Update for Tuesday, August 23. I Saw What You Did

Previously on Corrie…

John Stape confronted Charlotte about the flowers but she denied it. He also got a letter, kidnapper-style, with cut out letters from magazines, reading “I saw what you did”

Ciaran and Cheryl are going to work for the Joinery, which will totally, totally, totally replace the Rovers as the bar of choice on the Street.

Owen’s coming for dinner to the Stapes so that everyone can discuss all that sex Chesney and Katy are having.

Kylie’s Greek boyfriend looks like Justin Trudeau.

Corrie goes to one hour a night in September so I hope you weren’t planning on watching anything else for the next year.



Corrie Standard Time: November 1, 2010 (almost ten months ago).

Steve borrowed the rest of the Max money he needed from Lloyd with the promise to pay him back as with a loan against the Rovers. Lloyd just can’t say no to giving a kid a good home. In a bar. With people who buy children.

Kylie’s getting a lunch from Roy, claiming she’ll pay it back along with the £100 she owes him. Steve and Becky come in and prepare to exchange the hostage. They give her half now and the other when she hands over Max. Kylie goes over and gives Roy £100 and says she imagines he’s not bothered about the lunch.

“For some reason, I’m not.”

Instead of taking off with the money Kylie manages to come round later with Max and they all retire to the back room to complete the deal. Steve hands over the money – RIGHT IN FRONT OF MAX’S WICKLE FACE – and Kylie says goodbye, presumably forever, to her son. But heads out to the bar for a drink before she goes. Yeah, that could have handled a little better. He and Simon can commiserate over being unwanted children.

Liz, irritated that Michelle is going to work for Carla, and Ciaran is going to work for Nick, bars them both. Then, just irritated by Kylie in general, she bars her too.

“Good night,” says Justin Trudeau on their way out. “Sleep well.”

Owen comes over to discuss the Chesney/Katy situation (Katney? Chesty?) with the Stapes. Owen thought they were allowing Chesty to have the sex in their home but John angrily denies this (he’s stressed) and says that from now on, they aren’t allowed to get up to their shenanigans while under the Stapes’ roof.

Owen then goes over to the Rovers and tells Liz of his successful plan to keep his daughter under lock and key. Liz pretty much rolls her eyes at this.

John meanwhile goes over to Charlotte to confront her about the letter but she’s got one too!


Kevin wants a DNA test. Molly says no way but we all know where this is heading: Confrontation on the Maury Povich show.

Sophie and Sian want to have a party but are afraid people who show up to gawp at the lesbians. Rosie assures them that they will have the best party ever and when they learn that Rosie and Jason are a couple, they figure everyone will have someone else to gossip about.


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21 Responses to Update for Tuesday, August 23. I Saw What You Did

  1. Gayle says:

    Are Sophie and Sian supposed to be at college? I would hardly think people would come to the party to gawk at them. A gay relative of mine came out in college and has loads of friends both straight and gay.
    What exactly does Sian live on? Does anyone know? She doesn’t appear to have any kind of a job. Does Sophie still work at Devs?

    • John says:

      Sian is currently residing with Sophie but normally lives with her mother in Southport. Her father won’t take her in because he’s a homophobe and her mother won’t take in her in because she at a crucial period with her new boyfriend and having her daughter there would jeopardize it.

      I think Sophie and Sian are both in their last year of high school, which is, unless you’re Ken Barlow, the highest level of education you will complete if you live on Coronation Street. Going to proper university means you’re off the show for good (see: Amber).

      Sophie works at Dev’s from time to time. I noticed a while back that the store is open from 8:00am to 10:00pm, every day. Not sure how Dev manages that with three employees: Sunita, Molly, and maybe Sophie.

  2. haili says:

    Sophie and Sian – it’s interesting to know that somebody cares. I don’t. They’re the most boring characters on the street.

    What fascinates me is who sent the letters with the cut out letters. Could it be Chesney? Or Colin who may have come back to life just like Jed Stone? Or maybe it was crazy Mary who must have tons of magazines for all her contests.

    Maybe we should have a pool to guess how soon it will be before Kylie comes back for more money. Or maybe she will suddenly develop a conscience and miss Max – though that’s unlikely.

    When will Ashley grow a pair? If ever.

    I like the idea of Molly and Kevin on the Maurey Pauvich show. Who’s the baby daddy? I guess we’ll soon find out.

    • eps says:

      Ha! That is funny (Mary, tons of magazines). I guess with not winning any contests she may have found an alternative way to use them for a grand prize.
      I am also quite curious re: the culprit. Will we be seeing a multiple personality? Has John developed a Colin alter who is seeking revenge? The writers have done goofier things.

  3. Mary Prankster says:

    Colin Fishwick went to Canada to avoid the husband of the woman he was having an affair with.After Colin returned the husband managed to find him, in spite of john’s attempt to deceive him. He beat Colin up shortly before Colin arrived at John’s place. Is it possible that he was continuing to follow him, & saw John & Charlotte taking the body into the factory?

    • haili says:

      I never thought of that. You could be right! But if that’s the case, wouldn’t he be glad that Colin’s dead?

  4. Jacqui says:

    Does anyone else think that baby Jack is a plastic doll? I mean why not? We had wooden Amy, now plastic Jack.

  5. Barbie says:

    Oh yes, I so want Ashley to man up and grow a pair (I actually yelled that at the TV the other night). I thought about Chesney being the author of the secret letters, but he would have let something slip by now if it was him. Scary Mary didn’t occur to me, but I like that idea.
    I think you’re probably right though Mary. If it is that guy, then John will just have to kill him won’t he?

  6. lovethestreet says:

    Thank you for the updates, John. I’ve been away for most of the summer, and really appreciate having a spoiler-free site so I can catch up on Corrie Street news. (Having said that, I spend a lot of time in the U.K., where my relatives blurted out a few things that we’ll soon see on the show…d’oh!)

  7. Bea says:

    The Ashley and Claire storyline is starting to really bug me. First of all, why isn’t Claire on medication? Her ocd is getting to the dangerous stage. She should definitely not be left in charge of a couple of children. Can’t Ashley see that she is really acting crazy lately?

    Also, not so long ago, Joshua was the center of a bitter custody battle. Joshua is the natural son of Ashley’s late wife, Maxine and her doctor, Mat Ramsden. I believe that Dr Ramsden got either joint custody or visitation rights. Can’t remember which, but I do remember that Claire stayed out of it, saying that it was Ashley’s business, not hers.

    I also remember at the time, wondering why they didn’t adopt Joshua. So, with all that history, I don’t think Claire could just legally take Joshua to another country without the permission of his two dads.

    • eps says:

      Yes! I have been thinking the same thing. Claire has no legal ties to Joshua. This is the kind of gap thinking by the writers that makes me nuts. She can’t just take that kid to another country regardless of the EU. I can’t remember – was Ashley on the birth certificate as father? Plus, hasn’t there been a history of rancor between Claire and her mother? Maybe rancor is too strong but it doesn’t make sense to me that she’s so hot to go live with Mom and the boyfriend. Why hasn’t anyone mentioned the possibility of Ashley utilizing the legal system if necessary to prevent Claire from taking the kids. A bit harsh, perhaps, but no worse than losing one’s children.

  8. matthew says:

    Keep in mind that the floral wreath used the initial ” C” referring to Colin (Fishwick ) . How could any individual identify the body they removed , as being Colin ? The body was wrapped in a carpet , and it was nightime . In any event , no one on the Street could identify Colin Fishwick , as he was a complete stranger . My opinion is that even an eyewitness to the body being removed couldn’t possibly identify the body . It appears to me that Charlotte is the letter writer , and is pretending to be terrified , as part of her nefarious plot to bed John Stape . She is the only person who would know that Fishwick was buried beneath Underworld . She is a complete nutter .

  9. Gayle says:

    I agree there is no way legally that Claire can take those children out of the country (I’m no lawyer but I’m sure that is right). And as a couple of posters pointed out Claire is not related to Joshua whatsoever.

    Claire is driving me crazy particularly when she screams at Ashley in front of those little boys. What a controlling witch!

    I really wish for once a Corrie character would get some professional advice.

  10. Bea says:

    Normal conversation between wimpy husband and crazy wife?????????
    Clair….. “Hi, Hun, guess what? We’re moving to France”
    Ashley…”No, we’re not!”
    Clair….”Aww, you never want to do anything.”
    Ashley…”We are not moving to France, and that’s it!”
    Clair.. (smiling sweetly….”No prob, I’ll just take the kids and go by myself”
    What are we talking about here, going to the park?

  11. Mary Prankster says:

    I’m finding many of the plot-lines hard to accept as believable lately. Becky, Steve and Kylie -ridiculous, Claire and Ashley -same, John, Charlotte, and mystery person -absurd, Kevin & Molly -tedious, interminable, & unlikely, then Peter & Carla, Leanne & Nick, Sophie & Sian, & even David & Graham -same! Could it be the fault of the new producer or the writers?

    • Long Time Lurker says:

      Corrie is starting to border on U.S. soap opera territory – re: so many totally unrealistic story lines.

  12. haili says:

    The writers seem to be stretching it these days: baby selling for the 3rd time, unlikely affairs, sudden alcoholism, etc.

    I’m pretty sure Ashley’s name is on Josh’s birth certificate so Claire would have no right to take him away.

    Will they be bringing in a couple of new characters to work at the Rovers – or will business be so bad that Liz and Becky can hold the fort?

  13. Mary Prankster says:

    Have any of you managed to find out what the CBC plans for the Sunday Omnibus? Will it be 5 hours long? If so, from when to when ?

  14. eila says:

    I’m pretty much sick of all the story lines. Jack Duckworth is just about the only person I want to see – and they’re killing him off. Sigh.

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