Update for Tuesday, July 27. To Alcohol: The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems

Sorry I’ve been away for the past week, but it was vacation time so I’m just getting caught up now. So what’s happened since last week? Well,

Gary’s off to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban and he and Izzy had a goodbye roll in the hay. Meanwhile, Eddie and Anna have been approved by the adoption agency for a wee, or not so wee, babby of their own.

Natasha, after failing to take her own life, took off from Weatherfield with a few home truths for just about everyone. It was classic.

Nick quit Underworld and decided to open a bar in the joinery that Peter and Leanne kindly did all the leg work on for him.

David almost became a rapist when he attacked Tina but there are some depths to which even he won’t sink.

Sian is staying at the Websters as her mother doesn’t want to deal with this coming out stuff while her own love life needs to be front and centre and her father comes from 1974.

So..on to tonight’s episode which is brought to you by McAuslan’s St. Ambroise Pale Ale as all of Peter and Carla’s talk of booze was making me thirsty.

We begin with Carla attempting to drive away but Peter hops in and says that now she’ll also endanger his life as well as hers. Of course, he says, it’ll be rough on Simon to lose both parents…

Carla says that’s low but Peter counters that he’d do anything to keep her from making the same mistakes he’s made. He shows her her eyes in the car’s vanity mirror.

“You’re a bank manager. Would you take a risk on that?”

So she gets out and heads for home where she meets Trevor who’s taking his belongings with him in a, wait for it, bin bag. He tells her to have a nice life and to take it easy on the booze.

She responds by getting drunker until she calls Peter for help. Peter takes the call at his flat and lies to Leanne about it being a mate from They-Won’t-Call-It-AA-But-It’s-AA whose wife has left him. Or he could have just said it was someone who needed help but should remain anonymous because, you know, Alcoholics Anonymous.

Peter comes by and patches up her hand that she cut on a broken wine glass. They have a good long talk about booze and where it leads and it appears Carla is going to get the help she needs.

The Mating Dance

Kirk, on behalf of Chesney, is getting advise on how to pull a bird when it’s time to seal the deal. Owen is present, unaware that the bird in question is his daughter. Basically, the advice adds up to: avoid beer. It gives you gas. Until Dev, sticks his beak in and tells a rambling tale of the bird of paradise of Papua New Guinea.

“It’s all about plumage.”

Little Jack’s rash was..just a rash.

Ciaran offers to take Ryan on a lad’s night to Glasgow, I think to get him to spread his wings. Michelle doesn’t like the idea but comes around and gives him beer money. May I suggest Nice n Sleazy? They have a wicked jukebox.

Becky, Kylie, and their rage issues barred Eddie and Anna from the pub but Steve marched her over to get her to apologize. Anna, meanwhile, is now watching the news 24/7.


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12 Responses to Update for Tuesday, July 27. To Alcohol: The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems

  1. Bea says:

    I like that Natasha got the taxi ride. I miss her, she was just starting the get interesting.;o(

  2. S. Poole says:

    Yes, Natasha was finally in the loop, too bad it took the big bomb-dropping exit storyline to bring out the best. She really knocked David for a loop with the little shot about Tina, absolutely loved it. And the evil sort of blank look she had on her face while waiting for Gail to answer her question at the clinic, Betty listening the whole time, just great.

    3 of us watching agreed the actress looked better at Audrey’s place before she put all the makeup back on to go and see her dream man Nick. (blech!) She really was not thinking clearly, the supposed wheeler dealer creeps me out more and more. If they cast this new Nick to make skin crawl, mission accomplished.

  3. beanie says:

    Thanks John, I hope you had a good vacation. Does anyone know why Dev was wearing his best Sunday plumage?

  4. Modge says:

    I hope Izzy took safe sex precautions – especially since Gary was with Kylie quite recently.

  5. beanie says:

    Yuk!!! I forgot all about the night with Kylie. Poor Izzy!

  6. haili says:

    John: loved the update and the bird bit. Dev. was quite funny with that story and I too wondered why he was all dressed up. We don’t get many of those funny conversations with the guys in the Rovers – that are audible that is! Reminded me of the days of Kevin, Curly and Gary’s chats.

    Natasha was starting to get interesting – more so than Carla, Peter and the booze. This will not end well as it’s pretty plain that Peter is interested in more than reforming Carla. He’s about due to get restless again and doesn’t stay faithful for long.

    Anyway, I loved Natasha’s exit and all her parting shots. And the doctor telling Gail to get lost – and Dierdre’s smugness after taking Gail’s job.

  7. corrierules says:

    haili, I loved the scene in the clinic, when Gail goes to ask for her job back — only to find she has been supplanted by Deirdre. Smug isn’t the word for it . Gail says she wants to see the Dr. Deirdre replies “I can fit you in a week on Tuesday at five to six, if that’s any good?” LOL
    And then the coup de grace: Deirdre turns her back on Gail — this conversation is so over! — and asks the good doctor, “And can I get you a nice cup of tea and a couple of Gypsy Creams?”

    I love me some schadenfreude, me. Especially when it comes to Gail (Or should I say the second coming of Ivy Tilsley?)

    • haili says:

      Gail is getting like Ivy. She’s very self-righteous and just couldn’t wait to give Nick the bad news – talk about your schadenfreude!

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