One Wedding and Maybe a Funeral – Update for Monday

Update for Monday is a bit condensed – just to get this out there.


Peter is struggling to say every word of the marriage vow in order to marry Leanne before he dies.  For some reason Pastor dude can’t just cut him a break on this and is kind of insisting Peter says every word.   He does rush pronouncing them man and wife seconds before Peter flatlines.    The medical team rushes in to save him, but later in the hall, the doctor tells the family to prepare for the worse.

The weird thing is, only Leanne and Janice seem upset.   Ken and Deidre a bit nonplus about it.  Like, oh well, we might as well go home and get some rest, hopefully old boozer in there will make it through the night.

Carla shows up at the hospital, getting into the Intensive Care unit by pretending to be Leanne’s sister.   When Leanne tells her how grave Peter’s condition is, Carla reacts with perhaps a few too many tears and that gets Leanne suspicious.

They have a discussion on how Carla is really ‘Carl’, but in no time Carla tells Leanne that she made the move on Peter but he told her that he was in love with Leanne.  (Cause this is the exactly appropriate time to tell someone you’re in love with their man.)

Carla throws the Nick affair in Leanne’s face and when Leanne responds, Carla counters with:

‘Dip, dip, dip, my blue ship.’

Is she speaking in tongues?

Anyway, much arguing goes on, with Carla basically saying Leanne doesn’t deserve Peter and Leanne insisting that she’s in love with him.

Again, Carla has a rock solid point to make with:

‘Sailing on the water, like a cup and saucer.’

No worries Corrie fans, for those of you just as confused as I was  about Carla’s spontaneous rhyming, I’ve found this for you:

That should clear things up for you.

Anyway, things get deliciously nasty when Carla asks what Leanne plans to do, does she plan to sell off the bookies and pawn Simon off on Ken and Deidre.  She then adds that if Peter dies, that Leanne should try to look a bit sad before she runs off with Nick into the sunset.   She  tops off her cupcake with this cherry: ‘Mind you after all those paying customers, it must be nice to get the real thing.’

AND THERE IT IS, ladies and gents.   I often wonder why Leanne’s working girl days don’t come out more often, especially from Carla.  Seriously, maybe I hold a grudge longer than the next person but I really doubt I would have been best buds with the hooker found in the trunk of my husband’s death car….but that’s just me.

Oh wait, does Nick know about the hooking?  I wonder if that’d be a game changer?


Molly and Sally are still chatting and Molly is struggling to talk  and says a lot of things that seem like nonsense, but she  finally confesses to Sally that Jack is Kevin’s son.  She begs Sally not to hate her but Sally drops her hand and pulls away just as Molly expires.

(I have such mixed emotions about  Molly’s confession.  On one hand I realize she wants to make sure Jack knows his real father, but on the other hand it’s a bit: ‘Well, I’m about to shuffle off this mortal coil, but before I go, here something for  you guys to deal with for the next 20 years, sukahs!‘)

Later, Sally staggers out on to the street to be met with Tyrone,  who guesses from her expression that Molly has died.  He asks if Molly left any message and Sally has nothing for him.

Maria comes in to comfort Tyrone and takes him to the café.  A bit later Bill and Pam come in to see what’s happening on the street and very casually Pam asks about Molly.  Tyrone tells her and there’s yet another heartbreaking scene.

Kevin gets back from the hospital and after a short visit to the café, he goes back to the house to get Sally.  Sally is worried about Tyrone and asks what he ever did to deserve all this.  When Sally waxes on about how young Molly was, Kevin gets nervous.  Sally goes on about how young and pretty  she was, she asks Kevin if he thought she was pretty.

She continues by telling  Kevin that Tyrone wanted to know if Molly had any words, but she couldn’t give him anything, she wasn’t able to tell him that Molly said she had changed her mind and was coming back to him.    She then goes on about how it seems that no one gets a happy ending and  asks Kevin if she should have lied to Tyrone.

When she asks what Kevin would have said, he says, ‘I don’t know, Sal, you and I are the only thing that makes sense.’   ‘And the girls?’, she asks.  ‘It goes without saying.’ he responds.

Then she turns, all Alexis Carrington like, and says, ‘And what about your son?’

Kevin gives a bit of a ‘Waaaaaaaaat?’ look

‘What about the son you fathered with Molly?  The son you fathered with your best friend’s wife?’



Ches and Katie can’t get to  Fizz’s house because the rescue teams won’t let them into the street.  John takes advantage of this situation by pretending to be a rescuer to get to their house.

He drags  Charlotte’s  body out into the street and throws away the hammer.   As he’s standing there, a paramedic shows up and John says he just found her.  The paramedic looks at Charlotte then calls in a report that ‘She has a weak pulse.’



Becky, meanwhile, has decided to take things into her own hands and robs Dev’s shop for the $5,000 for Max.


Nick is talking to Emily and Norris and when they mention that Rita is at a friend’s.  Nick tells them that her friend cancelled and she was going back to the shop.  Norris immediately runs to the rescuers to tell them and the rescue of Rita begins.

Best Line of the Night

Sean remembering Ashley.  ‘I remember we had a joke.  I’d walk into the butchers and he say, ‘Minced?’ and I’d say, ‘Homophobe.’’

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9 Responses to One Wedding and Maybe a Funeral – Update for Monday

  1. haili says:

    Glacia: thanks for clearing up Carla’s dippy comment. I thought it was a strange expression under the circumstances. Leanne didn’t have sex with Paul but he kidnapped her, throwing her into the trunk of his car. If anyone should be angry it’s Leanne. Carla’s not all sweetness and innocence either and has a craving for other women’s husbands. She was very nasty about and to Maria so I have no sympathy for her. I always had a soft spot for Leanne since she grew up with Les for a father, then Cilla as a stepmother and Nick pressuring her into an abortion she didn’t want. Plus, Jane Danson is a terrific actress.

    Molly got her way in the end. She broke up Sally’s marriage and Kevin is on the couch one more time – kind of like when Sal found out about Natalie.

  2. Gayle says:

    Too bad Gail wasn’t in the joinery instead of Ashley. I cannot stand that woman!

  3. Barbie says:

    Sally has never been a favorite of mine, but I’m lovin her right now.

  4. Mary Prankster says:

    The “dip, dip, dip” quote that Carla used, I took to imply that Carla thought Leanne had chosen Peter over Nick somewhat arbitrarily. The expression is a “choosing rhyme”. like we use “Eeny Meeny Miney Moe”, in this country. Carla sure is a “mean drunk”! When her tongue is “loosened” all her jealousy and resentment floods out!

    I didn’t see Becky stealing from Dev’s shop. I thought I saw her taking money from what appeared to be a “stash” in the back yard of the Rover’s, and then from another spot on top of a cabinet in the living quarters. – Other people’s views?

  5. haili says:

    I didn’t see Becky take the money either, except from behind the cabinet. Other’s saw her take it from the safe at Dev’s. It must have happened pretty fast or I looked away or left the room.

  6. Barbie says:

    When John was dragging Charlotte through back alley I saw someone in a hoodie up on a pile of bricks behind the shop. I didn’t know who it was till I saw Becky later in the same hoodie. I thought that John was going to be blackmailed, but I guess Becky was too busy. It does seem to me though that five grand is a lot of money to have hanging around in a corner shop.

    • Bea says:

      When I first watched it, I thought that it was Kylie taking the money. Then when I watched it over again, I realized it was Becky. I remember that just before the explosion happened, Sunita had gone to the back room to get change. She must have opened the safe. Also it was Becky who found Sunita, so she probably saw the open safe and went back later and took the money.

    • Bea says:

      Ha, it was kind of funny when John threw the murder weapon (hammer) into the rubble and almost hit Becky with it.

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