Is It About the Baby? – Update for Tuesday

Kevin and Sally

Kevin and Sally have it out about the baby.

Sally starts putting together the pieces of the affair, like the trip to Glasgow and the fact that Kevin and Sally stayed an extra night and that Sophie couldn’t find any pictures of them on the internet of the run.

Kev says, ‘It just happened’ and Sally replies, ‘Things don’t just happen, people make them happen because they want it.’

She tells them that they’re splitting up, but he doesn’t think that has to be the case.    He tells Sally that he broke up with Molly when she suggested they run away together a year ago.  Sally, looking at the time frame or the story, realizes he was going to leave her, but didn’t because of the cancer.  When she asks him if he was  going to leave her, he says yes and she makes a comment on how cancer saved her marriage.

She then it’s like an Enid Blyton story.  What?  Noddy Goes to Toyland?

After a long painful discussion, Sally is crushed…and a bit dark as she says that she’s happy that Molly’s dead because a year ago that would have been her.  She adds that a part of her wished that Kevin had died also.

Kevin leaves after she tosses him out and he goes back to the hospital where he comforts Ty.  Ty is distressed but says the only person he hates is the person who destroyed his family and that when he finds him, he’ll kill him


John, at Charlotte’s bedside, makes a move to pull the plug on Charlotte but her parents enter the room just in time.  More good news for John, the Holyes say they are NEVER leaving her side.

Later, the doctors talk to Charlotte’s parents with bad news.  They tell John that the doctor’s suggest  switching off  the equipment, but wanted to give John a say in the decision.  ‘What should we do, Colin?’  (oh, please…)  So that’s an affirmative on pulling the plug in the legal way.

After Charlotte is gone, John goes back to the house to collect any evidence and finds Charlotte’s handbag.  Inside he finds photos of him and other clues of their twisted connection.  This prompts him to go to her place where he finds a whack of memorabilia of her stalking, photos, news clippings and even her diary where, if you pause your PVR, you can see that she was even keeping track of what time he went to bed, by watching when the curtains were drawn.

In the middle of all of this, Charlotte’s parents show up and want to know what he’s doing there.


Rescuers set to the task of getting Rita out from the rubble and the first responder keeps her talking.  When he tells her about the tram falling through the shop, she replies ’What is it with me and trams? **

Rita is finally pulled from the building, waving like the queen.  She asks Norris, Emily and Mary if anyone else was hurt, but they tell her they don’t know yet.   She thanks Norris for helping her.

When Sally finds out about her, she immediately goes to visit her.   At the hospital, she breaks down and tells Rita that Jack is Kevin’s son.  Rita is shocked, but comforts Sally.

Rita tells Sally to give herself time to mull over the situation as if she makes any quick decision, she might regret it.

The Rovers

Betty tells everyone to keep a happy face, that’s what they did in the war.  She remembers the horror of that time and says that she was glad at the end because she thought they’d never have to go through that again.

Later, she comforts Claire who can’t bare the thought of telling her sons that Ashley is dead.  She tells her that when her husband Cyril died, she never though she’d get through it, but day by day it got better and it will for her.

Becky and Steve

Steve tells Becky that there’s nothing he can do to raise the money for Max.  She says it’s okay and then says she has to go out.

She immediately calls Kylie to arrange to give her  the  money.   In order to avoid questions, Becky tells Steve that Kylie has changed her mind and she wants to give them Max.

Meanwhile, Dev is treating Becky like a heroine for saving Sunita, but she can’t look him in the eye.


Michelle, Sean, Izzy, Julie and Janice show up for work.  Carla says it’s obvious that they won’t be working today.  She sends Julie to go get the biggest bunch of flowers she can for Fizz.  She dispatches Izzy and Sean to go feed thems that need it, but when Sean says the Rovers and the Café are almost out of food – she enlists Michelle to help her do a food run.  Finally she tells


Has survived the surgery, but the doctors say that he’s still very critical; although at the end of the episode Janice comes get to Leanne as Peter is starting to come around.

In Other News

  • Dev gives Graham and Tina a flat to use while they are homeless.
  • Tyrone comes back to the street with baby in hand; he has a breakdown on the street and Molly comforts him, bringing him to the Websters’ home.

 **What is It With Me and Trams?

Rita asks what it is with her life and trams.  For those of you wondering, this refers back to Rita’s relationship with Alan Bradley.

Long story short, many moons ago Rita had a foster daughter named Jenny Bradley.    At some point Jenny’s dad, Alan comes on the scene and Rita and him start an affair.

Alan Bradley was bad news all around.  Beyond having  an affair with another woman while seeing Rita, his big move was to  remortgage Rita’s home to start a business and then tries to rape the receptionist he hired.

When Rita finds out about all this she goes to report him, which causes him to try and kill her.   She escapes the attempt and he is found not guilty of attempted murder; worse yet he starts to stalk her.

He finds her in Blackpool and when tries to bring her back to Weatherfield, he is struck and killed by a tram.

For your viewing pleasure:


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