill and Kevin plan to cover different territory and search for Sophie.  The neighbours are starting to catch wind of Sophie’s flight.   Some are worried, others are gossipy.  Interestingly, church bells are ringing in the background.

The Peacocks have heard about Sophie too and Claire is blaming herself.  Ashley wonders if Sophie and Sian ran because they were negligent with Aadi and Claire comments that she wishes she could just run away at times…

Claire sees the Alahans and, having finally learned from her past mistakes, she asks about Aadi before launching an attack.    Dev is nasty, Ashley defends Claire and then informs the Alahans that Sophie and Sian flew the coop, and implies that they are guilty of something.  The pressure is getting to Claire, and she says that she’s going to (hide) stay at her mother’s.  Way to go Claire – you’ve managed to turn 2 families’ crises into it being all your cross to bear.  Way. To. Go.

Shoot to the pub where Sally is sitting with Rita, who is trying to reassure Sally that Sophie will be fine, but nothing helps.  Eddie makes a stupid comment about Sophie and Sian running off because they were involved in Aadi’s mishap.  Sally is offended, clearly and Rita calls him out on it.  Michelle says that Eddie needs a spam filter between his brain and his gob!

Sophie calls home and talks to Rosie.  She won’t disclose any info but insists she’s fine.  (Maybe she’s in the shed behind Anna and Eddie’s.  That’s been a popular hideout over the years.)  Sally grabs the phone, but as soon as Sophie hears her mother’s voice, she hangs up.  Oh Sally…

The Great Pretender

Nick is gushing about baby names to Natasha and suggests Arthur.  If this pregnancy were real, and if a son were borne, do you think they’d end up with this kind of Arthur or that kind of Arthur?   I’d venture a guess they’d never spawn this kind of Arthur.  Now Nick is using Fiz as his own personal pregnancy resource, which is not sitting well at all.

Later in the pub, Fiz is urging Natasha to tell Nick the truth.  Being the level-headed pragmatic woman she is, Natasha refuses and says that she may lose Nick if she fesses up.  Also, she may be pregnant because ‘something doesn’t feel right.’  I’d bet my bottom dollar that a dodgy kabob from Dev’s shop is responsible for that.  Nick comes back to the table and brings up baby names again.  Fiz says that it’s bad luck to discuss names in the first trimester and Natasha looks relieved.  Aside:  She’s already shown Nick her Fiz’s 12 week scan, which means she’d be in trimester 2.  If he’s that stupid with math, her plan could actually work.  I doubt that, however, because this is Coronation Street, after all.

Stealing Baby

Kylie gets lollie from her proceeds of the sale of Steve’s bike and heads to the Kabin to get a wee gifty for Max.  Norris is shocked that she has a £50 note to pay for a fire engine, wrapping paper and a card.  Later when Becky sees the truck, Kylie says she pawned her rings for it and also gives Becky some money for a top she received yesterday.  Becky is dead impressed and praises her little sis.  Kylie says that she really wants Max back, and Becky says if she keeps this up, that is what will happen.

Becky and Kylie show up at the foster home for Max’s birthday party.  Kylie plays with Max and Becky talks to the foster parents about red tape, etc.  They light Max’s candles and wishes (aloud) that he could always be with his mummy.  Aw – so sweet.

After Kylie is told that it’s time for them to leave, Becky convinces them that they should let Kylie takes Max to the loo.  After many minutes pass, they realize that Kylie took Max.  Aw – wishes do come true!  The foster parents think that Becky was in on the whole thing and calls the police.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy

Emily is visiting Ken and discussing his upcoming visit with Lawrence, his long-lost son spawned with Susan.  Seriously, Ken has more sprogs sprinkled around than The Govenator.  Ken waxes poetically about the importance that Susan played in his life, as Ken typically does.  Emily has to remind him that Deirdre has played a much bigger (and long-term) part of his life.

Deirdre arrives home and greets Emily, who proceeds to fill Deirdre on all of the dirt news about Susan and Lawrence.  Ken says that Lawrence is coming by for tea today, and this sparks a row.  Ken is very nervous so his actually straightens the salon and fluffs pillows.  There is a knock at the door and in walks Lawrence.  They stand side-by-side and the parallels are uncanny:  both are in dark jackets, white shirt, and their hair is similar. When Deirdre asks if they’d like a cuppa, they turn and say together “Cup of tea sounds great!”  Me thinks this is going to be a long and exhausting evening for Deirdre.

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13 Responses to Update for Thursday, June 23, 2011: Secrets from the cobbles

  1. Bea says:

    Lawrence looks just like Ken in the really old episodes in the 60’s.

  2. missusmac says:

    I don’t know who to feel more sorry for: ken, deidre or spawn of ken. What a tangled triangle!

  3. lovethestreet says:

    The writers must have had fun putting together Lawrence. The same sports jacket, hair-do and everything! It was very, very amusing.

    My sympathies right now are with Natasha. Yes, she is a daft cow, but ever since the episode with her doctor’s appointment — the one where she resembled a starving, unloved kitten in the rain — I’ve felt kind of sad for her. It’s especially pitiful that she finds Nick something special.

    • eila says:

      Really pitiful. Yecch.

      • Long Time Lurker says:

        I used to feel sorry for Natasha but I think she’s crossed that line to crazy lady now and is losing touch with reality. I hate to be indelicate but why doesn’t she pretend that she has had a miscarriage, during the day, while Nick is at work? If she’s going to lie, that one doesn’t involve eventual fake pregnancy padding. And speaking of a fake pregancy, didn’t the music teacher’s wife do this in Glee last season? And that didn’t end well.

  4. S. Poole says:

    Becky can’t be that daft, Steve’s bike is stolen and her sis is suddenly splashing money around, come on. Liz to the rescue again.

    Like the simulcast Ken and Lawrence answers, a refreshing bit of levity with all the other stuff going on at the moment.

  5. haili says:

    I love the blast from the past – Ken has a new son! I hope they get to be buddies and enjoy lots of long conversations. God knows the man needs someone to talk to and escape from the shrewish Dierdre!

    I could understand Becky defending her sister after Liz and Steve jumped to the conclusion that it was Becky who stole the bike. After all, they were together all afternoon.

    I feel a bit sad for Natasha too. No good will come of all this.

  6. Gayle says:

    Why didn’t Steve call the police and report his bike stolen? I don’t like Kylie whatsoever.

  7. papasmurf1964 says:

    The son Lawrence Cunningham (Linus Roache) is the real life son of Ken Barlow (Bill Roache) so the resemblance is understandable. Linus Roache also played the role of Peter Barlow back in the 1970’s.

    • thepinklady says:

      Thanks for this Papa Smurf! I had forgotten about that when writing the update. And the whole time I was watching the scenes, I was thinking ‘Is that the DA from Law and Order?’ Mystery solved!

  8. haili says:

    Steve did report his bike stolen. He said the insurance co. would only pay half of what it was worth.

    Dierdre is really cranky these days for some reason, as if it was Ken’s fault she got caught snogging on the bookie camera. She was much nicer after his affair with Martha. I wonder if the actress is thinking of leaving the show – and the marriage.

  9. beanie says:

    I would be very bored with Ken finding another son…but it’s Bill’s real life son who I adore!!!! Funny how Law and Order is ever so Corrie now with Linus Roache as DA in the US version and our beloved Danny Boy in the UK one.

  10. Thel Haug says:

    I loved your update very much! Thank you for going to the extra comedic footnotes, such as The Govenator (Arnie), the most disgusting-looking page of too much baby advice; my favourite was Arthur.
    As for Corrie, itself, I feel no pity for Mary, nor Norris and have decided that Steve has become a slob. Anyone remember the trials and tribs he suffered over Karen? We know he can do better than this for Becky. She is a feisty wife (who I really like) but Steve has no sense of fun anymore. I guess something in his spirit, reflected by his tight blue jean jacket, has gone. How sad!
    And I hope Claire doesn’t lose it again. She is charming and fun to be around…the neighbourhood accepts her less than they do the Windasses. Hmmm.

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