Update for Tuesday, July 5. I think we can rule out Mick Hucknell

At the Peacocks’, Claire is still angry over how they were treated by Dev and Sunita. Ashley tries to talk her down but Claire makes the point that this is a deep wound and the sooner they can move away from Weatherfield, the better.

So, as the writers remembered that she works there from time to time, she gives her notice at the cab office. When she tells Ashley of this, he is insulted that she did not discuss it with him first.

“I am supposed to jump just because you say so?” he asks

“You do most of the time, anyway, why not now?”

Speaking of rash plans, Becky has another one of her brilliant ones – she’s going to go into court posing as the missing Kylie (who last night stole Mary’s caravan and bedded Private First Class Gary Windass). Steve talks her out of that plan, as well as her Plan B which involved unbottling her rage issues and screaming “HOW DARE YOU JUDGE ME?!?!” at the judge.

“If only I knew where my sister Kylie was at this very moment,” she might as well have said out loud to herself.

“Uh, she’s across the street at Gary Windass’ place,” says Izzy.

So Becky goes over and tricks Gary with the old “knock on the front door and burst in the back door”. She grabs Kylie, yelling at her about her kid (“Uh, kid?” says Gary) and pulls her back to the Rovers where she gives her a pep talk about how we can all improve.

“I used to turn to drugs when I got depressed and trashed place when I didn’t get my own way,” (used to?) says Becky. “We’re all works in progress.”

So they head to the court and the fact of their almost punctuality and an “I’ve turned a corner!” speech from Kylie is enough see Max turned over to his mother’s custody.

When they get back, Max is ushered into the backroom where Becky makes him a celebratory hot dog and Kylie has a celebratory drink or five with Gary.

Becky tries to get Kylie to go pay attention to her son but she finally spits it out: she’s a crap mum and thinks Max is better off with someone else. Well, it’s been 15 minutes since Corrie did an “Awful Mums” plot so it was due sooner or later.

Back the bar Gary is accosted by Mary who’s been Miss Marpling all day since her van was stolen. She found red hairs in her van which can only belong to one of the only four gingers in England: Rita Sullivan, Chris Evans, Mick Hucknell, and Gary Windass, and only Gary is without an alibi.

She confronts him with her knowledge but seems satisfied that he knows that she knows.

The night gets worse for Gary as Izzy blows him off to have beers with Kirk and some idiots call Izzy a cripple and make a few other ungentlemanly comments. Gary and Quinny, whose brother lost his legs in Afghanistan, defend her and it almost comes to blows when Liz orders the idiots out of her pub.

Quinny, meanwhile, can’t catch a break with Rosie who says she could never date an army man.

“Too many long nights without me, then?”

“No, I just don’t fancy you.”

I like that the writers have discovered that Rosie did have a brain once upon a time.

Later, Gary and Quinny are jumped by the idiots and blows are exchanged when Gary accidently knocks one of them unconscious. Kirk, who tried to break it up, tells Gary to clear off so he’s out of there.

On other news, Ches and Izzy’s Sister are bunking off school and Owen does not like this one bit.


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6 Responses to Update for Tuesday, July 5. I think we can rule out Mick Hucknell

  1. Mary Prankster says:

    How would I learn about British rock musicians & other celebrities, if not for Corrie & you, John?! 😉

  2. Mary Prankster says:

    I’m worrying about Amy being supplanted in Becky’s affections by Max, which will bring out the worst of maternal repsonses in Tracy, and some very peculiar reactions in warped & damaged Kylie, not to mention difficulties for our Stevie. Poor Liz is gonna want to move to Spain soon, & Afghanistan is going to seem like the most peaceful of escapes for Gary!

  3. Gayle says:

    Where on earth is Amy these days – we never see her? I absolutely loved Steve telling Kylie off!

  4. missusmac says:

    I like Gary And izzy as a couple.Wonderful update, love the description of Mary as Miss Marpling. She and Norris are the two most likely to be found dead in someone else’s library. (Hmmm, Ken’s perhaps, that one in the loft?)

    • Long Time Lurker says:

      I agree that Gary and Izzy would make a good couple. Unfortunately, that may be a long way off. Typical male, he succumbed to Kylie’s wicked (easy) ways and now he’s in even more trouble. I would like to see Gary come back to Corrie Street from the Army, play a good guy role, and have the dice roll in his favour every once in a while.

      I really don’t like how Owen is leading Eileen on. She deserves a nice guy who won’t screw her around.

  5. haili says:

    Things seem pretty slow on Corrie lately. Maybe things will liven up when Eileen finds out about Liz and Owen – and Nick finds out about Natasha’s fake pregnancy. It seems like a lot of filler these last few episodes.

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