Update for Wednesday, June 29: Who’s Yer Daddeh?

Tyrone and Molly welcome the bambino...

Tyrone is pushing his baby son’s pram down the street, bursting with pride. Leanne and Simon peek curiously into the pram and offer congratulations. They are joined by Ken. Natasha and Nick walk by but Natasha declines to look. Nick says he can’t wait for all the excitement that will surround their baby when it arrives.

Leanne tells Ken that Simon doesn’t seem himself. Ken invites Simon to have tea at their place that evening, and have a chat as Simon has been out of sorts.

Ken, feeling badly about how the conversation of the previous day ended, rings Lawrence and offers to get together with him and James again. Lawrence balks, saying that he does have a life to lead, but agrees in the end. Ken then tells Deirdre he is going off to Leeds and will miss lunch. Deirdre retorts that neither James nor Lawrence need Ken or his advice. But Ken thinks it would be noce to see Lawrence’s house anyway.

Becky is in Roy’s, imploring Roy to give Kylie a job. Roy agrees reluctantly, and obviously as a favour to Becky. Roy tells Kylie that she’s hired, stressing that hygiene and politeness are paramount. Kylie scoffs at the rate of pay, which is $6.50.

 Jack Duckworth and Connie arrive at the Dobbs’ to meet the new baby. Molly proudly cuddles her son, saying she’s doing well. Auntie Pam is in attendance, passing hushed comments periodically to Molly about Kevin. Jack sits down and is handed the wee baby, whereupon Tryone announces with pleasure that the baby is to be named ‘Jack’. This has the effect of reducing Big Jack to tears, and he kisses the baby’s head. Recalling that Jackie is the name of Tyrone’s batty, carnation-haired mom as well.

Sunita and Dev have learned that this is the day they are to pick up Adi at the hospital, at 4:30. They agree that they will collect Asha on the way.

Kevin is in the Kabin buying rolls of tape. Pam enters and pulls him aside for a little chat. Kevin says he doesn’t want anything to do with Molly or the baby. Norris is dying to know what has been said, but his curiosity goes unrewarded.

Ken has arrived at Lawrence’s place; a nice Audrey-sort of house with a lovely, modern garden and a solarium. James shows up and says they’re not going to chat at all if the chat is just an anti-gay rant. When Lawrence offers a drink, Ken asks for coffee and James says he can use his mug, which is bright pink and Lawrence bought it for him because of his orientation.

Sally is over at the Dobbs visiting. She chats with the new parents happily, saying that she feels bonded to the baby for having helped to deliver him. Tyrone throws Molly for a loop when he asks Sally if she and Kevin will be baby Jack’s godparents. Sally says she’d be delighted, while Molly stalls, saying she should ask Kevin first.

The newly-minted relatives debate over coffee...

James, Lawrence and Ken sit in the solarium chatting. It quickly becomes evident that Lawrence and James are estranged over James’ orientation, and Lawrence’s unwillingness or inability to accept it. We learn that James and his partner Ian have a flat. Lawrence grouses that it’s a dump. Lawrence says that it’s just James’ inclination to be gay and like an inclination to rob a bank, it should be suppressed.

Nick and Natasha are in Roy’s, Nick waxing on about the blissful first days of welcoming baby. Kylie serves them salads sulkily. They ask for some mayo, which Roy gives to Kylie, urging her to serve it with a smile.

Simon and Leanne show up at the Barlows’ for tea, only to learn that Ken is still in Leeds and only Deirdre is there. Leanne explains that Simon has been in a funny mood and Ken had hoped to chat with him about it. Deirdre offers Simon a cookie to make him feel better.

Ken continues moderating the discussion with his new family members, suggesting that they could still remain in touch, despite their polarity of opinions. It would appear, however that James and Lawrence are at a stalemate.

At home, the Webster’s lament receiving no word from Sophie. Sally tells Kevin that Ty and Molly have asked them to be godparents. “Tyrone and Molly?” Kevin wants clarified. Sally says that no, it was really Tyrone that had asked.

Mr. Jordan greets Dev, Sunita and Asha when they arrive at the hospital, and they are told to wait. The delay in Adi’s release has made them nervous.

Becky pops into Roy’s to see how Kylie is doing. The only compliment Roy can concoct is to say that Kylie is not intimidated by the general public. And this on the heels of Kylie swiping Norris’s teacup and saying he’s been in there too long and should shove off.

The two crop-haired social services workers turn up at the hospital. They inform the Alahans that, as the cause of Adi’s injury is still undetermined, both he and Asha will have to be removed from the Alahan home until (if!) their investigation can determine the children’s home is safe. The Allahan’s are horrified. Dev refuses and becomes infuriated. Sunita, however, says they will cooperate so as not to frighten the children.

Kevin comes to see Molly while Tyrone has stepped out. He tells Molly that he hadn’t planned to have anything to do with baby Jack. Molly angrily tells him he’s to come up with some excuse and decline the request to be godparents. Kevin begins to tell Molly that he is getting sick of being cast as the villain; it took both of them to get involved. Just then, Tyrone comes in. After some small talk, Kevin does an about-face and tells them that yes, he and Sally would love to be the baby’s godparents.

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5 Responses to Update for Wednesday, June 29: Who’s Yer Daddeh?

  1. haili says:

    That was a good scene with Jack and the baby and nice that they named the baby Jack after him. I’d forgotten about Jackie the weird grandma.

  2. eila says:

    I pretty much love any scene with our Jack in it.

  3. Long Time Lurker says:

    A wonderful update, Kunzie – thanks so much for that. I have yet to see one remdeeming quality in Kylie; she seems to have no sense of right and wrong. But she looks so familiar. It’s not like I watch any other British shows, but I keep thinking I’ve seen her in something before.

  4. barbee says:

    I am so enjoying the updates. Thank you very much.
    How could one possibly forget the odious Jackie Dobbs – one of the few characters who seemed to retain her awfulness right through. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jackie_Dobbs
    Unlike Becky and many others who went from loathed to loved. The actress who plays Kylie must be good – I think everyone shares Long Time Lurker’s opinion.
    Love having the Roach family on board – I hope this is a real eye-opener for Ken. But I think not. Sigh….

  5. Jennifer says:

    I am actually! waiting to see what is going to happen with Peter and Carla,I truly think Leanne likes the idea of Simon and not the idea of marrying Peter, well! He can marry Me anytime He wants, and Yes! He is so HOT! and SO SEXY! I don’t know what Leanne is thinking abour with Nick who is a total nerd and dork, and Peter is all man! oh! yeah! so is Cirian who yes! I also Love! and yes! who is also SO! HOT! and SO SEXY! to Me, Hello! to both him and Peter, I als think Ty is PRETTY! HOT! to and Molly with Kevin yuck!!!! what a Goof, if Ty finds out about Him and Molly He can turn to Me anytime….

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