Update for Wednesday June 28. You’re Having My Baby

Molly is in major labour pains as Kevin frantically tries to get Tyrone on the line. Unfortunately, Tyrone is stuck behind a big truck on a one way street. The driver is very slowly unloading several boxes of cat food and is unsympathetic to Tyrone’s plight. When he refuses to move the truck, Tyrone gets into an altercation which results in the driver throwing Tyrone’s truck keys away.

Back at the Dobbs’ Molly is in major agony as Sally tries to calm her down. They may have well planted a statue of Kevin in this episode as he spends much of her labour standing there, hoping she doesn’t blurt out that the boy is (probably) his. She comes close but keeps it in.

Sally ends up helping Molly deliver the baby after giving up advising Molly not to push (“Well, you can’t now!”). The closer we get to the birth, the more Molly reminds me of someone but I can’t quite place.

Right. That’s it.

Meanwhile, failing to find the keys after the truck driver took off, Ty is trying to hot wire the truck as the line up of cars is honking angrily at him. He’s caught by the cops but quickly explains the situation. They drive him home just in time for the birth of a very clean one week old baby named Kevin Jr. (no, not really).

The Ken Barlow Family Tree

Ken is excited telling Emily about his plans to meet his new found grandson James. Emily thinks this is all going to too fast or maybe she’s disappointed in Ken’s evident lack of contrition for having sired yet another family out of wedlock.

“Did I say Lawrence is an English Lit professor?”

“Oh, how very grand!”

Anyway, when James arrives, Emily toddles off with a passing Look of Disapproval. Ken is delighted to hear that James is a musician with a politics degree. Then Lawrence shows up and Ken decides he’s going to be the peacemaker and let them hash it out.

Then Peter arrives and, if he wasn’t on orange juice, I’d swear he was drunk, starts slagging off Ken and his several surprise children. Ken has five children, four of whom are related by birth:

Peter (drunk)
Susan (deceased)
Lawrence (bigot)
Daniel (teenager)
Tracy (adopted, murderess)

Peter also mentions being shipped off to Scotland at age six for years when his mother died. And yet he kept his accent.

Ken and the Cunninghams retire to Number 1 to further talk about Lawrence and James’ issues with each other. As it turns out, the real source of friction was the fact that James is gay.

Secretly, Ken pumps his fist with a quiet, “Yes!” 

University prof son, gay musician grandson with a politics degree. It’s like Ken’s hit that middle-class liberal trifecta he’s always longed for.

Anyhow, here’s a brief history of Susan written by the always excellent Bluenose Corrie Blogger. She only appeared in four episodes but her first appearance was the show’s very first episode so I like how this story stretches all the way back to the very beginnings of Corrie.

In Which Dev is a Pig, Again

Sunita is feeling bad about blaming everyone for Aadi’s injury, especially Claire. Becky overhears this and says they should feel bad as Claire is as honest as the day is long and would never hurt a child when she’s not depressed.

The Dev does that thing that I hate parents doing: “You don’t have a child, do you? You wouldn’t understand.”

Not only does he rub her infertility in her face, but he suggests that child-free adults can’t experience empathy and the need to protect children because they haven’t had them themselves.

“Yeah, nice one, Dev.” Oh, I agree.

Kylie has decided to show her patriotism by snogging Gary Windass. Anna pulls her off him for fear her son is going to get the Clap. Because Gary is fighting World War II and not the War on Terror, apparently.


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7 Responses to Update for Wednesday June 28. You’re Having My Baby

  1. beanie says:

    Hilarious John, thank you. Now I have to stop laughing at the clap and WW11 if I ever want to sleep tonight. LOL

  2. Pantagruelle says:

    I wondered if Emily’s awkward reaction to James might be because she’s met him before. He did say that he works in a “charity shop”, as does our dear ol’ Emily. How many charity shops can there possibly be in Manchester? It seems like quite the coincidence that he’d just happen to have the same job as the only other person sitting there with Ken for their first meeting, and it’s not like Emily to scuttle off so quickly when she’s normally so polite and chit-chatty with everyone. Given her close relationship with Ken for so many years and concern for his well-being and involvement in bringing the letter to his attention, it would have been more in character for her to stick around and meet the new grandson, unless she already knows him.

  3. missusmac says:

    I wouldn’t let Kylie sit on my couch, let alone snog my son! I am really beginning to like the Anna character, and admire the ickiness that is Eddie. It takes a great actor to make me shudder every time I see him…

    Wonderful update, especially Molly’s labour picture.

  4. Gayle says:

    Missusmac I completely agree with you regarding Kylie. She certainly gives the impression of being the town bike.

    All the while Molly was moaning and groaning I kept saying to (myself) there is a medical centre across the street you idiots!

    Ken was getting on my nerves last night what a pompous jerk he is where does he get off bragging to Emily about how well educated his new son and grandson are? He did absolutely nothing to contribute to their upbringing. Then he interferes in the father and son disagreement?

    Having said all that I quite like James. Finally a young person on the street with class and brains.

  5. eps says:

    Wow, a virtual embarrassment of riches – another update.
    John, thank you so much, I had asked awhile ago about Ken having a daughter named Susan and evidently a girlfriend as well. Daughter Susan married Mike Baldwin, I believe, before wife Deedrah had a fling with Mike. Ken leads a life of quiet convolution, indeed.
    I’m curious whether daughter Susan came before or after girlfriend Susan. I think after so was she named after girlfriend? I’m surprised Peter hasn’t asked.

    I also wondered about the possible charity shop connection between new grandson and Emily. New grandson looks too young to be William Roach’s son, the ol’ dog.

    The home birth of baby Kevin really irritated me. It was too contrived. How could they not have accessed the medical center’s doctors? That was just stupid.

  6. eila says:

    Idiots is right. It took them nearly an entire episode to remember the number for 9-9-9.

  7. haili says:

    That birth was one of the most annoying, stupid episodes ever IMO. I kept telling her TAKE A CAB! but she didn’t listen but continued with the screaming and yelling. Then Kevin stood like a statue when he could have run across the street to the medical center and got a doctor. Why did it take so long for Ty to hot wire the truck? Thank goodness that’s over!

    I have a lot of sympathy for Ken these days since Peter and Dierdre are acting like Blanche all the time. Susan the girlfriend was his first that we saw and he didn’t know she was pregnant so why is he getting all this static from Dierdre who isn’t exactly the virgin Mary herself? The poor guy needs someone to talk to since all Dierdre ever does is nag and complain. Besides, I enjoy watching those guys. Linus reminds me of the young Ken.

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