Update for Tuesday, July 12. Maybe We Should Just Go Home

Natasha has accepted Nick’s proposal and really, who could deny his wincing/grimacing face? They plan an engagement party at the Rovers and head over to Audrey’s sal-un to give the good news. On the way over, Fizz confronts Natasha about her imaginary baby. Natasha promises to reveal the truth to him but Fizz realizes what’s going on:

“You’re not grieving; you’re greedy! Enjoy your champagne. I hope it chokes yeh.”

At the sal-un, they give the good news to Audrey and Gail. The former offers congratulations while the latter just blinks.

At the Rovers party, which was thrown together in about 15 minutes, thanks to Weatherfield’s finest party planners, Liz and Steve Macdonald, Audrey thinks Gail is being her typical self and not approving of any of the women in her sons’ lives. No, she thinks it’s more than that so they head over to the clinic where they go through the patient files and discover Natasha had an abortion a month ago. Audrey asks if she’s going to confront her with this information.

“No,” says Gail. “I’m going to tell my son. And I’m going to blink at him like I’ve never blinked before, so help me God!”

Meanwhile, Owen has decided to have his birthday at the Rovers and takes Liz on a date there. He is impressed that Chesney has been ensuring that Katy is going to school and offers to buy him a non-alcoholic drink. At the Rovers, Katy snogs Ches in front of Owen to wind him up so Liz gets the idea to snog Owen in front of Katy which kills the mood for our teens.

Meanwhile, the alarm went off at the builder’s yard and Eileen is dispatched by Owen to make sure it’s just a false alarm. It was but when she checks his money box, she has a moment of temptation.

Is it just me or is Owen just Charlie Stubbs without the psycho streak?

Over in beautiful Sheffield, a city on the move, Sophie and Sian are staying at their new co-worker’s grubby squat where they subsist on stolen food and second-hand pot smoke. Sophie thinks it’s time to go home.

Norris is being aided by Roy, who carries an alan key on him at all times, in looking over Rita’s waterlogged laptop. Rita insists it go to a proper shop to see if it can be salvaged. Graeme and Tina, meanwhile, are embarrassed that their nooner caused so much damage.

Kylie, now rejected by both Gary and Steve, has set her sights on David Platt, who has grown a goatee so that he can be his own evil(er) twin. And this gives Gail a whole new girlfriend of her son’s of whom she can disapprove.


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20 Responses to Update for Tuesday, July 12. Maybe We Should Just Go Home

  1. S. Poole says:

    David Platt, who has grown a goatee so that he can be his own evil(er) twin

    Spot on, well played.

    And I think Charlie Stubbs was a little kinder version of the local cowboy builder type, he was not such a bully. Okay, with the exception being David Platt.

  2. missusmac says:

    I think Owen is probably psycho too. Which leads me to Bill, who is not psycho, but seems to have disappeared. What, no car driving slowly away scene for our Bill? Who would not want to marry Nick? Gail as a mother-in-law is just gravy. Could we have more dishy doctor, please?

  3. Gayle says:

    Missusmac, I agree about the doctor. Why are Tina and Graham mooching off seniors? Why don’t they get their own place they are both working?
    What happened to the flat that Tina and Jason co-owned?

  4. haili says:

    Yes, bring back the doctor! Have him fire Gail.

    David and Kylie deserve each other; maybe she is his evil twin!

    I think Jason told Tina to get out so he could sell the flat.

    At least half the dialogue was inaudible to me last night due to marble mouth on Sophie and Sian and background noise in the Rovers. Much more of this and I’ll quit watching! But then there’s nothing else on this time of year.

    • Long Time Lurker says:

      Closed captioning, Haili – it’s my solution to Sophie/Sian and a few of the heavier accents.
      You can’t quit watching; you need to prepare for an hour of Corrie each night starting in the Fall.

  5. Kerry says:

    More dishy doctor, please! I work in a hospital just TEEMING with young doctors, so why are none of them that dishy?

    I don’t like Owen. I don’t think he’s evil or anything, but he’s just a horrible person.

    I would have thought Gail would have snooped Natasha’s file long before now. It’s her JOB to deal with the files – so why go in after hours to snoop?

  6. Gayle says:

    Haili please don’t stop watching I would so miss your comments!

  7. haili says:

    That’s nice to hear! And it probably won’t happen. My downstairs TV doesn’t have cc and I haven’t figured out how to use the bedroom one – though I know I should. Nothing Sian and Sophie say is very interesting anyway and they’ll probably go home soon, though I wish they’d stay away.

    Kerry: yes, Gail would have access to the medical files and probably types up the doctors’ notes anyway, though maybe she’s not allowed to look at a relative’s file.

    • Kerry says:

      Pesky confidentiality rules wouldn’t stop me if I were Gail. I would have looked up the medical charts of everyone on the street if I were her.

      it would make her dinner-time conversations MUCH more interesting.


      • Long Time Lurker says:

        That new Doctor really came down hard on Gail for just letting Nick into that initial consult with Natasha, so I can just imagine what will happen when it comes out that Gail breached the confidentiality of those files. I predict unemployment in her near future.

      • Gayle says:

        My sister is a Nurse and she said GAIL WOULD BE SO FIRED!!

  8. missusmac says:

    Gail is the type who would let everyone know she COULD read their charts, but she wouldn’t — because she is just too pure, too far above that. Not. She so would do anything for her sons, especially Nick.

    I just watched special Coronation Street 50 Years, 50 Great Moments special on Youtube, which aired last December in Britain. It was wonderful, lots of great moments and behind the scenes info, and no spoilers. At one point, the actress who plays Gail says “who would marry Gail!?!?!?” Precisely.

    • eps says:

      Missusmac, after reading your comment I spent hours watching C St on YouTube rather than the paperwork I needed to do today. Wish I could blame you but I can’t. I am so looking forward to seeing what’s coming up – watched the “live” interview show as well as 50/50. Seeing Todd kiss previous Nick made current Nick even less…whatever. The Gail actress seemed much more likable (sp?) than the character.

      • missusmac says:

        EPS, I know, it’s addictive! I’ve had to limit my Youtube watching because I was late to work once.

        50 at 50 was fun to watch. I never watched the show during the Stan and Hilda years, but now wish I had. Loved all the Jack and Vera story lines that were shown, and was surprised to see Bill behind the bar a few times! See, he could still have job. Bill, come back! Where are you?

  9. Barbie says:

    When Kylie went set her sights on David Platt, I thought perfect, now this is going to be fun.

    • Long Time Lurker says:

      That’s why he’s now got the goatee; so it doesn’t look like she’s robbing the cradle. Those two schemers so deserve each other!

  10. beanie says:

    One would think that since Gail works at the medical center that she could get a bit of a deal on surgery. Removing that giant thorny oickle fron her ars would be a good start.

  11. beanie says:

    Oops pickle however there just may be an oickle up there too.

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