Update for Tuesday, September 6. Goodbye Jack

In Weatherfield this week, Jack Duckworth rejoined his wife Vera in the afterlife and the street was left with their grief.

As the funeral procession left the street, Jim Mcdonald lead the street in a round of applause, so he does. Everyone went to the funeral, except Jack’s own son Terry who thought it would be too far to travel. By the way, did we ever meet Ty’s real dad? We know Jackie Dobbs wasn’t much of a mum but who was his dad?

Tyrone struggled to read his eulogy at the funeral but instead he followed Rita’s advice and spoke from his heart saying that Jack was a father to him. It was Kevin, the man who fathered wee Jack, who had to come and comfort him. Betty laid out the Rovers’ best spread for his post-funeral reception (Jack wasn’t just anyone, you know).

But Jack’s funeral does force people to re-think their priorities in life as it’s made Tyrone want to have another baby and Claire and Ashley have made up and now are off to go live happily ever after in France. And Molly, well, she’s still in love with Kevin who’s doing his best to be a better husband and father.

Meanwhile, that person sending letters to Stape and Charlotte? Yeah, you guessed right. It’s totally Charlotte. So now she’s gone and stolen his keys when he wasn’t looking so she could film the inside of his house. Fizz and John had to watch the creepy video on their DVD player, wondering when the blu-Ray would come out.

Sian and Sophie got kicked out of their church and the choir so now they’re church shopping for a place that is a little more welcoming. Is there a United Church of Canada in Weatherfield? Sally is doing her best to be a supportive mum, "Have a nice gay! I mean, day!" she chirps at them as they head out the door. And speaking of, Sophie will never change Emily’s views but she did remind her of the Bible’s views on shellfish.

Leanne and Nick totally did it, now she’s full of regrets and adamant that her wedding to Peter go on. Peter, meanwhile, is juggling being Carla’s sponsor and fending off her advances. What he doesn’t know is that Leanne told Carla about her and Nick.

Katy and Chesney, tired of having to sneak around to do it (but kids, that’s half the fun!), have told Owen they’re getting their own place because they’ve know each other 15 minutes and that always works out. Eileen is also skimming off him but he doesn’t notice as he’s too busy thwarting Jim’s attempts to get back together with Liz.

Gary Windass was injured in Afghanistan (his mate Quinny was killed) and is back recuperating in a military hospital in Birmingham. Even Eddie had to be excused so he could wipe a tear after seeing his injured son.

Boy that tram is loud these days, isn’t it?

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19 Responses to Update for Tuesday, September 6. Goodbye Jack

  1. Bea says:

    It’s funny that Peter the Bigamist is suddenly a one-woman-man, and Leanne is playing away with her X. Karma’s a bitch, isn’t it?

  2. barbee says:

    Can you imagine having Carla for a best friend? With their history, it seems pretty unlikely. However, Leanne is totally going to regret spilling the beans about icky Nicky her, and Peter is going to regret not telling Leanne who “Carl” is. And I can’t see what anyone sees in Nick – he’s as neurotic as his mother and half as attractive.
    Not happy to see Molly making big eyes at Kevin again; I hope Kevin can keep up the hard work of being a good husband and father (and mate to Ty).
    Claire and her mom and France? Ashley should have stuck to his guns – Claire has been completely unreasonable here (although totally in character).
    Owen is a right creep – a nasty man, a mean father and the boss from hell. Although I don’t condone stealing, Eileen has a point.

  3. lovethestreet says:

    I don’t like that Eileen is stealing, either. It was one thing to give Jason the money she thought he was owed, but quite another to start pocketing cash. Eileen has been such a straight-shooter (which has often given her an opening into some great comedic commentary on the boys in the cab office). This change in character is not a good thing IMHO.

  4. Mary Prankster says:

    re: tram. To quote John…. dun..DUN…DUNNNNN!!! (so much more fun than saying “foreshadowing”!)

    Eileen’s operating out of rejection…never a good position for clear thinking. I hope Jim discovers Owen’s interference in his attempt to woo his ex-wife. I don’t condone violence, but seeing a middle-aged “donnybrook” ?! That I would enjoy!

  5. Mary Prankster says:

    It’s feast or famine with the CBC. Thanks to satellite and time-shifting, + repeat evening broadcast, Corrie now starts at 2:30 p.m. & continues until 1:00 a.m. the following morning (late night). That’s 10 times a day, plus 5 hours on Sunday morning! Can we say “budget cuts”?!

  6. S. Poole says:

    Icky Nicky, love it.

    John Snake, er… Stape, if he were half as smart as Fizz thinks he is would know the old dial your own number from the cell trick…. sheesh.

    • barbee says:

      No kidding! That scene was so lame – even I picked up on that when she was in the kitchen. And Charlotte’s psycho eyes – isn’t that called emoting? Although I prefer them to Molly’s wide-eyed fixes on Kevin.

      • Long Time Lurker says:

        And speaking of Molly – what is going on with her? Wasn’t she totally over Kevin just a short while ago? I’m still trying to figure out what made her totally switch gears – was it a combo Jack’s death; Tyrone wanting to try for another baby; and the DNA confirmation of Kevin’s paternity?
        Really, Molly – give it a rest already.

  7. lovethestreet says:

    Agreed — Molly is really tiresome…but I’m happy to see Jim back, so I am.

  8. haili says:

    John: I was pleased to see you’re back! And I pretty well agree with what everyone has already said; Molly is tiresome and changes like the weather; Ashley should have stuck to his guns; Owen badly needs a knuckle sandwich from Jim – especially after bullying Fizz; with Carla as a best friend who needs enemies; Eileen stealing is completely out of character but the writers seem to have stopped worrying about things like that, etc. John is an idiot and deserves Charlotte; they should be the new couple. Fizz should move on as she deserves better.

    The noise was so aggravating this week I emailed itv. I wonder if anyone reads those kind of emails. The wine bar is really frustrating and I hope it gets hit by a flying tram or something.

    After all that, it’s nice to have an hour of Corrie since there’s not much else on these days.

  9. beanie says:

    Not that it matters but a few thoughts from Beanie. Welcome back John, I hope you had a good trip with the family.

    Did the casting call for Charlotte say “scary ass ugly woman”?

    Molly,.. I wondered for a bit but now just don’t give a crap.

    I love you Jim MacD.

    Owen… go away please.

    Nick… I know that Corrie usually doesn’t replace actors instantly like American soaps but dear dog people. You made a really bad casting error. Even Gail Platt couldn’t produce an offspring that ugly. Get a grip producers we will forgive you if you replace him NOW.

    • Long Time Lurker says:

      Is it just me, or has Jim MacD gotten better with age?
      He looks quite scrumptious 🙂

    • Silvereyes says:

      Charlotte is a psycho, which is not only due to her crazy eyes and behaviour, but is it me or does she have a unnatural amount of teeth?

      Nick is so one-dimensional, it isn’t even funny. He bores me to tears. You think you love Leanne. We get it.

      The only good thing about that storyline is that we get to see more of Peter, who is incredibly sexy! 😉

  10. eps says:

    If you’re interested: pics of folks arriving for Jack Shepherd’s (David) engagement party;
    pics of some of the younger cast + Aud-rah.


    • S. Poole says:

      Flaming Nora, it’s Alan Bradley, and he is married to Audrey!

      He was the Richard Hillman of the day way back when I was a wee nipper. 🙂

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