Faith, Hope and Envy – Update for Thursday, September 23, 2011

Molly’s Funeral

Today is Molly’s funeral and it’s clear Sally can barely hold back stabbing Kevin while everyone gets ready.  The girls are confused as to why Sally is so angry.

When asked, Tyrone explains that his mom won’t be there as she’s in jail and that Molly’s dad, Diggory, is far too upset to attend the funeral.  Meanwhile, he is focusing on writing a tribute to Molly.  In the midst of it he worries that Jack’s real dad will show up, but at the same time he feels bad that whomever it is won’t get a chance to say a proper goodbye to Molly.

Sally suggests that he not waste a second thinking about that horrible man.

Pam and Bill show up and Bill  takes Kevin aside and gives him a dressing down, asking him how he can even look Tyrone in the eye.   Seeing how upset he is, Pam tells Bill that she’ll be okay at the funeral and it’s best if he just stay home.

At the funeral, Tyrone begins his eulogy by talking  about his proposing to Molly and  how he was  happiest when they were just together at home.  He does add that this didn’t seem to be enough for her – that she wanted more.   He remembers how in love she was on their wedding day and how he thought their love would last for ever.

At this point, Tyrone breaks down and asks or help; Sophie has to push Kevin to go up and finish the eulogy for Tyrone.

So yeah, Sally is absolutely loving Kevin giving the eulogy, especially when as he reads from the paper he  when he confuses his pronouns.  For example, ’The happiest day of my, I mean, his life was the day that my, I mean ,his baby was born….’   Clever, clever, Corrie writers!

Sally leaves and once Kevin finishes, he rushes out to her,  telling her that her behavior is going to cause people to suspect something.   Well, he has a point because as they have it out outside the church,  the girls and Tyrone see there is something really rotten in the state of Denmark.    Pam tries to distract Tyrone by telling him that today is about Molly and to focus on that.

At the actual burial, Tyrone looks at everyone standing at the graveside,  especially noticing when Sally walks away.  He starts do some differential calculus and it seems like things are adding up.  Just before Kevin throws a handful of dirt on Molly’s coffin, he says, ‘It’s you isn’t it?  You had the affair with Molly!  You’re Jack’s dad, aren’t you?’

He moves to hit Kevin but  Kirk and Dev hold him back.  Sophie asks if it’s true and Rosie says, ‘Of course, it’s written all over his face.’

Meanwhile, inside the church, Pam tries to console Sally, who says that she still wishes Kevin dead,   “If there is a God, it should be him in that grave.’  She comes out to see Tyrone knock Kevin into the open grave.

So there you have it, you’ve heard it here first on Corrie Canuck, god exist.  That’s one riddle solved!

Back on the street, everyone tries to know what is the best food for Tyrone: a chicken, a pot meal or cheese on toast.   Personally, cheese on toast is a great ‘comfort’ food,  but I think chicken is a better, ‘Holy #@$%$% my life is in shambles, how am I ever going to face tomorrow’ food.  You know, because you can pick at it.

Anyway, Tyrone is mad when he realizes that Pam knew, but more realistically he’s mad at the whole world and wants everyone to leave him the hell alone.

Kevin comes in the house to find out, surprise,  none of the women in his life want him there.   He tries to argue his case, but they’re not having it and would like him to just go away now.

In a stunning move of bad timing, Gale shows up to talk to Kevin, because Audrey mentioned that Tyrone looked in a bad way.   (Hmmm, like ‘I just buried my wife’ bad way or ‘I just buried my wife, but something else is really bugging me’ bad way?  Cause those two are easy to tell apart.)     Aaaaaaaaaaanyway,  Gale realizes that something is wrong, but she has no idea what especially since everyone one is talking in very vague terms.  She suggest that she takes the baby with her back to her place as the vibe is very negative in the Websters house.   Sally goes with her and Rosie says she’s staying with Jason.

Sally talks it over with Gale and when the baby starts acting up, Gale goes to call Audrey to take care of him.  When the door rings, Sally pushes past Gale, baby Jack in her arms.  Gale is concerned, but Sally says she’s not going to hurt the baby as she marches over to Tyrone’s place.

When Tyrone says he wants nothing to do with Jack and says that he’s nobody to baby Jack, Sally points out that Big Jack was ‘nobody’ to Tyrone but the closest thing he had to a father.  She tells him that Kevin is not the baby’s father that he is; that every day of   Jack’s life the face that’s smiled down on him is Tyrone’s.

She tells Ty that Kevin doesn’t deserve to hold baby Jack and baby Jack doesn’t deserve to be abandoned.  She asks if he loves Jack. and when Ty says yes, she puts Jack in his arms.

(This is a touching scene, but in the real world, I doubt I’d leave a baby with anyone that upset.  Not that Ty would hurt the baby, but as Gale pointed out, babies pick up bad vibes.)

Sally gets back to the house and asks Kevin why he’s still here.  He says that he can’t leave and she tells him if he doesn’t leave she’ll have him dragged out by everyone she knows.  Finally, she asks him if he will go if the girls want him to go.  Rosie says right away that she wants him to leave and Sophie tearfully follows suit.

Outside the house, Norris says that it looks like Kevin got off lightly.  Rita says, ‘Lightly?  The family is in shambles.’  Norris points to Kevin says, ‘Yes, and we’re looking at the wrecking ball.’


After the funeral, Becky tells Steve about Kevin and Tyrone.  Kevin wisely plucks a picture of Kevin and Molly from the marathon off the big ‘Memories of Molly’ picture board.   Norris overhears bits what Becky is saying  and almost explodes in a big bang of curiosity.  He finally says, ‘Can someone tell me what’s going on?  I’m not a gossip but it’s rude to have a half conversation with other people in close proximity.’  To which, Becky lets him know.

Also at the pub, Dev waxes poetic about how he’s going to beat up the lowlife scum who stole the money from the shop’s safe.   He later adds that it won’t be long now after they get back the CCTV tape from the police.  The penny seems to drop with Steve because at that point as he turns slowly to look at Becky.


Baby Hope is getting better and Fizz and John encourage her to keep fighting.

Back home, John puts the  photos of Hope on the tree.  Then he digs out Charlotte’s diary and other crap and throws it on  a bonfire in the backyard.  Way to compartmentalize, Johnny!


Doctor tells Peter that he’ll have to probably learn how to walk properly again, but there’s no reason why he shouldn’t make a full recovery.


Claire and Rita are having a drink at the pub and Claire is focusing on Nick’s mistake until Rita points out that every time she tries to talk about Ashley, Claire switches to Nick.  This seems to sink in with Claire.  Rita tells her that if she’s looking for fairness, she’s in the wrong world.

Claire goes over to Gale’s asking to see Nick and accusing Gale of giving him warning so he could hide.  Gale tries to talk to her, but eventually Nick comes down to let Claire have her say.

(This next bit was actually really nice writing because instead of it just being Claire screaming and Nick feeling guilty, they wrote some great meaningful dialog.  I like it when they move away from the standard interaction and write with more depth.)

The long story short, Claire tells Nick that she just needs to say her piece, ‘I just want to say what I know.’    She tells him that she’s angry about his negligence but she knows that if he had had any idea of what would happen, he would have stopped it and that she knows he would never wish Ashley dead.   She continues that she needed to tell him that because her anger over what Nick has done is not letting her grieve Ashley properly.  She tells him that she will be angry at him for a long time and can’t forgive him yet, but she doesn’t want to blame him.

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8 Responses to Faith, Hope and Envy – Update for Thursday, September 23, 2011

  1. Bea says:

    OMG that was the best funeral ever! I mean soapwise, of course. I mean, you always expect some sort of rukus at every wedding and funeral on Corrie, but when Kev landed in the open grave, well, that was a new one. And then when Sally said, ‘she’s not so soft any more’.

  2. haili says:

    It made me jump a bit when Ty finally lost it and knocked Kev. into the grave.

    Poor Tyrone – and Kevin is suffering too – serves him right.

    Now Becky’s marriage seems to be toast. Not many happy people around these days.

  3. corrierules says:

    yes the funeral was soaptastic… but not too realistic. I just didn’t buy it when the penny dropped for Tyrone…I love him, but he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. So how did he figure it out?

    The whole Molly saga annoys me… SHE chased Tyrone, SHE wanted to be a couple, SHE wanted to buy the Duckies’ house. And then kaboom! she decides it’s just not enough.

    But the acting from the Websters was wonderful. Sophie breaks my heart

  4. haili says:

    Sally and Kevin yelling at each other more than usual and Sally running out of the church when Kev. was reading the words as if Molly was his dead wife, must have tipped him off. Molly was very erratic in her love of Kevin or Tyrone and changed daily like the weather. It was a good episode and I loved the punch. Ty. is one of those easy-going guys who rarely gets mad but when he does he really lets rip!

  5. lovethestreet says:

    Tyrone has lost it — and why not? Imagine losing a parent (well, as good as), a spouse, a child and a best friend within the space of a month. Meanwhile, some of your neighbours are dead, a tram crashed into your street and it is Christmas. He should be on suicide watch really.

    I gasped when Kevin fell into the grave – high drama for all the Websters, and the actors are playing their roles really well IMO.

    Rita’s concern for everyone has been really touching too.

  6. beanie says:

    Is it just me or is Baby Jack the best baby ever? Not a peep from him ever. Hmmmmm maybe that not such a good thing on Corrie. LOL

  7. Diane (tvor) says:

    Baby Jack is the cutest baby ever on Corrie!
    Yeah, that funeral was probably THE best soap funeral! Sally’s remark about Molly not being so comfortable now was excellent and the War of the Websters gets off with a cracking start!

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