Update for Wednesday, Sept. 21: Farewell, Ash

Our midweek installment finds various stories being nudged along…

I Love Colin John Colin John Colin John

At the hospickle, nurses whisk away baby Hope Stape, and we find out in due course that the baby has an infection, and needs a transfusion. Fiz tearfully entreats Chesney to ring John.

JohnColin meanwhile, is at Charlotte’s house, having been surprised there by her parents. Rattled but recovering his cool, he wiggles off his wedding ring into his pocket and stuffs the John Porn pile he has collected into his jacket. The Hoyles are sympathetic that he has turned up at Charlotte’s and they decide to all have a brew.

At one point, the photos Charlotte took while stalking John fall onto the kitchen floor. John explains this away, saying he was assisting Charlotte, who was doing a paper on privacy or something. At the kitchen table, Mr. Hoyle speculates that the accident  must have a root cause (((foreshadowing))). As he ruminates, JohnColin’s phone goes off repeatedly as Chez and Fiz try to reach him.

JohnColin does not take this opportunity to spin a lie that would extricate him from Charlotte…like saying they were breaking up, broken up, taking a break, etc. Instead, he keeps up the charade of happy couple. The Hoyles tell him that Charlotte’s funeral is to be on Monday, and he says he wouldn’t miss it.

As JohnColin disengages himself to finally run off, the Hoyles notice that he is clutching Charlotte’s diary. He admits it, saying that he wants something by which to remember her. He finally turns up at the hospital, and is filled in on the condition of tiny little Hope. There is then some hovering over the incubator.

Yes, It’s About the Bay-beh!

Tyrone has landed at the Websters with Jack, and sits crying on the couch. Sally puts on the kettle, but then flies out the door to get some sun and air away from the son and heir. She ends up drinking at the Flying Horse and playing slots, where she wins a tenner. Later, she wanders by the Rovers, and runs into Pam. Pam asks Sally if Molly had any last words. Sally says yes, but not of the sort to bring Digory any comfort. Nickels begin dropping like crazy, and Sally realizes that Pam knew about the bay-beh, and Bill knew about the bay-beh, too. Kevin wanders smack into this conversation.

Sally takes herself off to Roy’s then, and Kevin follows her. They advance their chat a little further, Kevin explaining that he had lobbied Molly to have an abortion. Kevin tells Sally  that no one other than Pam and Bill knew. Sally promises not to tell Tyrone, as she has no wish to make him suffer further. However, she and Kevin are done like dinner, done like summer, done and dusted. Kevin says he will do anything to have things put back the way they were…which of course, can never be.

Kevin wanders back to the Rovers, and Pam gives him and Bill another earful before stalking off.

Near the end of the day, Kevin and Rosie talk in the kitchen…Rosie knows something is wrong, but Kevin won’t say what.

Because Rooms Don’t Just Explode….

The “what” of the disaster has now inevitably turned to “why?” Rita returns home, still unable to fully process her flattened flat, demolished shop and departed friends. Sobbing, she heads into the Rovers with Emily for some liquid courage. Nick and Claire stand in the street, doing some rubble-gazing. Claire has made arrangements for Ashley’s funeral, which is to be that day, with a spread at the Rovers to follow. Nick offers to pay for the wake, and shares with Claire that he and Ashley lived together once.

Just then, a Det. Sgt. Miller appears at the Platt’s door, looking for Nick. He has some questions about the night of the explosion. After a not-long conversation, Nick is told that the explosion was down to a gas leak. Nick admits that there was a problem with the kitchen gas, but that he didn’t report it. The detective informs him that he has broken the law, and it dawns on Nick that the entire disaster might be down to his decision about the gas leak.

Speculation and gossip about this spreads like, well, wildfire around the neighbourhood, churned up primarily by Norris, who visits Mary’s motorhome specifically to have a natter about it. Claire wanders by, and overhears this conversation. She storms into the Rovers to ask Ciaran about it, and then goes over to the Platts. By this time, she has morphed back into Hysteri-Claire, screeching that she doesn’t want Nick around her ever again, he’s banned from the funeral and he’s going to pay for what he’s done.

Later, at the Rover’s. Nick comes in, and gets another earful from Claire, who slaps his across the face with the money he’d given for Ashley’s wake, and says she doesn’t want it.

At the wake, the Barlows want a word with Gail and Audrey, asking if it’s true that Nick is at fault. Gail says she knows no more than they do, and that’s the end of it for now. Outside, Nick sits on the Maxine Peacock bench, and Rita finds him there. She has some kind words for him, urging him to go home. Nick thanks Rita for being the lone neighbour to show some empathy.

Claire finds her way into the burned wreckage of her home. In the blackened kitchen, she spies Ashley’s ‘Dad’ coffee mug, somehow still intact. She sinks to the floor, sobbing.

Farewell, Ash

Today is also Ashley’s funeral, with wake to follow in the Rovers. Claire and Joshua get ready in the Rovers. Claire thanks Becky for her support on this most difficult of days. Joshua was given the choice to stay home with Freddie, but bravely says he wants to go and say goodbye to his Daddy. It is time to leave. Ashley’s hearse pulls up the street, the florals arrangement in the back spelling out ‘Daddy’ in white.

The denizens of the street emerge slowly, saddned and dazed. Claire asks Becky to come along with her in the hearse. Nick, banned form the funeral by Claire, watches remorsefully from a distance. Graham is sad and nervous about the speech he is to make, but Tina offers words of encouragement.

We don’t see the funeral itself, but afterword in the Rovers learn that it was very difficult for Claire, and that Eileen and Becky held her upright for most of it. Claire sees Tyrone at the wake, and is as shocked as most to learn that baby Jack has another father. But, she reminds Tyrone that Ashley was not Joshua’s father, and how Ashley struggled to come to grips with that. She tells Tyrone that Jack needs him more than ever.

And so ends the 15-year-long role of Steven Arnold on Corrie. The actor shared these words on the ITV website:

“I’d just like to say thank you for all the support I’ve had over the years…Everyone’s been great. Thanks for all your letters. And thanks for watching. I just hope the programme keeps going and does as well as it’s always done, which I’m sure it will. So thanks very much and I hope to see you soon!”

Maxed Out

Becky has rung Kylie for a meeting, as she has ‘acquired’ the money Kylie is extorting her for. When Becky shows up, she furiously locks the little trailer-trash snake in a half Nelson and smooshes some of the money in her face. Becky hisses that this is the end of it, Kylie is no longer her sister, and she’s not above killing her if she sets foot near Weatherfield again. Kylie worms around in pain, saying she believes Becky. Some distance off, Max is playing with Dum-itri, and is brought over to Becky. The exchange is made, and Becky returns home. In the back hall of the Rovers, the two have a big group cuddle with Steve, who assumes that Kylie just let Max go.

And Also…

Michelle wheedles out of Carla that Carla is in love with Peter, and it isn’t reciprocated. And that Leanne knows about it so now they’re in a fight. Carla’s staff turn up at the factory, and she sends them around the neighbourhood to continue helping. And buys a carload of food from Freshco’s to distribute. After, Michelle asks Carla to come back to hers for a bottle of red. Nice one, Michelle.

Molly’s funeral is to be on Friday. Charlotte’s is to be on Monday. (in Corrie-land days, not real-life).

If Norris likes you as a houseguest, he will provide rice puddling and a hot water bottle.

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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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15 Responses to Update for Wednesday, Sept. 21: Farewell, Ash

  1. joy says:

    Daily updates!?! What a luxury! Welcome back & much appreciation to our contributors.

  2. lovethestreet says:

    Thank you for the updates! I have been glued to the TV this week, and after each show can’t wait to see what the chat is on this site.
    (On that note, can’t wait until you are all ready to discuss Molly’s funeral…)

  3. Trudy says:

    What an amazing week. I have all the episodes PVR’d so I’m going to rewatch them.

  4. S. Poole says:

    For the life of me I can’t recall Nick living with Ashley. Possibly when Ash was married to Maxine and Nick was between jobs? And the new Nick doesn’t seem so icky this week, a little sympathy for him from Rita was welcome.

    • beanie says:

      Nick and Leanne lived with Ash and Maxine for a while years ago. Fred gave the house to Ashley when he married Maxine. Fred already owned it because he bought it for (Maureen?) who took off on their wedding day and fled to Germany to be with Bill Webster.

  5. haili says:

    I didn’t remember Nick and Ashley living together either. Nick does seem nicer this week and people are really giving him a hard time. What about whoever installed the stove? What about the water leak? Is Owen a cowboy as Jim says?

    • Bea says:

      I think it is probably down to Owen cutting corners with his construction work. He will probably get off scott free. Unless he is the ‘man in the car’ who didn’t make it. Then poor little Kaity will become a true Battersby (well Stape) orphan.

  6. Modge says:

    I think Nick and Leanne stayed with Ashley when he was living with Zoe, the cult-member (played by Joanne Froggatt, now Anna Smith, Head Housemaid on Downton Abbey)that had the baby, Jade/Shannon, that died of meningitis. I think she’d sold her baby to Judy & Gary Mallett then wanted her back.

    • S. Poole says:

      Thanks, that rings a bell, I seem to remember the house was something of a stopping off place for a while, I remember Zoe quite well, sort of a template for the Becky character without the violence and mood swings. (Poor Steve, he picked another clunker, lol)

      Many years ago Kevin and Curly Watts boarded with Emily. Norman had his telescope set up in the window and Kevin placed a crude stick drawing of a naked woman on the lens. Emily took a peak and was shocked, told Curly she was surprised at his immature behaviour. Kevin was kind of a jerk way back then!

  7. Bea says:

    sbdriver, you are correct. I had forgotten that Owen was accounted for. Now I am back to thinking it could be Jim MacDonald. Or maybe just a random person who happened to be driving past when it all happened.

  8. t. kunzie says:

    I so hope it’s not Jim McDonald! :(. He’s the best thing to hit the street since Danny Baldwin IMHO.

  9. missusmac says:

    Yes, Nick and Ashley lived together way back when, when Nick was first with Leanne I think, and the Zoe character was there. It was sort of squat type of arrangement, but ages ago. What a topsy turvey street it is now. everything is just a little bit more off-kilter than it was. I find it surprising there was no funeral scene for Ashley, it’s not like he arrived on the street 5 minutes ago. Could it be the actor wasn’t thrilled about leaving, and it was just awkward?

  10. Willy says:

    Wasn’t the “man in the car” actually the Tram Driver? They did say it was lucky that the tram car was out of service and had no passengers.

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