Train Disaster Part Deux – Update for Friday’s Epsidode


Molly is still under the rubble, but with rescue crews finally arrived one rescuer, ‘Paul’ goes down to talk to her.  He tells her she’ll be fine, but asks if he can have baby Jack and take him to safety.  She lets him have Jack but not before a particularily heart breaking scene where she tells Jack to be good for the fireman.

When Paul gets Jack outside, Tyrone rushes to see if he’ll be okay.  He asks about Molly and Paul says she’ll be fine (but not very convincingly.).  It’s quickly decided that Tyrone and Kevin (thank god) go to the hospital with Jack, while Sally stays behind for Molly.

Later, Sally hears the rescuers talking and it doesn’t seem hopeful so she asks if she can go down and talk to her.  (This elicits all kinds of screaming from Rosie, Sophie and Sian).  They finally let her go down (even though for some reason no one gives her a safety helmet.)

Molly fades out and they rescue crew tell Sally to keep on talking to her.  She tells Molly that she needs to stay alive for Jack because no man can raise a child like a woman can. She adds that once you look death in the face, nothing can stop you – she knows  from experience.  Molly looks up to her and says that she’s been a cow.  (I won’t bother to highlight the foreshadowing here….)

Meanwhile back at the hospital, Jack needs some blood and Tyrone tells the doctors that he is not the baby’s biological father and that he doesn’t know who the Baby Daddy is.  Kevin cleverly convinces Ty that he should go back to the street because there’s nothing for him to do at the hospital and that if he doesn’t make peace with Molly and she dies, he’ll always regret it.  He assures him that he’ll stay with Jack and will call him the minute anything happens.  This of course give Kevin the opportunity to roll up his sleeves and start donating some sweet, sweet, lifesaving father to son blood.


With Fizz going into labour, Dr. Carter puts her on a drip.  The ambulance shows up and he tells them to get her to the hospital asap, which they do.  When they’re loading her up, John says he just needs to go pack a bag.  (And by  ‘pack’ he  means ‘bury’, and  by ‘a bag’ he means, well, ‘a bag’….).  The paramedic tells him if he doesn’t get his arse up in the ambulance now, she’s leaving without him, so he jumps right in.

Ches, Katie and Owen show up just before she gives birth and Ches asks her if she needs anything.  Fizz says everything so Ches suggests that he go back to the house to collect somethings.  John is kind of shaking his head.

After a nerve racking labour, Fizz gives birth to a baby girl who immediately is put into an incubator so that she can be stabilized.  Fizz is, of course, worried but John tells her she’ll be fine.  They decide to call the baby ‘Hope’.  (aaaawww).

John says they should go tell Ches the good news about being an uncle, but Fizz tells him that Ches has already gone, presumably home  to get her somethings.   Da-da-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

The Club

Inside the club, Nick and Ashley are trying get Peter out of all the debris, with limited success.  Ashley goes off to see if there is somewhere he can get a mobile signal and when he finds a place he picks up the message the Claire and the boys sent from the café telling him to come home and that they love him.   He also uses this opportunity to call ‘999’ and let them know where they are.

Finally, they are able to get Peter out from the rubble and to a safer place, unfortunately, that safer place is where a whack of debris falls on them.

Ashley sends the ‘I love you’ message to Claire and at this point, rescuers get there and find a small opening for Nick and Ashley to get Peter out.   The building starts collapsing and Ashley holds up some  beams in order for Nick to get Peter out.  Once the rescuers have Peter, Nick goes back to help Ashley.  However, Ashley sees the hopelessness of it all and tells Nick to go on without him.  Nick does so reluctantly, and when he leaves, the building falls down upon Ashley.

Firefighters go to give Claire the bad news, but Audrey intervenes and tells them it’s better if she tells her.  Audrey has Maria pick up Joshua and Freddie and take them someplace so she can talk to Claire.

Later at the café, Audrey tries to comfort Claire, but she is grieving and not ready to accept Ashley as a hero.  Dr. Carter is going to give her something to take the edge off, but she says it doesn’t matter because tomorrow she wakes up a widow and has to tell her boys that their father is dead.

Graham is crushed by this news as Ashley was the first person to take a chance on him.  When Roy brings around some food, Graham recognizes the meat as ‘Elliot’s Prime Porkers’ (or maybe it’s bacon).  Anyway, the recipe had been passed down from Fred’s father to Fred, to Ashley and surprisingly to Graham who says he will treasure that recipe and make sure it gets handed down as he is the only one in the world who knows it now.


At the hospital things are not looking good for Peter.  The doctor tells Leanne that Peter has …..wait for it…..cardiac tamponade which means he has internal bleeding in the membrane around the heart which is putting pressure on the heart muscles.  He needs an operation and a specialist has been called, however, he lives very far away, so just in case…..Leanne should get in there and tell Peter anything (isleptwithnick) she needs to tell him, anything at all (andyourfatherknows).

In the room where Peter is layed out, all his loved ones (including Janice and Karla for some reason) are gathered around him.   He regains consciousness and after Leanne talks to him, Karla goes to tell him, ‘Thank you…something, something, something.’  Sorry kids, tried again three times with the PVR, haven’t a clue what she was saying; but did you notice I got the Cardiac Tampanada thing?

Anyway, he starts stressing out and the machine that goes ‘beep’ starts going ‘BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!!!!!’  He tells Ken that he’s worried about Simon, especially since if he dies Simon will have no mom or dad.  Ken assures him that they’re raise Simon as their own, just as responsibly as they raised Tracey.

Anyway, Peter then tells Leanne he wants to marry her….now.   Leanne tells him the minute he’s strong enough to lift a sausage roll, she’ll walk him down the aisle.  Dr. Goodtimes breaks in to suggest that you know, they could get a minister here in 37 seconds and the ceremony could be a fait accompli well before Peter….uh….um…

And it the WTF Section….

Steve and Becky are giving a picture to rescue team members in order for them to find Max.  Once they leave, Steve tells Becky that they should call Kylie to tell her Max is missing.

But WAIT, there’s no need because in all the apocalyptic mess that is Weatherfield, in walks Kylie all, ‘What the hell is going on here?’   There’s even more reason not to tell her because crazy ass girlfriend had Max all the time.

She tells Becky and Steve she took him to see if they would miss him, miss him enough to cough up $5,000 more for him.  (Insert screaming and yelling).  After all the screaming and yelling, Kylie walks out saying she’ll get back to them.

Becky tells Steve that they need to give Kylie money because if they don’t Max’s life is doomed to stealing and dealing.  Steve says there’s no more money, absolutely no more.

Rest of the Episode Round Up

The rescuers manage to get Jason and Simon out of the top floor of the Peacocks towering inferno.  When Simon is finally in Leanne’s arms, he says, ‘It’s a bit smokey up in there.’  (Please…..sometimes they push the ‘cute’ factor too far on that kid’)

Sunita is rescued and taken to the hospital where Dev and her bond about how much they love each other.

Emergency crews ask Norris there was anyone in the shop, but of course he tells them that Rita was out at a friend’s.  Emily suggests they call her, which Norris does but he can’t get to her.  Inside the shop, we see Rita reaching for the cell as it rings.

As far as the train is concerned, the good news was that there were no passengers on the train as it was going back the depot.

Gary Windass is still at home having a complete and utter breakdown

Chris makes peace with Lloyd for being a super hero and rescuing everyone.

Nick is having survivor guilt; he and David do some brotherly bonding at the hospital.

Jason is the man of the hour at the Rovers, except with Eileen who is swearing to keep him under house arrest.

Mary comes in to the café in order to hug the stuffing out of  Norris because he’s safe.

The train driver lives!

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15 Responses to Train Disaster Part Deux – Update for Friday’s Epsidode

  1. Gayle says:

    Brilliant update! I must admit I filled up when the firefighter Paul was talking to Molly.

    Why the hell is Carla hanging around Peter’s hospital room? I would think that only Ken and Leeanne would be permitted in the room and asked to leave when they were working on Peter.

  2. Barbie says:

    Just watched today’s episodes, this whole thing is still so intense even Mr. Barbie is glued to the set. I keep waiting for daylight, so much has happened and it’s still dark outside.
    Carla should just go home and stay there.

  3. haili says:

    Yes, great update!

    Me too. I couldn’t figure out why Carla would be in that room and allowed to talk to Peter who was so weak he could hardly talk. I understand Janice being there to support Leanne and of course Ken but not Carla.

    I just finished watching tonight’s episode and it’s just about the saddest thing I’ve seen with more crying going on than ever. The good thing lately was the way people were comforting each other and Audrey stepping in and helping Claire. Good to see Roy and Hailey providing a haven for the homeless too. Sally went beyond the call of duty and we can imagine the thanks she’ll get for that – more grief in her marriage.

  4. beanie says:

    Great update! I really need these to make sense of everything. So much is happening so fast and my old brain is having a hard time. The acting has been incredible. Kudos to everyone!

  5. missusmac says:

    Thank you for the update. I am amazed that all of this is happening all at once. I am sad characters are dying as we ‘celebrate’ the 50th anniversary — ok, maybe not at Charlotte’s death — but if you’re going to celebrate, go big!
    Just wondering how much more hell can they heap on John? Also, wondering what plot line they can get to keep Dr. Carter in as many scenes as possible. Will Claire go or stay now? Part of me thinks she might stay, so her boys have some continuity, but part of me thinks she will want to up stakes even quicker. Me, I’d run from that street if I lived there.! 🙂

    • lovethestreet says:

      I do hate to disappoint you, but I am predicting that Charlotte will live…

      • Long Time Lurker says:

        But you saw John lurking in her hospital room last night… looks like he’s ready to pull the plug/any plug, just to finish her off. Convenient that the Intensive Care rooms must be close to the maternity ward.

        Last night – didn’t one of the EMS workers mention some man in a car who also died? Now, I’m wracking my brain – which Corrie man is still unaccounted for?

  6. eps says:

    HELP!!! I had to go to Pennsylvania and missed Wed – Friday. I can’t believe that I missed all the drama. What was the party in the Rovers? Does anyone know a site where I can see these episodes? I looked on YouTube but only found short bits. The tram crash reminded me of old science fiction with a sea monster rising up and then crashing down.

    I’ll take ANY suggestion re: where to look for video, oh, I’m in the US so that may be an issue.

    Jane Danson (?) is great – she has really grown as an actress. She has to be good to have those scenes with ickyNicky rather than ab-boyNick.

  7. Bea says:

    I am wondering if it was Jim MacDonald who was trapped in a car.

  8. lovethestreet says:

    NO, NO, NO — don’t let it be Jim in the car. (I’m hoping Owen bites it.)

    LTL, you were right about John and Charlotte. When her parents asked if they should “let her go”, John looked like he was ready to spring up, say “allow me”, and pull the plug himself.

    • Mary Prankster says:

      Unfortunately, it was Owen who brought Ches & Katie to the hospital to see Fizz, when she was in labour, so he’s still around. But I’m hoping he goes to jail for the shoddy job he did on the “joinery”, allowing a gas leak to happen.

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