Update for Friday, Sept. 26: Who Can It be Now?


Who’s Yer Daddeh?

Kevin has spent the night in his car. He awakens, and the horrible reality of his situations comes flooding back.

Meanwhile, Maria turns up at Tyrone’s. She takes the baby off him to give him a feed. Emily shows up at the door with a casserole dish. Maria makes Emily a brew. Tyrone is coping, but barely, despite the constant parade of well-meaning friends through his living room. Speaking of which, Connie then ambles in. The ladies coo over Jack and Tyrone sits in the midst of them, looking lost. Emily and Maria take their leave.

Kevin Webster, fresh from his car, comes into the Rovers and gets ignored/dirty looks all round. Finally, Julie approaches him. She says that she can commiserate with Kevin’s loneliness. A few sentences later, she has driven him out of the pub. Kevin forces his way into his house once again. He insists that he wants to come home, but Rosie is yelling and Sophie is crying. They call the cops, and when the bobbies arrive Rosie, Sophie and Sally explain that Kevin won’t leave. Kevin pleads that he has nowhere else to go, and seems to have forgotten how to book a motel room, despite much practice in the not-so-distant past. Sophie breaks down and begs that Kevin be allowed to stay.

Connie is chatting to Tyrone, telling him tells he mustn’t be afraid to ask for help. Tyrone, finally overloaded, tells her that he wishes everyone would leave him the hell alone. Connie starts to weep and waddles out.

A while later, Kevin is in his kitchen, and when Rosie refuses to answer a question, becomes belligerent with all of them.

Meanwhile, Maria is back at Tyrone’s, and when he doesn’t answer the door, proceeds to thump on the door, peer in the windows and holler for a good 20 minutes. Finally, she lets herself in, convinced that Tyrone needs constant company over peace and quiet. Tyrone confesses he can’t manage the baby. Maria tells Tyrone to stop worrying and just do stuff, a bit at a time. Little Jack looks so sweet and needs to just come home with Auntie Kunzie. Maria returns to Tyrone’s later with some groceries. She has remembered that he likes frozen pepperoni pizza, which causes him to reminisce a bit about the two of them. He says that, at one point, it would’ve been his dream to be in a house with Maria and a baby. But instead of a dream, he has a nightmare. Maria commiserates. A while later, Maria asks if Ty was serious about not being able to handle the baby. She tries to persuade him that he’s meant to raise Jack. Tyrone says he can cope with single-parenthood, he’s not sure he can live with raising Kevin Webster’s kid.

Kevin shows up at the door, and Maria argues with him. He forces his way in. Tyrone confronts Kevin, saying he’s lost big Jack, his wife, his son, his best mate, his job. And his son isn’t his. He hands the baby to Kevin and tells him to get the hell out. Sally and the girls are at home, when Kevin walks in carrying the baby. Sally has no sympathy at all. Rosie declares that she’s moving in with Jason. Sophie and Sian walk away, linked as always. Kevin says the baby is all he has left.

At home Tyrone, in a fit of grief and fury, finally loses his mind and trashes the living room. He sits, forlornly, in the wreckage of his former life.

Sticky Fingers McDonald

Morning at the Rovers. Becky McDonald comes downstairs to find Steve in the back room. Steve has been turning things over and finds it highly suspicious that Kylie just vapourized without a payout. He figures out in short order that Becky robbed Dev. Steve is disgusted, calling Becky a liar and a looter. A screaming match ensues, in which Steve yells she’ll go back to prison. Becky tries to apologize to Steve, but he is furious. He says friends were dying while Becky was stealing money. He says that he grew up on the street his whole life, and not one person would have done what Becky did – not even Tracy. He has a mind to report her. Steve walks out. He meets Dev in the street and learns Sunita is doing well. Steve puts out feelers to see if Dev has any leads on the robbery. Dev says no, as the CCTV was ruined.

Becky is smoking when Steve returns. He confirms to Becky that she wasn’t captured on film. She tries to hug him and make nice, but he is appalled that she feels no shame. Steve says he doesn’t know what Becky’s limits are, and she scares him. He says he doesn’t want to be married to her any more. He heads to the cab office. In the cabbies there’s no relief to be found as Lloyd is whinging about the bills and asks about the status of Steve’s loan. He notices Steve is in a funk and asks if he wants to talk about it. Steve declines. He goes home and asks Becky to find another place to live. She takes herself off to the solace of Roy’s, telling Hayley only that she’s ruined everything between herself and Steve. And she’s too ashamed to say why.

 A Man of Two Faces

Fiz is packing to leave the hospital. John comes to pick her up in a suit and Fiz wants to know wuzzup with the suit. John, who by now finds reality easier to invent than to recount, says he has a job interview. Fiz doesn’t buy it. He then admits he’s going to Charlotte’s funeral. Fiz thinks this is very nice of John, considering Charlotte was such a wacko. JohnColin arrives at Charlotte’s funeral. He seems to decide against it and almost leaves, but Charlotte’s parents, Dorothy and Alan, call “Colin” over. He offers his condolences, saying Charlotte didn’t deserve to die like that. For whatever reason, JohnColin has failed to consider that mutual colleagues might turn up at Charlotte’s funeral and sure enough, someone yells, “John, John Stape!” He rushes away from the Hoyle’s before they realize he is John.  At the end of the services, he has a similar dicey moment, and then squirms out of a Christmas invitation from the Hoyle’s saying – not that he’s promised to go to his parents in London – but that he is traveling to New Zealand.

 And Elsewhere

Peter is doing physio at the hospital. He is impatient and wants to go home. Ken suggests that Peter, Simon and Leanne should move into number one for a bit, into Blanche’s old room on the ground floor, at least until Peter is on his feet.

Gary retreats deeper into himself, despite Anna and Izzy’s attempts to reach him.


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4 Responses to Update for Friday, Sept. 26: Who Can It be Now?

  1. Bea says:

    As John is saying ‘sorry about your daughter’, it is like he is apologizing for filling her. Sort of like, absolving himself, because he said ‘sorry’.

  2. Leah says:

    John is the worst liar. He can never keep track of it properly and comes up with lies that are totally bananas!

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