Programming Note

Please note that I am on a family visit in New Brunswick and will be unable to do an update this week as I haven’t actually seen any Corrie episodes this week. However, I am aware that tonight’s would have been one that I really would have liked to recap.

I’ll be back next week to tackle the deluge of Corrie episodes that will follow when they go to one hour per night just as soon as I’m caught up.

With that said, let’s make this post an open thread where we can discuss the events of this week’s episodes as they air.

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22 Responses to Programming Note

  1. Bea says:

    Even my Corrie hating hubby was touched by tonight”s episode. He usually sits on the other side of the room and asks dumb questions while I am straining to hear over the music in the Rovers. Questions like ‘didn’t that guy die last year?’ or ‘who is the real father, again?’

    But, not tonight. No, he shed a tear when Vera told Jack to get a move on, there’s a bus in ten minutes. So touching.

  2. eps says:

    First of all: John, I really appreciate you providing “blank slates” so regularly for us. Once again, many thanks.

    Though I am not prone to being emotionally hooked by TV I must say that seeing Vera brought a tear to my eye, OK, both eyes. The dance and exchange between V and Jack was really touching. Was that the same chair that Vera was sitting in when she died? If so Molly may want to give it to Kevin.

  3. S. Poole says:

    Super send off for Bill Tarmey. I may be reading something into this but I thought when Jack was standing outside immediately after leaving the Rovers he was thinking it was not the same street he once knew. There were booming car stereos, sirens, etc. Perhaps that was when he decided to go on to the next world, follow his little swamp duck.

    The guy who plays Kev does a good drunk, Ash not so much. 🙂

    Oh, and I’d rather Nick sat in the death chair, can’t remember a character I’ve disliked as much in years. The actor has two expressions, mad and perplexed, and they both look the same.

  4. beanie says:

    What a wonderful send off for Jack. I was so touched by Vera coming to get him and the last waltz. Well done, enjoy that final bus ride.

  5. xwordaddict says:

    Yeah, last night’s show was a really emotional one to watch! Well done, though. A real nice touch with Vera there.

  6. Trudy says:

    I didn’t just shed a tear – I cried last night. I loved the look Ken gave Jack as he left the pub and especially seeing Vera again. What a great episode. Will miss you Jack as you go to the big pigeon coop in the sky!

  7. haili says:

    I thought the street going in circles was Jack getting dizzy and maybe having a heart attack. Then he was passing out and having a vision of seeing Vera. It was quite well done but I also wondered if that was the same chair that Vera died in. If so, maybe they could give it to the Websters. Sophie could sit on Kevin’s lap and wave bye bye since she wouldn’t be able to articulate “goodbye,” He’s a jerk and she’s boring – and what can we say about Sian. Boring, bland, inarticulate ho hum. Maybe she could sit on the arm of the chair.

    I loved seeing all the older actors in the Rovers and someone (maybe Audrey) wondering what was so special about a 74th birthday. Jack’s chat with Molly was well done too. Just a thought: maybe it could be Molly’s chair for awhile and she and Kevin could sit on it!

  8. tmb1963 says:

    Great episode. Even my Corrie-hating 19-year old daughter said she thought it was so sad when Jack died and so touching when Vera came to get him.

    I too loved the look Ken gave Jack, I’m sure that wasn’t acting – that was William Roache saying goodbye to Bill Tarmey.

  9. beanie says:

    When Tyrone et al left the Rovers, Ty came back to the table and asked “blablablabla?” We have a DVR and I replayed it 6 times……still no clue. Anyone?

  10. corrierules says:

    I agree with the comments above… Jack’s send-off was beautiful and so well played by Bill Tarmey and Liz Dawn. It was as if Vera never left. Also loved the touching scene with Jack and Tyrone at the end. No histrionics, no chewing the scenery… just a simple “Goodnight Dad.” I welled up.

    The scenes with the “oldies” in the pub were a delight. The scenes with Leanne and Nick — not so much. I think a Death Chair is a great idea.

  11. Bea says:

    Love the Death Chair idea. ;o-

  12. eila says:

    It was very well done. I’m really going to miss Jack.

  13. missusmac says:

    I too got the impression Jack looking around at the street was a final goodbye, as well as an indication it was not the same street he lived and loved on. I think we enjoy scenes with the older actors more because their scenes are small slices of ‘real’ life and about real life — which was always Corrie’s strength. Ken HATES it when Deirdre smokes inside, Jack was always going to try to pull one over on Vera, Rita will grab a G&T whenever she can, or make an appointment she doesn’t need with Audrey just to get the dirt on the Platts, or Audrey herself. Now, we have Kylie, a pretty one-dimensional cow, and psycho Owen. I don’t even care if Cheryl comes or goes, there’s nothing wrong about her, there’s nothing great though either.Nick? Puh-leeze! Kidnappings, killings, etc., aren’t always a good plotline on the street. (Except Richard Hillman, I did love that plot.)

    • haili says:

      Yes, some of the newer characters are one dimensional – just mean eg. Tina, Owen, Kylie, Chris – all miserable so and so’s. Cheryl and Sian are just plain boring.

      I loved Gail’s feuds with Eileen, Jack and Vera trying to put one over on the other, and those little gossip sessions with the guys in the Rovers and the cab office. LOL Dierdre smokes inside when she’s bored and wants to stir up an argument – or is angry at Ken and just doesn’t care. She and Liz haven’t had a confab in awhile but we finally got to see Gail with Sally after months of problems in both families.

      I wish they had chosen an actor who looked more like the original Nick.

      • Long Time Lurker says:

        Maybe the original Nick just looked to sweet and innocent to play today’s Nasty Nick.
        My goodness – that extended stay in Canada really did change our Nick!

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